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Vocabulary Word

Word: diverse

Definition: differing in some characteristics (from each other); various; N. diversity: variety; dissimilitude; lack of resemblance

Sentences Containing 'diverse'

Aderca's own affiliation to the "Sburătorul" circle was loose and his interests more diverse than those of his mentor Lovinescu.
As Deputy she presided over a county of 2.2 million people in the most diverse area of the United States.
At core, a DMS is a list of datasets that are of diverse schema.
Big Copeland supports the most diverse range of habitats of the three islands.
Buena stated during an interview that each track on the album is different and diverse.
Diverse artists inspired Riderman's style and musical taste.
East Hartford is home to a diverse mix of neighborhoods.
Elected politicians, he argued, are required to represent diverse communities.
Fragments referred to "Platypterygius" in fact represented diverse species.
He also writes on a freelance basis and lectures to diverse audiences.
His exploration of diverse religious thought had a major impact on his own ideals.
In 2009, NHS was named the second most diverse school in the country.
In addition to performing, Orpheus is committed to providing diverse audiences with opportunities to engage in music.
In the springtime there is a diverse range of wildflowers.
Into the 1990s there was a large and diverse melodic hardcore scene.
It is about six characters from diverse backgrounds and their take on love and sex.
Maitland's writings and teachings are reaching a wide and diverse audience.
Methods used to measure forest productivity are more diverse than those of grasslands.
Nineveh is one of Iraq's most demographically diverse governorates.
NSGHS offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities.
On diverse occasions, his talent as an orator was made to contribution.
Public transportation possibilities are diverse and rapid.
Religious beliefs among the Indigenous peoples of the Americas are diverse.
Sakalavaare are more of a diverse group of ethnicities that once comprised an ancient empire, than an ethnic group in their own right.
Sarajevo is internationally renowned for its eclectic and diverse selection of festivals.
She oversaw the company's global marketing function, including a diverse set of businesses and audiences.
Since the grunge era, the area has hosted a diverse and influential alternative music scene.
Since then he has had a long flying history with diverse aviation experiences.
Sri Lanka's legal system reflects diverse cultural influences.
Students were drawn primarily from the increasingly diverse northeast Georgia area.
TDR have worked in a diverse range of media, including:
The 2000 chart was a more diverse affair.
The album, as a whole, is much more diverse than BT's debut album.
The College reflects the diverse composition of its host city as well as the UIC patients it serves.
The combination was termed "superministeriö" as this created a large and diverse organization.
The diverse set of cultural groups that inhabit this region possess some loose cultural affinities.
The environment of Nevada comprises diverse biotas, climates, and geologies.
The Milesiini (or Xylotini) is a large and diverse tribe of hoverflies.
The music of Uzbekistan has reflected the diverse influences that have shaped the country.
The Northeast is now both racially and ethnically diverse and has a large immigrant population.
The organization’s entire budget is based on donations from diverse private philanthropists.
The perfect soundtracks for life’s many, diverse moments."
The Plug instantly became known for a venue that promoted diverse musical events.
The region also boasts wildlife as diverse as the biomes they inhabit.
The university also "strives to enroll a student body that is culturally and ethnically diverse."
There are diverse definitions of what resilience and/or family resilience is.
There are diverse microclimates in the county, including Alpine.
This led to a student body of a more diverse and cosmopolitan background.
This was perhaps the most geologically diverse landing site of the program.
Victoria's Secret's catalog offers a more diverse range of merchandise.

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