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Vocabulary Word

Word: disparity

Definition: difference; condition of inequality; OP. parity

Sentences Containing 'disparity'

They told me they trusted and confided their honour and good name to my virtue and rectitude alone, and bade me consider the disparity between Don Fernando and myself, from which I might conclude that his intentions, whatever he might say to the contrary, had for their aim his own pleasure rather than my advantage; and if I were at all desirous of opposing an obstacle to his unreasonable suit, they were ready, they said, to marry me at once to anyone I preferred, either among the leading people of our own town, or of any of those in the neighbourhood; for with their wealth and my good name, a match might be looked for in any quarter.
A curious equality of friendship, originating, I suppose, in our respective circumstances, sprung up between me and these people, notwithstanding the ludicrous disparity in our years.
When I had done tumbling over Traddles, and had sat upon something which was not a cat--my first seat was--I so far recovered my sight, as to perceive that Mr. Spenlow had evidently been the youngest of the family; that there was a disparity of six or eight years between the two sisters; and that the younger appeared to be the manager of the conference, inasmuch as she had my letter in her hand--so familiar as it looked to me, and yet so odd!--and was referring to it through an eye-glass.
But I thought--I implore you to remember the narrow construction which has been my besetting sin--that, in a case where there was so much disparity in point of years--' 'That's the way to put it, you see, Master Copperfield!'
There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.'
'There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose'--'no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.'
Do not think or speak of disparity between us, for there is none, except in all my many imperfections.
'There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.'
'There can be no disparity in marriage, like unsuitability of mind and purpose.'

More Vocab Words

::: rectify - set right; correct; CF. rect-: right
::: spendthrift - someone who wastes money; CF. thrift: accumulated wealth
::: retract - withdraw; take back; draw back; Ex. retract a statement/an offer/claws; N. retraction; CF. retractile
::: divulge - reveal
::: obsidian - black volcanic rock
::: pertinent - suitable; to the point; relevant
::: bulge - protruding part; swelling of a surface; Ex. The apple made a bulge in his pocket; V: swell outward; protrude
::: sturdy - strong and firm (in the body)
::: unwieldy - awkward (to carry or move); cumbersome; unmanageable
::: supposition - assumption; hypothesis; surmise; V. suppose