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Vocabulary Word

Word: document

Definition: provide written evidence (for a claim); record with documents; N.

Sentences Containing 'document'

A new category of document scanner is the document camera.
A specialized form of document scanning is book scanning.
A terrible sound arose when the reading of this document was done.
Bezaleli was the prosecution's central witness on the Trawniki document.
check page 9 and Point no 4 of this below document
Document cameras capture the whole document or object in one step, usually instantly.
Document Management Module – Record users’ document operations and limit users’ document operations.
Document on how to create Drill Down Report
French and Beruti signed the document, stating "for me and for six hundred more".
His widow is registered there in a notarized document as a widow in 1682.
However, the signature on the document is in Jeb Batchelder's handwriting.
However, there is no unanimous view among historians about the authorship of the document.
It is not known who actually wrote the document.
It is the location where Edward VIII signed the abdication document in 1936.
It was evident that at the sight of this document the minister would instantly release him.
Many exhibitions document the painter's national and international success.
Members of Congress are invited to review the document.
Posting the document on any other surface will be ineffective.
see Page 9 and Point no 4 of This Document.
The 52 page document was released on April 13, 2009.
The App Review Guideline Document is a living document that Apple can change at any time.
The brothers were finally reconciled and issued a document on mutual help.
The CSR was specifically tailored as a reform document.
The document also identified the different types of journey made.
The document can be found in the State Archive in Hanover, document nr.
The document is scanned directly in the context of the customer, in which it is to be placed or used.
The document stated that they would leave the country before they would sign an unconditional oath.
The final strategy document was published in March 2010.
The first written document about the mine is from 1288.
The listing is described in its NRHP nomination document.
The listing is for an area of . The listing is described in its NRHP nomination document.
The NRF consists of the core document and annexes.
The original document is on display at the Homestead.
The picture was not originally attached to the card, but had been transferred from another document.
The problem statement document is RFC 4919.
The provision of a document archive means that after a document has been created by the document composition engine, it can be made available to a company call centre or website.
The requirements of such a system were formulated in a document completed in 1970.
The same document may be classified in several classes.
The same sources document that the main tribe called themselves "Uar" (滑).
The user chooses a document to "use as paste board".
There are two diffewrent types: document and 3D scanners.
These hieroglyphics document the stories of the gods and their experiences with poisonous animals.
They assumed in this document authority over clericals, subjecting them to their worldly legislation.
This document called for the revolutionary overthrow of the Hitler regime.
This document highly recommends the use of OpenDocument and a few other formats for office document data.
This document is the basis for discussions at the synod.
This document probably dates to about 400 BCE.
You know that with bankers nothing but a written document will be valid.''
``But some official document was drawn up as to this affair, I suppose?''
``Well, sir, what do you require of me, and what document is it that you wish to be drawn up?''

More Vocab Words

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