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Vocabulary Word

Word: disseminate

Definition: distribute; spread; scatter (like seeds)

Sentences Containing 'disseminate'

Another important institution at that time was the "Circolo Italiano di Sao Paolo", formed in 1910 and continuing today, which aimed to preserve and disseminate Italian culture to Italo-Brazilians and Brazilians in general. In the middle 1920's, the fascist doctrine began to infiltrate this community, by the influence of the 'March on Rome veteran' Serafino Mazzolini, Italian consul to Brazil.
As the mistletoe is disseminated by birds, its existence depends on them; and it may metaphorically be said to struggle with other fruit-bearing plants, in tempting the birds to devour and thus disseminate its seeds.
Believers were in fact being widely targeted and persecuted for their belief or promotion of religion, as part of the state's campaign to disseminate atheism, but officially the state claimed that no such persecution existed and that the people being targeted - when they admitted that people were being targeted - were only being attacked for resistance to the state or breaking the law.
Communications Specialists maintain continuous contact among Highway Patrol personnel and other emergency response agencies, and they disseminate information for officers to apprehend offenders, develop investigative leads, track criminal activity, identify stolen property, and locate missing persons.
Disseminate quality standards during production stages to achieve highest levels of output quality.
Established in 1988 under the artistic guidance of Alexandre Siranossian, the Stéphan Elmas Foundation aims to disseminate the legacy of the Armenian composer.
Following retirement, Grundy used his reputation and technical knowledge to assist with and to disseminate information about disaster mitigation and relief in developing countries.
For the remainder of the Second World War, now as a permanent resident of New York City, he continued to research and write about his ideas, searching for a means to disseminate them to academia and the public.
In 1951, Mochizuki travelled to France mainly to teach judo, but he also found time to give instruction in aikido and is therefore credited with being the first to disseminate aikido abroad.
In this framework, in 1999, established the affiliate Onassis Foundation in New York City, to disseminate information about Hellenic civilization throughout the North and South America.
Its main objective is to preserve the natural environment of Margalla Hills National Park and prevent shrinkage of the green areas; to promote public interest in conservation, development and management of forests, wildlife and other natural resources of Margalla hills National Park and to disseminate information about the Marghalla hills National park including its history, geography, flora, fauna culture and its benefits to the citizens of Islamabad.
Its primary aim was the promotion of books to influence the thinking of the American people regarding World War II, to build and maintain the will to win, to expose the true nature of the enemy, to disseminate technical information, to provide relaxation and inspiration, and to clarify war aims and problems of peace.
Lenin's statement called for a close-cooperation of all militant materialists (atheists), both communists and non-communists, including the 18th century French materialists, and it also stressed the role of the official Marxist philosophical monthly journal "Under the Banner of Marxism (Pod znamenem marxizma)" to tirelessly disseminate 'atheistic propaganda and struggle', which he called 'the cause of our state' (nasha gosudartsvennaia rabota) An important part of this debate occurred between Emelian Yaroslavsky (founder of the of the Godless) and the Moscow Society of the Godless.
Market orientation was defined as “the capability to generate, disseminate, and respond to intelligence pertaining to current and future customers” (Kohli Jaworski, 1990).
METeOR is a Metadata registry based on the 2003 version of the ISO/IEC 11179 Information technology - Metadata registries standard. METeOR was developed to store, manage and disseminate metadata in the Australian health, community services and housing assistance sectors.
The campaign began in 1929, with the drafting of new legislation that severely prohibited religious activities and called for a heightened attack on religion in order to further disseminate atheism.
The IBIDS database was retired in 2010 and the PMDSS was launched to continue the ODS mission to disseminate dietary supplement-related research results.
The IMH is directed by Peter and Judith Muir, who disseminate the work of Diamond through a variety of programs for all ages, abilities and backgrounds.
The Institute of Hungarian Studies was established in 1991 to disseminate knowledge about Hungarian society and civilization; to support organizations and projects related to Hungarian Studies at Indiana University; and to house the Institute's impressive library of several thousand volumes of Hungarica.
The overriding purpose of ILGRA is to "secure coherence and consistency within and between policy and practice in risk assessment as undertaken by Government, and help disseminate and advance good practice."
They developed and began to disseminate rural crisis packets to help parishes deal with the growing rural crisis.
Three years later, when Draper paid to print and disseminate the book, "White America", by Earnest Sevier Cox, an advocate of white supremacy and racial segregation, a personal copy was delivered to Frick.
To disseminate natural and cultural knowledge, public experiments were conducted, such as those with van Marum’s large electrostatic generator built in 1784 by John Cuthbertson in Amsterdam (the largest in the world).
While neither schema has inherent superiority, the technological advantage of Europeans became a resource to disseminate the conviction that underscored their schemas, that non-Europeans could be enslaved.

More Vocab Words

::: hyperbole - exaggeration; overstatement; ADJ. hyperbolic: of hyperbole; of a hyperbola
::: codify - arrange (laws or rules) as a code; classify; N. code: system of words used instead of ordinary writing; collection of laws, rules, established social customs
::: garish - overbright in color; unpleasantly bright; gaudy
::: hereafter - life after death
::: jocular - said or done in jest or playfully; marked by joking
::: hirsute - hairy; having a lot of hair
::: frolic - play and jump about happily; frisk; Ex. frolicking young lambs
::: generate - cause; produce; create
::: pretend - feign; pretend to: claim to possess; make pretensions to; Ex. I don't pretend to much expertise; N. pretense
::: demographic - related to population balance; N. demography: statistical study of human population