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Vocabulary Word

Word: dissertation

Definition: formal essay; treatise

Sentences Containing 'dissertation'

1906-1908 he continued to study at the University of Giessen, with his dissertation in 1909.
A complete translation of Choe's account into English was prepared by John Meskill as part of his Columbia University dissertation (1958).
A while before he was due to submit his dissertation, he realised that academia wasn't going to fulfil his ambitions and he started working.
Beissel codified the Ephrata Cloister's unique tradition in his "Beissel's Dissertation on Harmony"; here, he divided notes into two types.
degree in social anthropology at the University of Oxford, with a 1963 dissertation on Acholi and Lango traditional cultures.
Dr. Genie Gertz explored examples of such audism in American society in her published dissertation.
Erasmus translated his son's graduating dissertation from Latin into English, and had it together with the gold medal winning dissertation published in Lichfield in book form in 1780 as "Experiments establishing a criterion between mucaginous and purulent matter.
Erdmann received his Ph.D. in 1873 in Berlin with a dissertation on Kant.
EZW points to a 1966 Berne dissertation by Antoinette Stettler-Schär which diagnosed Lorber with paranoid schizophrenia.
He completed his Ph.D. dissertation about media education (1993) at the Russian Academy of Education (Moscow).
He published the dissertation for his second doctorate in 1937, but he failed in the oral defense due to a memory lapse.
He speaks of Bathurst, in the address above mentioned, as He added a Latin dissertation, "De vita Spenseri et scriptis" (; Lond.
He subsequently spent much time on a "Dissertation on the Hamlet of Saxo Grammaticus and of Shakespeare".
He was the reputed author of the 1732 work "A Philosophical Dissertation upon Death, Composed for the Consolation of the Unhappy by a Friend of Truth", published in London.
Here he was awarded his doctoral degree for his dissertation "The Revival of the Griesbach Hypothesis: Analysis and Appraisal".
His dissertation is entitled "Motor control and learning by the state space model".
His dissertation was entitled "Accuracy of voluntary movement."
His dissertation was entitled "International Law and the Resolution of Territorial Disputes over Islands in East Asia."
His dissertation was on Genghis Khan's secretary, 13th-century Chinese scholar Yelü Chucai.
His dissertation was on the early history of the English East India Company.
His dissertation was published the following year as "William Gaddis" by Twayne Publishers.
His dissertation, "Tsar Nicholas I and the Jews: The Transformation of Jewish Society in Russia, 1825-1855" was later published in 1983.
His doctoral dissertation examined "The dilemma of citizen action: representation and bureaucracy in local health politics."
His doctoral dissertation was entitled "Graph Theoretical Models of International Relations".
His doctoral dissertation was on the 17th century English poet, John Milton.
His major printed work was his doctoral dissertation of 1849, "Abbat Sugerii" (Abbot Suger), in which he "portrayed the great abbot as the architect of royal centralization."
His wrote his dissertation on Ibn Khaldun.
Hourwich earned his doctorate from Columbia after successfully defending a pioneering dissertation on the economics of the Russian village.
In 1817 Maitland published his first pamphlet, "A Dissertation on the Primary Objects of Idolatrous Worship", unfashionably against Jacob Bryant's writings.
In 1962, Crews's doctoral dissertation from Princeton University was published as "E. M. Forster: The Perils of Humanism".
In 2001 Harris successfully defended his Ph.D dissertation at Concordia University in Montreal Canada.
In addition to the Annual Seminar, the Franklin Humanities Institute also runs a dissertation working group for graduate students.
It is this mentality that led Tom L. Humphries to coin the term in his doctoral dissertation in 1975.
Leaving UC-Berkeley A.B.D., (All but dissertation), Bromige took a teaching position in the English Department at Sonoma State University in 1970.
Nagl's doctoral dissertation was a comparative study of the British and American militaries as they dealt with insurgencies in Malaya and Vietnam, respectively.
She successfully defended her dissertation in 1965.
She wrote a dissertation on "Inclusion of children from preschool to universal moral values."
She wrote her doctoral dissertation while living in Paris.
Stanley Hall, in his doctoral dissertation on the American Presbyterian "Directory for Worship," cites Baird's Eutaxia as a "groundbreaking study of Presbyterian liturgical history."
Taylor received his Ph.D. in 1984 from the University of Chicago, where he completed a his dissertation under the supervision of Leonard Linsky.
The "Dissertation upon Death" is referenced by George Berkeley in his 1733 "Theory of Vision Vindicated", section 5.
The first was his dissertation, published in expanded form in 1892 as "Truth and Knowledge".
The students are required to submit a dissertation in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the master's degree at the end of fourth semester.
The topic of his Ph.D. dissertation was "Major themes and imagery in Sarojini Naidu's poetry".
This dissertation was published in book form in 1893 by Columbia College and in Russian translation in Moscow in 1896.
To complete the MSc Accounting and Finance you are required to study a research methods module, one further academic module and complete a dissertation.
Wortham has also been a Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellow and a National Academy of Education Postdoctoral Fellow.
``I am prejudiced against Beauchamp,''said Albert, drawing Franz away, and leaving the former to finish his philosophical dissertation with Debray.
``No; by your brilliant and almost sublime conversation you have elevated me above the ordinary level; we no longer talk, we rise to dissertation.
“'From Calcutta to California': Negotiations of Movement and Meaning in Kathak Dance.” Ph.D. dissertation, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University.

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