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Vocabulary Word

Word: discrete

Definition: separate; unconnected

Sentences Containing 'discrete'

A discrete, sometimes cutting or dark kind of humour is the second aspect of Djan Silveberg’s artistic approach.
According Gumm and Mendelson, there are "...four discrete color classes in darters; red, orange, yellow, blue/green."
Although discrete circuits can be altered (in principle), ICs cannot and are useless if the data are bad.
An example of this was the expulsion of Hopf's name from the discrete version of the Wiener–Hopf equations, which were frequently referred to as "Wiener filter".
Arena is a discrete event simulation and automation software developed by Systems Modeling and acquired by Rockwell Automation in 2000.
Before his formulation, the presence of electric charge was simply "inserted" into the equations of quantum mechanics (QM), but in 1931 Dirac showed that a discrete charge naturally "falls out" of QM.
Before the invention of the integrated circuit in 1959, electronic circuits were constructed from discrete components that could be manipulated by hand.
Boltzmann was also one of the founders of quantum mechanics due to his suggestion in 1877 that the energy levels of a physical system could be discrete.
By 1960, a discrete version of these equations was being extensively used in electrical engineering and geophysics, their use continuing until the present day.
Computer: A computer in a digital darkroom typically have a generous amount of RAM, often 4GB or more, coupled with discrete graphics and a powerful multicore processor.
Define formula_9 as the generalized sum of the observable formula_10 over the degrees of freedom of the single component (sum for discrete variables, integrals for continuous ones).
Electrical resistance in 40-nanometer-wide nanoribbons of epitaxially-applied graphene changes in discrete steps following quantum mechanical principles.
First generation VDSL standard specified both quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) and discrete multi-tone modulation (DMT).
For discrete-time dynamical systems the orbits are sequences, for real dynamical systems the orbits are curves and for holomorphic dynamical systems the orbits are Riemann surfaces.
Furthermore, the owner’s two contracts – the first with the architect and the second with the general contractor – sets up discrete teams of specialists.
Here we consider the semi-discrete scheme.
If so be that the Gods have deliberated in particular of those things that should happen unto me, I must stand to their deliberation, as discrete and wise.
In quantum theory, also operators with non-discrete spectrum are in use, such as the position operator formula_22 in quantum mechanics.
In the discrete time case, if the planning horizon formula_10 is finite, the problem can also be easily solved by dynamic programming.
In the general case, its spectrum will neither be entirely discrete nor entirely continuous.
Interpretation as the discrete Laplace operator.
It also has the added advantage that it can be implemented as either a "fully discrete" or "semi-discrete" scheme.
It contains short discrete fibers that are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented.
It gives us an important new insight into the nature of two-dimensional space and of the ways in which such space can be broken into discrete portions."
Markov chain simulation is typically faster but less accurate and flexible than detailed discrete event simulation.
Molonglo Reference Catalogue of Radio Sources (MRC) is an astronomical catalog containing 12 141 discrete sources from a 408-MHz survey with the Molonglo Radio Telescope.
Moreover, on computer-based systems, the number of simultaneously available recording tracks is limited by the sound card discrete analog or digital inputs.
Multitracking became possible with the idea of simultaneously recording different audio channels to separate discrete "tracks" on the same tape—a "track" was simply a different channel recorded to its own discrete area on tape whereby their relative sequence of recorded events would be preserved, and playback would be simultaneous or "synchronized."
On the other hand, the dual type allows both discrete orientations and fit across dimensions at the unit level but creates a misfit between organizational units.
Other treatments include auditory training, discrete trial training, facilitated communication, and sensory integration therapy.
Quantum systems can also have additional quantum numbers corresponding to discrete symmetries (such as parity conservation from reflection symmetry).
Religion (a conceptual domain which in Europe has only been considered a discrete entity since the Age of Enlightenment) is part of the concept of "dharma" within traditional Indian Civilization.
Several discrete stocks are likely present in the Southern Hemisphere as well.
Stateflow is generally used to specify the discrete controller in the model of a hybrid system where the continuous dynamics (i.e., the behavior of the plant and environment) are specified using Simulink.
Street theatre should be distinguished from other more formal outdoor theatrical performances, such as performances in a park or garden, where there is a discrete space set aside (or roped off) and a ticketed audience.
T. Sunada, Discrete geometric analysis, "Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics," (ed.
The error involved in discrete simulations has been quantified.
The graph in this example is constructed on a 2D discrete grid, with points on the grid connected to their eight neighbors.
The home is a large asymmetrical frame dwelling, built in three discrete sections over a long period of time.
The independence of these types of sexism in predicting human behavior indicates that the two are, in fact, discrete forms of bias on separate but related axes.
The Laplacian matrix can be interpreted as a matrix representation of a particular case of the negative discrete Laplace operator.
The Navier–Stokes equations are based on the assumption that the fluid, at the scale of interest, is a continuum, in other words is not made up of discrete particles but rather a continuous substance.
The term habitat fragmentation includes five discrete phenomena: Natural causes and effects.
The vibration energy of the lattice can take discrete values for every excitation.
Then in other works different variants of ICA were proposed for solving both discrete and continuous problems.
There also exist related fractional generalizations of similar transforms such as the discrete Fourier transform.
There are numerous taxonomies of processes, and, roughly speaking, they are divided into: continuous and discrete, stable and not stable, convergent or not convergent, cyclic and not cyclic, linear and not linear.
They were built in two discrete groups, the earlier "Belvoir" group designed by the Ailsa Shipbuilding Company and the subsequent (and slightly larger) "Aberdare" group designed by the Admiralty.
This reduces the problem of studying space form to studying discrete groups of isometries formula_20 of formula_10 which act properly discontinuously.
With a structure that defies definition, its coherence as a discrete form of dance lies only in its underlying ability to both impact and empower agents of change.

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