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Vocabulary Word

Word: distraught

Definition: upset; distracted by anxiety; very anxious and troubled almost to the point of madness; Ex. distraught with grief/worry

Sentences Containing 'distraught'

A distraught Edna lost her wedding ring, not realising she had dropped it into the pie, leading Daz to worry that Scarlett was proposing marriage.
A drunken, distraught Jase knocks on Nathan's door, leaving Fi to hide herself and any evidence of her infidelty.
After a perfect wedding, distraught Niall speeds off in his car.
Bartell began his college football career at Central Michigan University but left the school in 2002 "distraught with the direction the program was going" and stated he went through five position coaches in 2½ years at the school and he felt he wasn't getting any better.
But her time under the creature's control, along with destruction of Coast City, and the discovery that her father had faked her mother's death (putting her into a mental institution, which she escaped from after Coast City was destroyed), caused Carol to reject a distraught Hal Jordan.
Consoling his distraught hangman, the priest is said to have whispered, "Honest Anthony, my friend Anthony, be not afraid; do thy office.
de Plelan is distraught at the sudden departure of the Monseigneur.
Distraught by the news, Jim convinces Cindy to dream up their ideal child and write the child's characteristics and life events on slips of notepad paper.
Distraught, Ellen runs out of the room, and is slain by the murderer.
Distraught, Nick is comforted by Joyce at her apartment.
During the ceremonies the distraught Captain White collapsed.
Franky's father, Jeff, discovers them and scolds them for looking at the pictures, and Franky, upon discovering, is distraught, and storms off.
Guilty and distraught, Charlotte returns to the sanatorium.
Hanna announces that she is to marry Camille, leaving the Baron distraught at the thought of losing the Pontevedrian millions and Valencienne distraught at losing Camille.
He is distraught at having committed such a crime and eventually abandons Helene in order to become a Freemason.
Heil was visibly distraught as many including herself expected her to win the gold medal. Heil had gone into the event as the reigning Olympic champion and favourite not only to win the gold, but Canada's first gold medal during a Canadian hosted Olympics ever.
His father, distraught at Vijay's ways, seeks to marry him off to make him more responsible.
It occurs while Elphaba believes that Glinda has used her sister's death to lure her into being captured by the Wizard's Guard. She is distraught at being vilified by the Wizard's propaganda and the hatred of the citizens of Oz, and decides she will no longer attempt to do good.
Kailash feels guilty about what he did to the blind baby and confesses it to his wife several years later, who becomes so distraught that she dies.
Later, Mirage, distraught by Syndrome's true plans, releases Bob and informs him that his family is alive.
Musashi becomes tired and distraught and flees from Inshun badly beaten.
On September 9, 2008, a distraught Vince Young left his home without his cell phone.
Ralph informs a distraught Millie that her 60 days are up, gets her to admit there is no fiancé, and asks her to marry him.
Robert enters and, in a conversation overheard by the increasingly distraught Sara, Elizabeth declares her love for him.
Steed arrives as Cathy fends off the gang who flee leaving a distraught Cynthia who has to come to terms with the gang taking her "mousestrap" which she had spent all her life perfecting, only to then find the trap subdues the leader of the gang as he attempts to leave and is returned safely to her.
Sugako is distraught at the thought of her husband working such a degrading job.
The DVD contains a new restored wide-screen transfer, an audio commentary featuring director Friedkin where he relates stories about the making of the movie, a half-hour documentary featuring the main characters, a deleted scene showing a distraught Vukovich bothering his soon-to-be ex-wife at her apartment, and the alternate ending Friedkin refused to use, in which the two Secret Service partners survive but are transferred to Alaska while their supervisor Bateman is promoted and takes credit for stopping Masters.
The next morning, Fitz notices a bulletin on the news about the murder of the young woman, Jacqui Appleby, and is distraught, as Jacqui was one of his former students and a friend.
The prankster did not expect to be involved in murder and is distraught.
Their bodies are brought before their parents who immediately become distraught.
Thinking him arrested like the rest of them, they are even more distraught to be told that de Livardot is actually the Man in Grey, and the Chouan leader has been locked up in Bicêtre since his arrival.
When the bus is parked in the bus loop, one girl is seen getting off the bus immediately, obviously distraught, the new girl is unconscious and is carried off the bus by fellow students.
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