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Vocabulary Word

Word: discernible

Definition: distinguishable; perceivable; Ex. discernible improvement

Sentences Containing 'discernible'

A Misting who can only burn aluminum is known as an "Aluminum Gnat" as they gain no discernible effect from burning their metal. Duralumin (internal).
A Misting who can only burn duralumin is known as a "Duralumin Gnat" as they gain no discernible effect from burning their metal. God metals.
A sort of smile was discernible on the motionless lips of Noirtier.
According to its first issue, the magazine's purpose was to draw attention to Russell's belief that people of the time were "living 'in the last days' 'the day of the Lord'—'the end' of the Gospel age," and that "the dawn of the 'new' age, are facts not only discernible by the close student of the Word, led by the spirit, but the outward signs recognizable by the world bear the same testimony."
But strangest of all is the circumstance, that in more instances than one, when the body has been recovered, not a single mark of violence is discernible; the man being stark dead.
For nothing was this man more remarkable, than for a certain impersonal stolidity as it were; impersonal, I say; for it so shaded off into the surrounding infinite of things, that it seemed one with the general stolidity discernible in the whole visible world; which while pauselessly active in uncounted modes, still eternally holds its peace, and ignores you, though you dig foundations for cathedrals.
He placed the young girl again on the chair, her lips were scarcely discernible, they were so pale and white, as well as her whole face, and remained motionless, looking at Noirtier, who appeared to anticipate and commend all he did.
Indeed, his spout is so small that it is not very readily discernible.
Indices used to measure drought show considerable decadal-scale variability with no long-term trends discernible in any portion of the country.
It has a short head, thick trunk, and no easily discernible neck.
No crowd was about the door; no people were discernible at any of the many windows; not even a chance passerby was in the street.
On 17 January the ship reached a latitude of 76°27′S, where land was faintly discernible.
Still, in that famous work of his, Lavater not only treats of the various faces of men, but also attentively studies the faces of horses, birds, serpents, and fish; and dwells in detail upon the modifications of expression discernible therein.
The bank had aggressively reduced its portfolio of non-performing loans, and all discernible asset quality trends were positive, resulting in a favorable impact to the bottom line.
The basis might also be discernible from external sources such as media reports, so long as this is clear to an average reasonable person.
The house, which was discernible through the trees, remained in darkness, and gave no indication that so important an event as the signature of a marriage contract was going on.
The masque had no discernible success in swaying James's position.
The new element need not be entirely novel or unfamiliar to members of the unit, but it must involve some discernible change or challenge to the status quo (West Farr, 1990).
The whales had irregularly settled bodily down into the blue, thus giving no distantly discernible token of the movement, though from his closer vicinity Ahab had observed it.
This response, though faint, fleeting and hardly discernible in humans nonetheless clearly manifests itself.

More Vocab Words

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::: disaffected - disloyal; lacking loyality; V. disaffect: cause to lose affection or loyalty
::: militia - army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers
::: facile - easily accomplished; ready or fluent; superficial; not deep; Ex. facile solution to a complex problem; Ex. facile speaker; N. facility: ability to do something easily and well; ease in doing resulting from skill or aptitude; something that facilitates an action; amenity; Ex. with great facility
::: brackish - somewhat saline
::: dismantle - take apart; disassemble
::: slither - slip or slide
::: predilection - preference; partiality
::: juncture - crisis; point in time; joining point; joint; act of joining
::: solecism - nonstandard grammatical construction; construction that is flagrantly incorrect grammatically; violation of social etiquette