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Vocabulary Word

Word: diurnal

Definition: daily; occurring during the daytime

Sentences Containing 'diurnal'

A solitary and diurnal species, it can live for up to 3.5 years in the wild.
Accordingly, this disorder has sometimes been referred to as "progressive hereditary dystonia with diurnal fluctuations."
Anjouan Island day gecko (Phelsuma v-nigra anjouanensis Meier, 1986) is a small diurnal subspecies of geckos.
At my entrance, he called aloud to me, “not to disturb his webs.” He lamented “the fatal mistake the world had been so long in, of using silkworms, while we had such plenty of domestic insects who infinitely excelled the former, because they understood how to weave, as well as spin.” And he proposed further, “that by employing spiders, the charge of dyeing silks should be wholly saved;” whereof I was fully convinced, when he showed me a vast number of flies most beautifully coloured, wherewith he fed his spiders, assuring us “that the webs would take a tincture from them; and as he had them of all hues, he hoped to fit everybody’s fancy, as soon as he could find proper food for the flies, of certain gums, oils, and other glutinous matter, to give a strength and consistence to the threads.” There was an astronomer, who had undertaken to place a sun-dial upon the great weathercock on the town-house, by adjusting the annual and diurnal motions of the earth and sun, so as to answer and coincide with all accidental turnings of the wind.
Cauchas rufimitrella is a diurnal lepidopteran from the family Adelidae, the fairy long horn moths.
Diurnal temperatures vary from in the winter month of July and in the summer month of November.
Dopamine-responsive dystonia (DRD), also known as hereditary progressive dystonia with diurnal fluctuation, Segawa's disease, or Segawa's dystonia, is a genetic movement disorder which usually manifests itself during early childhood at around ages 5–8 years (variable start age).
Due to the aridity and elevation, diurnal temperature variation often exceeds in spring, averaging annually.
Evenings are cool; the diurnal variation in temperature may be as much as to . Winters are cold, with minimum mean temperatures in Punjab of about in January, and sub-zero temperatures in the far north and Balochistan The monsoon and the Western Disturbance are the two main factors which alter the weather over Pakistan; otherwise, Continental air prevails for rest of the year.
For example, the tropics often have seasonal variations in temperature that are smaller than their diurnal variations.
It consists of a spring in a valley flanked by the slopes of a sandstone table mountain that receives very little rainfall and has a wide range of diurnal temperatures.
It is a gregarious, diurnal bird and small flocks forage for seed and other vegetable matter on the ground, flying once a day to a waterhole for water.
Like all racers, the tan racer is diurnal and highly active.
Like all species of earless lizards, the speckled earless lizard is diurnal and insectivorous.
Many patients experience improvement with sleep, are relatively free of symptoms in the morning, and develop increasingly severe symptoms as the day progresses (i.e., diurnal fluctuation).
Other differential diagnoses include metabolic disorders (such as GM2 gangliosidosis, phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, Leigh disease) primarily dystonic juvenile parkinsonism, autosomal recessive early onset parkinsonism with diurnal fluctuation, early onset idiopathic parkinsonism, focal dystonias, dystonia musculorum deformans and dyspeptic dystonia with hiatal hernia.
Phelsuma v-nigra v-nigra Boettger, 1913 (syn."Phelsuma v-nigra" Kluge, 1993) is a small diurnal subspecies of geckos.
R. bicolor is diurnal and arboreal, but sometimes climbs down from the forest canopy to feed on the ground.
Some of the artists also produced watercolors, which, by the nature of the medium, tended to be diurnal. Two volcanoes on the Island of Hawaii, Kilauea and Mauna Loa, were intermittently active during the 1880s and 1890s, when interest in Volcano School paintings peaked.
The diurnal Galapagos Short-eared Owl is its only remaining natural predator.
The majority of these spawn gametes, breeding in mass spawning events that are triggered by the rising sea temperatures of spring and summer, the lunar cycle, and the diurnal cycle.
The moths (mostly nocturnal) and butterflies (mostly diurnal) together make up the taxonomic order Lepidoptera.
The Northland green gecko is diurnal, often found sun-basking.
The recommended dosage of latanoprost is one drop daily in the evening, which permits better diurnal IOP control than does morning instillation.
The sea otter is diurnal. It has a period of foraging and eating in the morning, starting about an hour before sunrise, then rests or sleeps in mid-day.
This species is diurnal, active during morning and evening.
This species is diurnal, active during the day, and is very alert and fast moving.
True lemurs are predominantly diurnal forest inhabitants, with some species preferring rain forests, while others live in dry forests.
Unlike most moths, the Bella Moth is diurnal. Formerly, the Bella Moth or Beautiful Utetheisa of temperate eastern North America was separated as Utetheisa bella. Now it is united with the Bella Moth in Utetheisa ornatrix.
Yet some DRD patients do not experience such diurnal fluctuations, causing many researchers to prefer other disease terms.

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