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Vocabulary Word

Word: disdain

Definition: treat with scorn or contempt

Sentences Containing 'disdain'

"A technical man with a streak of imagination… his disdain for those who did not share his vision also made him many enemies."
"Kill-e," cried Queequeg, twisting his tattooed face into an unearthly expression of disdain, "ah!
Abbey displays incredible disdain for the way industrialization is overtaking wilderness.
Admittedly, there was precious little feature or fiction film production in this period, but this disdain also extended to Australia’s film history.
After World War II there was an over-emphasis on the canon of standard “great masterpieces”, co-existing with disdain for any music that was perceived as not profound in intent.
Albert's lips scarcely whispered``Good by,''but his look was more explicit; it expressed a whole poem of restrained anger, proud disdain, and generous indignation.
And therefore, let not the knights of that honourable company (none of whom, I venture to say, have ever had to do with a whale like their great patron), let them never eye a Nantucketer with disdain, since even in our woollen frocks and tarred trowsers we are much better entitled to St. George's decoration than they.
Being in the lesser caste he was treated with disdain and contempt by those placed above him.
But for one whose privilege it was to agitate that ocean of human waves, how many were received with a look of indifference or a sneer of disdain!
But I, by some strange miracle, live on A prey to absence, jealousy, disdain; Racked by suspicion as by certainty; Forgotten, left to feed my flame alone.
But this animal seemed to receive my civilities with disdain, shook his head, and bent his brows, softly raising up his right fore-foot to remove my hand.
During January 2009, at the end of President George W. Bush's second term in office, Jonathan Clarke, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, proposed the following as the "main characteristics of neoconservatism": "a tendency to see the world in binary good/evil terms", a "low tolerance for diplomacy", a "readiness to use military force", an "emphasis on US unilateral action", a "disdain for multilateral organizations" and a "focus on the Middle East".
Edward shared a disdain for his father with his siblings.
He initially expresses disdain for Michael's going-away present, a recommendation letter, but appears touched as he reads further.
Here is important to emphasize that one of the most important characteristics of the Porfiriato years, was its disdain for everything national, Mexican; its fascination for European, French, German or if nothing of these were possible American things and ideas, as the only way for achieving progress.
In fact, Lassiter showed extreme disdain and impatience with his callers, not hesitating to poke fun at them, subtly trap them into demonstrating their hypocrisy or lies, or even to insult them outright.
In Greek mythology, Corus or Koros (Κόρος) was the spirit (daemon) and personification of surfeit and disdain.
In other episodes, it has been implied that he and Mayor McDaniels are in a relationship, despite her general disdain for him.
In the early years of the band, Caporino expressed disdain for compact disc media.
In times of strong emotion mankind disdain all base considerations; but such times are evanescent.
It is my earnest hope that Your Excellency's good counsel in regard to my honourable purpose, will not disdain the littleness of so humble a service.
Like most Klingons, Martok had a disdain for Ferengi, which manifested itself in several refusals to even acknowledge Nog, who at the time was a Starfleet Cadet.
Lydia Lunch has voiced her disdain for contemporary rock, claiming in "Rip It Up": "I hated almost the entirety of punk rock.
Malinchism express the disdain for those who are attracted by foreign values, considered superior, of better quality and worthy of imitation.
Many have expressed an attitude of disdain toward taking things too seriously, as opposed to viewing things with an attitude of humor.
Many people possess them in great perfection, who disdain to make this use of them; and many more are capable of acquiring them, if any thing could be made honourably by them.
Maximilian cast a look of disdain, almost of anger, on the count.
Neither could anything be urged against my father, who, though with some peculiarities, has abilities Mr. Darcy himself need not disdain, and respectability which he will probably never reach.''
Our importance, our respectability in the world must be affected by the wild volatility, the assurance and disdain of all restraint which mark Lydia's character.
She writes that “tension is often expressed through nobles’ criticism of griots’ “empty speech” or griots’ disdain for nobles lack of self-knowledge”.
Some critics have attributed Astaire's discomfort with ballet (he briefly studied ballet in the 1920s) to his oft-expressed disdain for "inventing up to the arty".
Such a person, too, though he cannot aspire at being a proprietor, will often disdain to be a farmer.
The book detailed Coburn's perspective on the internal Republican Party debates over the Contract With America and displayed his disdain for career politicians.
The British press called him a "war monger," and many citizens felt disdain for his depictions of appeasement.
The contributions were entirely individual and Lennon made disparaging remarks about his bandmates' apparent disdain for Ono. Twickenham and Apple studio recording sessions.
The façades and interiors were decorated with sculptures, reliefs, Latin inscriptions ("Musa Dryas, Nymphaeque boves et Pastor Apollo / Hic maneant, fugiat diva Minerva domus" - "Muse, dryad and nymphs, bullocks and Apollo the shepherd let stay here, the divine Minerva let disdain this house" on the portal of the southern façade) and Lubomirski coat of arms - "Szreniawa".
The French did not harbor the same levels of disdain based on skin color and for many Americans of an African-American descent it was a liberating and refreshing experience.
The religion of Islam does not require people to disdain seemly laughter and levity and remain perpetually gloomy.
They are too proud to marry their equals, and women of quality disdain to marry them.
They closed the grave with a heavy stone until a slab was ready which Ambrosio said he meant to have prepared, with an epitaph which was to be to this effect: Beneath the stone before your eyes The body of a lover lies; In life he was a shepherd swain, In death a victim to disdain.
They collected further arms and munitions from Hewell Grange, but trying to recruit more people to their cause they were met with disdain; while the conspirators considered themselves to stand for "God and country", the men of Hewell Grange replied that they were for "King James as well as God and Country".
They had not long separated, when Miss Bingley came towards her, and with an expression of civil disdain accosted her:``So, Miss Eliza, I hear you are quite delighted with George Wickham!
This was in keeping with the lyric of the song, which expressed disdain for hypocrisy about food and shelter (""You say there's nothing you can do / Is there one rule for them and one for you?"").
Thus, self-deluding, and in bondage sore, And wearing out the wretched shred of life To which I am reduced by her disdain, I'll give this soul and body to the winds, All hopeless of a crown of bliss in store.
We had parted angrily on the last occasion; and there was an air of disdain about her, which she took no pains to conceal.
When Gordon's head was unwrapped at the Mahdi's feet, he ordered the head transfixed between the branches of a tree "…where all who passed it could look in disdain, children could throw stones at it and the hawks of the desert could sweep and circle above."
Who would not give free access to distrust, Seeing disdain unveiled, and--bitter change!-- All his suspicions turned to certainties, And the fair truth transformed into a lie?
`What, then,'said Vampa, raising his hand with a gesture of disdain, while Teresa, no longer able to restrain her alarm, clung closely to him,`do wolves rend each other?'
``If you believed it impossible to be true,''said Elizabeth, coloring with astonishment and disdain,``I wonder you took the trouble of coming so far.
“At other times, if a female stranger came among them, three or four of her own sex would get about her, and stare, and chatter, and grin, and smell her all over; and then turn off with gestures, that seemed to express contempt and disdain.” Perhaps my master might refine a little in these speculations, which he had drawn from what he observed himself, or had been told him by others; however, I could not reflect without some amazement, and much sorrow, that the rudiments of lewdness, coquetry, censure, and scandal, should have place by instinct in womankind.

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