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Vocabulary Word

Word: dispatch

Definition: speediness; prompt execution; message sent with all due speed; V: send to a specified destination; finish promptly; kill

Sentences Containing 'dispatch'

A news dispatch of that date described the proposed combination.
According to a leaked dispatch from Richard LeBaron, Deputy Head of the US Mission in London, she shares Mr Hague's pronounced pro-American views.
According to the Alaska Dispatch, he is also devoting his time to volunteering and grand-parenting.
After the fall of Kazan Vladimir Lenin called for the dispatch of Petrograd workers to the Kazan Front: "We must send down the "maximum" number of Petrograd workers: (1) a few dozen 'leaders' like Kayurov; (2) a few thousand militants 'from the ranks'".
An example of a surviving document mentioning Carpenter is a dispatch dated at Burlington, Jan.
At the same time, "Königsberg" was again used to escort Wilhelm II's yacht, this time in company with the new armored cruiser and the dispatch boat on a visit to Britain.
Atwater would later dispatch Austin to consult on various Congressional campaigns that were important to Atwater.
Barr’s grandfather was Elias Barr who, in 1855, established Barr’s Penny Dispatch in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Because of the close link between the two stamps of Bar’s Penny Dispatch (Scott catalog No.
By the mid-1690s the MacCrimmons are confirmed to have been located in the Hebrides and seem to have been recognised as masters of their craft. An order from John Campbell, Earl of Breadalbane to his chamberlain, Campbell of Barcaldine reads: "Give McIntyre ye pyper fforty pounds scots as his prentises(hi)p with McCrooman till May nixt as also provyde him in what Cloths he needs and dispatch him immediately to the Isles".
Despite joining the fighting, Lord Howe omitted Cotton from his dispatch of the battle and as a result, Cotton was denied official recognition and did not receive the Gold Medal given to many of the officers present at the action.
He entreated me more than once to come in and win, but what with his table-spoon to my tea-spoon, his dispatch to my dispatch, and his appetite to my appetite, I was left far behind at the first mouthful, and had no chance with him.
He tells the criminal film crew that Billy is a witness and must be eliminated thus motivating the snuff film director, his thug assistant and a host of subsidiary criminals to retrieve a missing computer disc from her and dispatch it.
In 1836 the newspaper merged with Henry Hetherington's "London Dispatch".
In 1917, during the events of the October Revolution the workers of the tramway aided in taking away wounded from the barricades and the dispatch of weapons and products.
In 2002, Thrower told "The Valley News Dispatch" of Tarentum, Pa, "I look at it like this: I was like the Jackie Robinson of football.
In consequence of such fictions, it came, in many cases, to depend altogether upon the parties, before what court they would choose to have their cause tried, and each court endeavoured, by superior dispatch and impartiality, to draw to itself as many causes as it could.
In many cases the combined use of both exhaust and compression pumps is necessary to secure the desired result; as, for example, in pneumatic dispatch tubes.
In one case, a Richmond, Virginia, school board chairman's Manhunt profile was discovered by a "Richmond Times-Dispatch" reporter.
In the 1990s it moved its training center and statewide dispatch center from the Salina airport to the former campus of Marymount College (Kansas) in Salina, Kansas.
In the Counter-reformation, a bishop sent a dispatch deploring the state of the village's church that was a result of the poverty of the area.
Lord Grey, Colonial Secretary, in a dispatch to Sir Harry Smith dated 21 October 1851, declared, "The ultimate abandonment of the Orange Sovereignty should be a settled point in our policy."
Louis Post Dispatch has described it as an opponent of the Missouri plan.
Louis Post-Dispatch" described it as "the premier source for intellectual discussion on issues affecting African-Americans", and the "New York Amsterdam News" wrote that "it had no rival for cutting edge news for and about the Black community".
Louis Post-Dispatch" noted that such an "uplifting story could only happen in Hollywood."
Most of the existing JVM instruction set is statically typed - in the sense that method calls have their signatures type-checked at compile time, without a mechanism to defer this decision to run time, or to choose the method dispatch by an alternative approach.
On 14 June 1904 Admiral Nashiba put to sea with the battleships "Hatsuse" (flag), "Shikishima", and , cruiser , and dispatch-vessel "Tatsuta" to relieve the Japanese blockading force off Port Arthur.
On 2 September the new leadership ordered a strict defensive at Verdun and the dispatch of forces from there to reinforce the Somme and Rumanian fronts.
On 21 March 1896, "Tatsuta" was re-classified as a dispatch vessel.
On 23 June 1919, a dispatch directed the Commandant, 3rd Naval District, to ship "SP-747" and the patrol boat to the Culver Naval School in Culver, Indiana.
PassPort is a type of LTR Trunked radio system designed by Trident Micro Systems, which consists of multiple radio repeater sites linked together to form a wide-area radio dispatch network.
Previous to its dispatch to Flanders, the 54th Division had engaged French tanks during the Nivelle Offensive and afterwards had more anti-tank training.
Remote data access capabilities will enable monitoring of real-time weather and sampling data to efficiently dispatch field personnel for sample pickup and troubleshoot hydrologic instrumentation.
Sarvis was not invited to the debates, even though some Virginia newspapers, like the "Richmond Times Dispatch", "The Roanoke Times", "The Free Lance-Star" and "The Daily Progress", published articles calling for his inclusion.
She has shown great improvement in these areas, and the weaknesses are seen less frequently now, as evidenced by her calm dispatch of the four-time Roland Garros champion and former World No.
Sheriffs Provincial Operations Centre (S.P.O.C.) houses the provincial radio communications and dispatch centre for the British Columbia Sheriff Service.
The "Herald-Dispatch" sold WSAZ-AM-TV to Goodwill Stations, owner of WJR radio in Detroit and WJRT-TV in Flint, Michigan, in 1961.
The machine can be put on commercial loading within 30 minutes upon request from Malaysia's National Load Dispatch Center.
The new uprising led to the dispatch of a Greek expeditionary force to the island, culminating in the Greco-Turkish War of 1897, in which Greece suffered a heavy defeat.
The purpose of the power pool was to dispatch electric generating plants on a lowest cost basis, thereby reducing the electric costs for all members of the pool.
The station was originally owned by the Huntington "Herald-Dispatch" along with WSAZ radio (930 AM, now WRVC), and carried programming from all four networks at the time (NBC, CBS, ABC, and DuMont).
The Swedish government responded on July 14, 1950 by authorizing the dispatch of a 200-bed mobile field hospital. Shortly before his resignation, King Gustaf V annonced that the Swedish state would cover the Hospital's expenses.
The vocalizing of the dogs at bay signals the modern firearms hunter to close the distance with the pack and once caught up, to dispatch the boar with a well-placed gunshot.
Vanderbilt married Emily O'Neill Davies, granddaughter of Daniel O'Neill, owner of the Pittsburgh Dispatch newspaper, and daughter of Frederick Martin Davies on November 1, 1923 at Grace Church, New York.
When a dispatch from Lord Cornwallis in Yorktown, Virginia, to General Henry Clinton in New York was intercepted, Lovell's cryptanalysis enabled Washington to gauge how desperate Cornwallis's situation was and to time his attack on the British lines.
When someone calls 911, the call is routed to the Dutchess 911 center in the Town of Poughkeepsie and they route it to the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department's Communications Center who then dispatch the closest unit(s) based on a GPS map.
Whether his death was due to illness or a revolt by the Ravennese is impossible to determine, but the latter is more likely, given the subsequent dispatch of a punitive expedition.
Wilkie worked mainly in London, and was most famous for his anecdotal paintings of Scottish and English life, including "The Chelsea Pensioners reading the Waterloo Dispatch" in 1822 and for his flattering painting of the King George IV in Highland dress commemorating the royal visit to Scotland in 1823 that set off the international fashion for the kilt. After a tour of Europe he was more influenced by Renaissance and Baroque painting.
With this victory, Saladin decided to call in more troops from Egypt; he requested al-Adil to dispatch 1,500 horsemen.
Xerxes sends his elite guard, the formidable Immortals, to attack, but the Spartans successfully dispatch them, suffering a few casualties of their own.

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