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Vocabulary Word

Word: distinction

Definition: honor; excellence; difference; contrast; discrimination; Ex. graduated with distinction; Ex. a writer of real distinction

Sentences Containing 'distinction'

She will have in me a man already pretty well off, and a rapidly rising man, and a man of some distinction: it is a piece of good fortune for her, but she is worthy of good fortune.
It is something to think of, and it gives her a sort of distinction among her companions.
She likes to have the distinction of rank preserved.''
These more active bases are generally called alkalies in distinction from the less active ones.
But each school was presided over by an artist of distinction, and this put the students in touch with real work and thus introduced vitality.
Originality is a quality over which an artist has as little influence as over the shape and distinction of his features.
The distinction between drawing and painting that is sometimes made is a wrong one in so far as it conveys any idea of painting being distinct from drawing.
It is the lack of this subtle distinction that, I think, has been the cause of the failure of so much art founded on so called Greek ideals.
And, as in a biography, the value of the work will depend on the insight and distinction of the author or artist.
The only distinction of which he is capable lies in this direction.
And those that are good in design and arrangement will stand this without loss of distinction, but those in which everything has been sacrificed to this striking lifelike quality will suffer considerably.
And it is this personal quality, this recording of the impressions of life as felt by a conscious individual that is the very essence of distinction in art.
We are wont to forget that the sun looks on our cultivated fields and on the prairies and forests without distinction.
It is a most curious distinction, when one comes to look at it and think about it.
This was distinction enough for me as a general thing; but the desire to be a steamboatman kept intruding, nevertheless.
It was distinction to be loved by such a man; but it was a much greater distinction to be hated by him, because he loved scores of people; but he didn't sit up nights to hate anybody but me.
``What matter,''said Monte Cristo``if he has rendered the State services which merit this distinction?''
Except this, he has no pretension to nobility, and calls himself a chance count, although the general opinion at Rome is that the count is a man of very high distinction.''
``Why, you have just said, a man of high distinction.''
and what has procured me so fluttering a distinction?''
In this state of things, and during the continuance of any one regulated proportion of this kind, the distinction between the metal, which is the standard, and that which is not the standard, becomes little more than a nominal distinction.
I certainly do not pretend that the knowledge of this distinction will enable him to buy cheaper.
With regard to the latter, it seems to have made scarce any distinction between real and circulating bills, but to have discounted all equally.
They are the two great sources of personal distinction, and are, therefore, the principal causes which naturally establish authority and subordination among men.
Those republics encouraged the acquisition of those exercises, by bestowing little premiums and badges of distinction upon those who excelled in them.
All the invidious restraints which at present oppress the trade of Ireland, the distinction between the enumerated and non-enumerated commodities of America, would be entirely at an end.
In the first place--O the indignities I must endure to win distinction!
One is a careful distinction between things which are in our power and things which are not.
The distinction of species he explains by the destruction of intermediate graduated forms.
If any well marked distinction existed between a domestic race and a species, this source of doubt would not so perpetually recur.
This conclusion, as well as that of the specific distinction between the humped and common cattle, may, indeed, be looked upon as established by the admirable researches of Professor Rutimeyer.
This distinction is important, when the cause of the sterility, which is common to the two cases, has to be considered.
The distinction probably has been slurred over, owing to the sterility in both cases being looked on as a special endowment, beyond the province of our reasoning powers.
It can thus be shown that neither sterility nor fertility affords any certain distinction between species and varieties.
The evidence is also derived from hostile witnesses, who in all other cases consider fertility and sterility as safe criterions of specific distinction.
But it harmonises perfectly with the view that there is no essential distinction between species and varieties.
Ray Lankester, who has drawn an important distinction between certain classes of cases which have all been equally ranked by naturalists as homologous.
No one has drawn any clear distinction between individual differences and slight varieties; or between more plainly marked varieties and subspecies and species.
They admit variation as a vera causa in one case, they arbitrarily reject it in another, without assigning any distinction in the two cases.
I was amazed and taken aback by such a message, and turning to Senor Montesinos I asked him, 'Is it possible, Senor Montesinos, that persons of distinction under enchantment can be in need?'
They treated Don Quixote as a person of distinction, giving him the place of honour, and all observed him, and were full of astonishment at the spectacle.
It requires no nice discernment or metaphysical head to mark the distinction between them.
Not to mention, that, to a young beginner, the general observations and maxims occur not always on the proper occasions, nor can be immediately applied with due calmness and distinction.
Or why should not the acknowledgment of a real distinction between vice and virtue be reconcileable to all speculative systems of philosophy, as well as that of a real distinction between personal beauty and deformity?
So at dinner; when Mrs. Gummidge was always helped immediately after me, to whom the preference was given as a visitor of distinction.
Not that I mean to say these were special marks of distinction, which only I received.
It made me start as much as if it had been the knock of a footman to a person of distinction.
If I am reserved to wear a wig, I am at least prepared, externally,' in allusion to his baldness, 'for that distinction.
Those who stood nearest over against me, seemed to be persons of distinction, as I supposed by their habit.
I abandon the glory and distinction of such offices to those who like them.

More Vocab Words

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::: suckle - give or take milk at the breast or udder
::: sententious - pithy; terse; concise; aphoristic
::: clime - climate
::: tantamount - equivalent in effect or value; Ex. This invasion is tantamount to a declaration of war; CF. amount
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::: sibylline - prophetic; oracular; N. sibyl: woman prophet (in the ancient world)
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::: parallel - similar; analogous; corresponding; N: parallel line; person or thing that is parallel (to another); similarity; Ex. know of no parallel to the case; Ex. without parallel; V: be similar to; make parallel; Ex. Your experience parallels mine; CF. unparalleled