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Vocabulary Word

Word: dispel

Definition: scatter; drive away; cause to vanish

Sentences Containing 'dispel'

2 (1988) It is glossed as an "incantation to dispel lasting fever and Lamashtu".
After Dolores (Zabaleta) hears a neighbor being killed, her husband Andres (Tommasi) tries to dispel her fears about gang activity in their apartment building.
Amar Singh has pleaded health grounds for not appearing before the courts where the chargesheet was being heard. However, distressed by adverse media reports, Mr. Singh has appeared before the courts to dispel allegations that he is running away from a process of law.
And it is devoutly to be hoped that science will perfect a method of color photography finally to dispel this illusion.
At the same time, Ma needed to dispel the stereotype of him as an urban Mainlander from Taipei unconnected with rural southern Holo-speaking Taiwan.
British historian Orlando Figes has contended that the root of the Whites' defeat was their inability to dispel the popular image that they were dually associated with Tsarist Russia and supportive of a Tsarist restoration.
But passing his hand across his forehead as if to dispel his revery, he rang the bell twice and Bertuccio entered.
But the lovely aromas in that enchanted air did at last seem to dispel, for a moment, the cankerous thing in his soul.
Choe was learned in Confucian ethics, Chinese letters, Chinese poetry, and well versed in Korean history, geography, and famous people; all this later helped him to dispel the notion of Chinese that he was a Japanese pirate instead of a Korean official who had unfortunately shipwrecked in China.
Curiosity acts as a means in which to dispel this uncertainty.
During the campaign both candidates attempted to dispel their stereotypes: Wang stressed his loyalty to the KMT and Republic of China (such as by singing patriotic songs from the Chiang Kai-shek-era) and gaining the support of conservative Mainlander heavyweights within the KMT.
He has time for one showy flight over New York City in an older shell, done to dispel the rumors of his death, before his powers begin to mysteriously desert him.
If the organization is not involved, or if the crisis is a rumor the organization can dispel, and stakeholders and the media accept that there is no crisis, no reputational harm will be done.
In the fourth movie, he mentors the recently orphaned granddaughter of his former commanding officer and teaches her to dispel her anger through the healing powers of the Martial Arts.
Meanwhile, there were unusual bad omens happening in the Liu household, and Liu Wenqi (劉文起) engaged witches to try to dispel the evil spirits.
Oh, I entreat you, my son, if you had entertained such an idea, dispel it; and my counsel to you nay, my prayer is to retain his friendship.''
Our souls will reflect this radiance to dispel the darkness of ignorance and allow love, knowledge and purity to flood our being."
Senate of the Philippines Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan, ex-officio member, Judicial and Bar Council stated that the 3 Sandiganbayan justices ""should have the delicadeza not to accept a promotion to the highest tribunal to dispel any suspicion that they pronounced Mr. Estrada guilty expecting a reward from Palace ...
Should he reach destination methinks I shall have rendered some service to Your Excellency, as from many parts I am urged to send him off, so as to dispel the loathing and disgust caused by another Don Quixote who, under the name of Second Part, has run masquerading through the whole world.
The BBC was quick to dispel any suggestion that Lester's resignation was connected to the shift in production focus, stating "it is a shame that, due to his current filming commitments, Adrian cannot join us this time round...", while Lester explained his action as "need to do something else, be associated with something else".
The sight of the safe, the saucer of milk, and the loop of whipcord were enough to finally dispel any doubts which may have remained.
They did not completely dispel the music.
Throughout the book, they discuss the philosophy of time, and debate whether "interest and novelty dispel or shorten the content of time, while monotony and emptiness hinder its passage".
Use of force that goes beyond what is necessary to dispel the immediate threat of violence is known as excessive self-defense (also self-defense with excessive force).
Wang's status as a Holo-speaker associated with the pro-localization faction of the KMT required him to dispel fears that he would turn out to be "another Lee Teng-hui" (who founded the pro-independence Taiwan Solidarity Union and was expelled from the party) or that he would leave the KMT to join the TSU if he lost the election.

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