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Vocabulary Word

Word: discriminate

Definition: distinguish; make distinctions on the basis of preference

Sentences Containing 'discriminate'

All under Heaven are my brothers; how can we discriminate among people because of distance?
Among the issues at stake were use of the power of eminent domain for private purposes; the reversion of public streets and land, such as public school property, to private ownership; the 25-year tax exemption granted by the contract; and the rights of the company to discriminate in selecting tenants.
An artist must be better qualified to succeed in this undertaking, who, besides a delicate taste and a quick apprehension, possesses an accurate knowledge of the internal fabric, the operations of the understanding, the workings of the passions, and the various species of sentiment which discriminate vice and virtue.
As a result, Coptic groups in the West began to push for the US Congress to include Egypt among nations that discriminate against Christians.
Aside from their ability to discriminate between different gases, adsorbents for PSA systems are usually very porous materials chosen because of their large surface areas.
Conversely, any document format that does not discriminate against market actors and that can be implemented across platforms should be encouraged.
Differences between the sexes should never be used to unilaterally discriminate except in cases when a task is subjectively contingent upon a person being of a certain sex.
Furthermore, as fossils do not preserve behavior or muscle, it can be difficult to discriminate between a poor flyer and a good glider.
He addressed the dissent by pointing out that not only the laws' legislative history, but both the district court and the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals clearly found that the legislature passed them to discriminate against the NAACP and to circumvent the U.S. Supreme Court's rulings.
However he supported Benito Mussolini, noting that Fascism did not discriminate on the basis of race or religion, as Nazism did, and that many Jews had joined the party.
However, Jacobs has also stated, "Sign's main problem was that the staff was too inexperienced to discriminate between which sightings to investigate thoroughly.
ICCI does not discriminate on any of these bases in admittance, employment, financial assistance, or any other policies, programs or areas of the college.
In 1838, it had already been ruled in the Cape Colony that the law was not to discriminate on the basis of race or colour.
In July 1947, the New York Supreme Court determined that the development was private and that, in the absence of laws to the contrary, the company could discriminate as it saw fit.
Infants now can no longer discriminate most nonnative sound contrasts that fall within the same sound category in their native language.
It found that the Stork Club did not discriminate against Josephine Baker.
It is remarkable concerning the operations of the mind, that, though most intimately present to us, yet, whenever they become the object of reflexion, they seem involved in obscurity; nor can the eye readily find those lines and boundaries, which discriminate and distinguish them.
Older children and adults lose the ability to discriminate some nonnative contrasts.
Powell said that such legislation would be used to discriminate against the indigenous population and that it would be like "throwing a match on to gunpowder."
PTDI does not discriminate, although there is a personal expense for FBI background checks, and local DOT fingerprinting when the candidate wants certain endorsements with their CDL.
She believed that women often would discriminate pauper's children on behalf of those they themselves had given birth to.
She was able to discriminate between initial and final consonants.
Telkom, as government-owned company, is required to comply with additional obligations such as provide telecommunication services and not to discriminate.
The argument for changing the law on succession can be stated simply: the law as it stands is considered to discriminate against women and Catholics.
The ISAR image is often adequate to discriminate between various missiles, military aircraft, and civilian aircraft. Monopulse radar 3-D imaging technique.
The Melding Plague is a nanotech virus that attacks anything that has nanotechnology present within it and does not discriminate between human and machine.
The union represented a wide range of workers in the textile industry, and did not discriminate on the basis of occupation or skill.
They could detect as few as a single adult specimen or 5 viable eggs, and were also able to discriminate live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs from dead bed bugs, cast skins, and feces, with a 95% correct positive indication rate, with only a 3% false positive rate on bed bug feces.
Using this information, de novo predictors can discriminate amongst decoys.

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