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Vocabulary Word

Word: disband

Definition: dissolve; disperse; (of a group) break up and separate; Ex. The club has disbanded.

Sentences Containing 'disband'

(Collier's action was in fact unnecessary; the Massachusetts Provisional Congress had in early August voted to disband forces recruited for Allan's expedition, because of the imminent threat posed by the army of General John Burgoyne in upstate New York.)
A few days later, the Suishin-kai announced that it would voluntarily disband, and most of its members are now affiliated with other groups.
Although the Bush administration expressed disapproval of the new agreement, the White House and United States Congress agreed that the Contras' aid would be cut off if the Nicaraguan rebels failed to disband.
AMW won the match and as a result XXX had to disband.
Archpriest Pavle Stamatović and Archimandrite Nikanor Gruijić were officiating...As soon as they (Austrian authorities) realized that the Congress turned against their plans, they became furious...and aimed to disband our Congress and arranged the bombing of Prague by General Alfred Windischgratz..."
As a result of Triple X's loss, the team had to disband forever.
As Tolkki held the rights to the name Stratovarius and all its royalties, it was his initial intention to completely disband Stratovarius.
At that time, the Southwest Conference (SWC) was preparing to disband, and the College Football Association, which had loosely controlled TV rights for all Division I-A (now FBS) conferences except the Big Ten and Pac-10, was disintegrating.
By 1981, however, each of the three members had progressed so far in his own artistic development that it was decided to disband the group.
Eight matches were featured on the event's card. The main event was a Six Sides of Steel cage match with a pre-match stipulation that the losing team would disband.
Established as manpower reserve to be utilized in times of strikes and union action to maintain the functionality of essential services and other state functions, other such units that existed then and has since been disband include the Post and Telegraph Signals (PTS) and the Ceylon Railway Engineer Corps (CREC).
Extra events occur if the player lasts past the Soviet Union's (and the game's own) time frame, such as American intervention in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or the ability to renegotiate a new Union treaty to form a confederation or disband the Soviet Union altogether in favor of a British-style commonwealth.
F4's long storyline rivalry with the Voodoo Murders stable built to a four-on-four match on February 7, 2010, where F4 was defeated and, as a result, forced to disband.
He persuaded those who would not follow him (between 200–300) to disband, while he and another officer led thirty men to join Cromwell.
He would later avert the conquest of Bismoll by an army of Computo replicas, with the assistance of the Legion Subs (this mission would cause Polar Boy to disband his group, and join the Legion proper).
However it was reported that the players were receiving money for playing, illegal at the time, and were forced to disband by the Sheffield FA.
However, on their later releases, the band turned towards electro pop sound, which, having proved unsuccessful, led them to disband.
In addition to Sir Barton, notable among the Ross stable of racehorses were: Financial reverses forced Jack Ross to disband his entire racing operations in 1927.
In administrative matters, the Chief of Defence has the authority to form or disband any unit below brigade level and to make any necessary reorganization to the command structure of the Defence Forces, unless such changes have wide impacts on the Finnish society, on the finances of the state or on the personnel of the Defence Forces.
In August 2004 it was announced that Van Schalkwyk would become a member of the ANC, and that the NNP would be disbanded in 2005 or 2006 at the latest. This decision was finalized on 9 April 2005, when the party's federal committee overwhelmingly endorsed its regional committees' recommendation to disband the party as soon as municipal election results were finalised.
In July 1955 the "Westdeutschen Fußballverband" decided to disband the league from 1956, but the German federation "DFB" outlawed this decision and the league continued its existence.
In late December Irish government representative Martin Mansergh held a meeting with McKevitt in Dundalk, in an attempt to convince McKevitt to disband the RIRA.
In the late 1960s, as part of a reorganization of the Canadian Army, it was decided to disband The Canadian Guards.
It also states that in the case of the couple's disband, the ex-partner has the right to keep close ties with their ex-partner's child.
Jenkins asked Appa Saheb to disband his growing concentration of troops and come to the residency, which he also refused to do.
Later in the episode, newly appointed authority figure Dusty Rhodes announced that the match was indeed scheduled, with the added stipulation that the losing team would have to disband and never team together again in TNA under any circumstances.
On December 21, 2007, a supreme court of North Ossetia has ordered the Voice of Beslan to disband.
Pocklington also insisted the province disband its pork marketing board, which fixed prices on pork at a rate higher than what the meat packers could sell it in the marketplace.
Sadly it has left us with only one course of action and that is to disband."
Some also view the collapse of the Soviet Union as an inevitable game result, as it is difficult to hold the country together past 1991, forcing the player to disband the USSR or face economic consequences that lead toward citizen revolt. One is doing well if any Republics remain in the Union by 2000.
The Avengers briefly disband when Skrulls impersonating Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man used their authority as founders of the team and disbanded it.
The British Resident Mountstuart Elphinstone also asked the Peshwa to disband his cavalry.
The match was announced on the November 19 episode of "Impact!" with the added stipulation that the losing team would have to disband forever.
The members had decided to disband: the cup was crafted from melted-down silver rupees which became available when the Club's funds were withdrawn from the bank.
The official Lu Jian (陸堅), believing that the expenses for maintaining Lizheng Institute were unjustified, planned to petition to disband it.
The RIRA also came under pressure from the Provisional IRA, when Provisional IRA members visited the homes of 60 people connected with the RIRA and ordered them to disband and stop interfering with Provisional IRA arms dumps.
The Wednesday board relented so the decision was taken to disband the Rovers.
Towards the end of 1917 the War Office decided to disband the home service divisions, and 73rd Division was progressively broken up between January and March 1918.
Two days after the album release and just after their 10-year anniversary, the group announced that they would disband following their final tour activities in May 2010.
When he was at peace, which he was very seldom, and never for any long time together, he was careful not to disband that army.
With the formation of a new state government, the Texas provincial governing committee was forced to disband.
With the team in disarray and Avengers Mansion ruined, the surviving members agreed to disband.

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