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Vocabulary Word

Word: diverge

Definition: vary; go in different directions from the same point; ADJ. divergent: differing; deviating

Sentences Containing 'diverge'

After 1780, the Federal-style of American Architecture began to diverge from the Georgian style and became a uniquely American genre; in 1813, the American architect Ithiel Town designed and in 1814-1816 built the first Gothic Style church in North America, Trinity Church on the Green in New Haven, predating the English Gothic revival by a decade.
After the two routes diverge, SR 42 curves to the northwest and parallels Interstate 75 (I-75) for less than before resuming its north-northeast routing and an interchange with I-75.
An orbit can be hyperbolic if nearby points approach or diverge from the orbit exponentially fast.
Any language changes over centuries (consider, for example, the changes in English since the Middle Ages), and some languages diverge and become separate dialects or languages that still belong to the same language family.
As such the acrolectal standard of English does not diverge substantially from the acrolectal standard in Britain at this time, though (as in other colonial outposts) it always tended to be somewhat "out of date" compared with contemporary speech patterns in Britain.
For any real α, the α-angle fractional Fourier transform of a function ƒ is denoted by formula_17 and defined by If α is an integer multiple of π, then the cotangent and cosecant functions above diverge.
From 1100 onwards, the dialect of Denmark began to diverge from that of Sweden.
Here, then, we see in man's productions the action of what may be called the principle of divergence, causing differences, at first barely appreciable, steadily to increase, and the breeds to diverge in character, both from each other and from their common parent.
However, one's attitude towards his/her work does not necessarily have to be equal with one's attitudes towards his/her employer, and these two factors often diverge.
I further attempted to show that from the varying descendants of each species trying to occupy as many and as different places as possible in the economy of nature, they constantly tend to diverge in character.
In the 12th century, the dialects of Denmark and Sweden began to diverge, becoming Old Danish and Old Swedish in the 13th century.
In the 9th century, Old Norse began to diverge into Old West Norse (Norway and Iceland) and Old East Norse (Sweden and Denmark).
Natural selection, also, leads to divergence of character; for the more organic beings diverge in structure, habits and constitution, by so much the more can a large number be supported on the area, of which we see proof by looking to the inhabitants of any small spot, and to the productions naturalised in foreign lands.
Neighboring trajectories of an unstable periodic orbit diverge exponentially in time from the periodic orbit.
Of course, the above "equation" is not necessary because the harmonic series is known (by other means) to diverge.
Several forestry roads diverge from the rail trail and are also used for recreational purposes.
Sexual preference creates a tendency towards assortative mating or homogamy, providing a system by which a group otherwise invaded by diverse genes is able to suppress their effects and diverge genetically.
South of Newbury Park, the inclines to/from the tunnel portals towards Gants Hill diverge away from the former route.
Steiner's views of Christianity diverge from conventional Christian thought in key places, and include gnostic elements.
The last three types, called concave lenses, scatter parallel rays so that they do not come to a focus, but diverge widely after passage through the lens.
The males also have large manes running along their throats, and large horns with two and a half twists, which, were they to be straightened, would reach an average length of , with the record being . They diverge slightly as they slant back from the head.
The two trails diverge west of the Mt Misery "summit", with the Nehantic continuing north through woods before crossing Rt 201 to the Hopeville Pond State Park.
This causes that orbit's contribution to the energy density to diverge.
This road provides access to the main Kloof Falls picnic site, from where walking trails diverge in both the upstream and downstream directions.
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