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Vocabulary Word

Word: dissipate

Definition: squander; waste foolishly; scatter

Sentences Containing 'dissipate'

As initial stroke symptoms, numbness and tingling, dissipate, an imbalance in sensation causes these later syndromes, characterizing Dejerine–Roussy syndrome.
As the hull approaches the wave propagation speed, however, the wake at the bow begins to build up faster than it can dissipate, and so it grows in amplitude.
Aside from possible extra costs, the chief difficulty is in responding quickly enough to delays and overcrowding before they spontaneously dissipate.
Because multiple conductors bundled in a cable cannot dissipate heat as easily as single insulated conductors, those circuits are always rated at a lower "ampacity".
Each drum was designed with maximum efficiency in mind, and individual drums can dissipate up to of braking heat.
For the jumper's safety, they must learn the skills required to safely transition to landing and dissipate the energy upon hitting the ground over their entire body, preventing injury.
It occasions a general and most pernicious subversion of the fortunes of private people; enriching, in most cases, the idle and profuse debtor, at the expense of the industrious and frugal creditor; and transporting a great part of the national capital from the hands which were likely to increase and improve it, to those who are likely to dissipate and destroy it.
Most men are satisfied if they read or hear read, and perchance have been convicted by the wisdom of one good book, the Bible, and for the rest of their lives vegetate and dissipate their faculties in what is called easy reading.
Most people simply allow the energy to churn in a cauldron of chaotic thoughts and emotions or dissipate the energy in a superficial pursuit of pleasure, but a yogi or yogini consciously accumulates and then directs it for specified purposes.
On 28 September 1991, in response to President Bush's directive to stand down the Minuteman II, personnel of the 351 OG began to dissipate launch codes and pin safety control switches at launch control centers.
President Roosevelt donated $100 ($ in dollars) at the event to help dissipate the debt.
Shutting off the engine caused the transmission oil pressure to rapidly dissipate.
Since wires run in conduits or underground cannot dissipate heat as easily as in open air, and since adjacent circuits contribute induced currents, wiring regulations give rules to establish the current capacity (ampacity).
Temperature is the main factor in determining the decomposition rate, although the size of the package is also important since its dimensions will determine the ability to dissipate heat to the environment.
The components inside the case cannot dissipate heat efficiently if the surrounding air is too hot.
The container dissipates heat more slowly in a higher-temperature environment, so at some critical temperature heat is generated by polymerization faster than the container can dissipate it and the reaction self-accelerates.
The feelings of our heart, the agitation of our passions, the vehemence of our affections, dissipate all its conclusions, and reduce the profound philosopher to a mere plebeian.
The parts of the dream that are retained the next day likely dissipate overnight.
The project includes the construction of a weir downstream to help dissipate energy from the spillway upstream of it.
The state, by encouraging, that is, by giving entire liberty to all those who, from their own interest, would attempt, without scandal or indecency, to amuse and divert the people by painting, poetry, music, dancing; by all sorts of dramatic representations and exhibitions; would easily dissipate, in the greater part of them, that melancholy and gloomy humour which is almost always the nurse of popular superstition and enthusiasm.
They cannot make grants or otherwise dissipate the capital in their funds.
Typical episodes of transient nuerapraxia only last a few seconds and symptoms dissipate entirely.
What are they going to do with all this energy and interest? It's going to dissipate.
When the coil is energized with direct current, a diode is often placed across the coil to dissipate the energy from the collapsing magnetic field at deactivation, which would otherwise generate a voltage spike dangerous to semiconductor circuit components.
While most fronts form and dissipate relatively quickly, some, such as the fronts caused by the antarctic circumpolar current, persist for long periods of time.
Zhang stated that this rumor must have been spread by someone who was intent to harm Li Longji, and that the best way to dissipate the rumors would be for Emperor Ruizong to transfer some of the authority to Li Longji -- an assessment that fellow chancellor Yao Chong concurred in.

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