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Vocabulary Word

Word: distinct

Definition: clearly different; clearly noticed

Sentences Containing 'distinct'

"The impression of his right foot was always less distinct than his left.
A distinct advantage of the Chinese spoon is the flat bottom of the bowl.
Although they are similar in appearances, sawsharks are distinct from sawfishes.
And all these genera, descended from (A), form an order distinct from the genera descended from (I).
Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.
CMKP continues as a distinct Marxist-Leninist Party.
Distinct restrictions were still applied however.
Each choir has a distinct difference from the next, and each focus on different things.
Each hotel is known to have its own distinct personality.
Each island has their own distinct Creole language but with many similarities.
Each tribe has a distinct social order as well as community laws.
Edmond listened, and the sound became more and more distinct.
FoE Malta is an independent organization, distinct from any political party.
In this context, a loyalty oath is distinct from pledge or oath of allegiance.
It has distinct color features that make it easily identifiable.
It has several distinct characteristics.
It is a distinct improvement upon the threadbare form of Indian legend.
It may or may not be considered distinct from the Scots language.
MEN2 and MEN1 are distinct conditions, despite their similar names.
Nevertheless, speaking French is distinct from being a French citizen.
No distinct immunophenotype abnormality for CNL has been described.
Often the new work would be distinct than the former.
On the basis of these two characteristics, they have been considered to be distinct from all other muroids.
Prediabetes typically has no distinct signs or symptoms.
Rickenbackers are known for their distinct "ringing" sound.
Some hours afterwards it began again, nearer and more distinct.
The Colony remained a distinct political entity; the Protectorate was governed from it.
The creamware has a distinct yellow to yellow-orange color.
The forewings are whitish with distinct black markings.
The gene is distinct and similar to that of primitive organisms.
The Sasanoa River has two distinct sections.
The two are visually very similar, but vocally distinct.
There are distinct types of corporate synergies: Marketing.
There are no mental processes that are distinct from intelligent acts.
There are now three distinct parts to the unit: History.
There are three behaviorally and morphologically distinct larval forms.
There are two distinct types of photosynthetic system; ‘open’ or ‘closed’.
There had been a distinct change in the mental state.
These are geochemically distinct from the later volcanism, as they contain amphiboles.
These remarks of Schiodte's it should be understood, apply not to the same, but to distinct species.
They all appear to be adhesive, and there is a distinct odour of lime-cream.
They maintain a distinct identity separate from other Yoruboid people.
This bird has habitat fragmented into distinct subpopulations.
This implies that lenticular galaxies are a distinct morphological subclass of galaxies.
This is distinct from the more limited changes required to deal only with ecological issues.
Though distinct from classification services these services are nonetheless in harmony with them.
Three distinct seasons are observed: summer, monsoon and winter.
Water slides swerve in and out of the building, giving it a distinct look.
What faces are the most distinct to me in the fleeting crowd?
Young birds are duller with less distinct breast streaking.

More Vocab Words

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