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Vocabulary Word

Word: divest

Definition: strip (as of clothes); deprive (as of rights); dispossess; N. divestiture(divestment)

Sentences Containing 'divest'

A notice statute will divest common law title from a person with superior title if the subsequent purchaser had no notice (either actual or constructive - otherwise known as bona fide) of the true owner's title.
A race statute will divest common law title from a person with superior title if the subsequent purchaser recorded their deed prior to the person with superior title.
After deciding to divest Marine Harvest McConnell so as to concentrate on its core cash and carry business in 1998, Booker eventually succeeded in finding a buyer in July 1999.
As for you, although we doctors can not divest our patients of nerves, I fancy you have no further need of me than to recommend you not to allow your imagination to take too wide a field.''
At that time, FCC regulations prohibited control of broadcast licenses by national phone companies of Continental's size, so the new parent was forced to divest the stations.
Commenting in June 2006 on the decision of United Church, in Toronto, Canada, to reissue a motion to divest in Israeli companies, Elmasry stated: The move of the Toronto's United Church is a moral one.
DT only controlled the AA until 1908 when another bankruptcy forced the DT to divest its acquisition.
Finding, then, that he was unable to resist his propensity, he resolved to divest himself of the instrument and cause of his prodigality and lavishness, to divest himself of wealth, without which Alexander himself would have seemed parsimonious; and so calling us all three aside one day into a room, he addressed us in words somewhat to the following effect: "My sons, to assure you that I love you, no more need be known or said than that you are my sons; and to encourage a suspicion that I do not love you, no more is needed than the knowledge that I have no self-control as far as preservation of your patrimony is concerned; therefore, that you may for the future feel sure that I love you like a father, and have no wish to ruin you like a stepfather, I propose to do with you what I have for some time back meditated, and after mature deliberation decided upon.
First Niagara Bank, which had mostly been a semi-regional bank within Western New York before acquiring the National City branches in the Pittsburgh area that PNC had to divest, used the National City branches it bought as a launching pad to expand into other markets, acquiring banks in Philadelphia and New England before acquiring HSBC Bank USA's Upstate New York branches.
In February of that year, the Smorgon family decided to divest the company (with the exception of the Smorgon Steel Group, Australia's second-largest steel producer, which was floated publicly).
In January 2004, the network was renamed You FM ("Young Fresh Music"), partially in an attempt to divest itself of its old "techno station" image.
NV Energy announced it also intends to pull out of participation in the plant, planning to divest its interest by 2019.
Subsequently, the Supreme Court had directed the RBI to grant permission for the transfer of shares to the Group subject to the conditions that the Group should divest 26.18 percent shares, after retaining about 10 percent with it, on or before 1 August 2008.
The branches not purchased by First Niagara were the four in Crawford County, Pennsylvania that PNC had to divest; of those four, one branch in Titusville was sold to Emclaire Financial Group while the other three (one in Conneaut Lake, the other two in Meadville, including the branch inside Wal-Mart) were sold to Marquette Savings Bank.
The due process clause “does not contemplate that a state may make binding a judgment in personam against an individual or corporate defendant with which the state has no contacts, ties or relations.” Even if the defendant would suffer minimal or no inconvenience from being forced to litigate before the tribunals of another state, even if the forum state has a strong interest in applying its law to the controversy, and even if the forum state is the most convenient location for litigation, the Due Process Clause may sometimes act to divest the state of its power to render a valid judgment.
The historical marker reads: United Water announced that it wanted to divest most of the property in early 2011 at an unofficial price of $11.5 million.
The idea was to divest the tribes of jurisdiction in matters that were "deemed to be outside their competence".
Three weeks before the opening of the 2010 Olympics, Fortress failed to make payment on its loan used to buy out Intrawest. This caused its creditors to force Intrawest to divest itself of several of its resort holdings in 2009 and 2010 which included a partial sale of Whistler Blackcomb, in order to reduce its debt load.
Traddles had to indicate that I was Mr. Copperfield, and I had to lay claim to myself, and they had to divest themselves of a preconceived opinion that Traddles was Mr. Copperfield, and altogether we were in a nice condition.
When dealing with real property, most American jurisdictions have codified recording statutes that will enable subsequent purchasers to divest title from the party with common law title if they qualify for protection under the recording statute.

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