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Vocabulary Word

Word: dilute

Definition: make (a liquid) less concentrated; reduce in strength; Ex. dilute the influence of the president

Sentences Containing 'dilute'

A strip of copper and a strip of zinc are placed in a glass containing dilute sulphuric acid, a solution composed of oxygen, hydrogen, sulphur, and water.
As an example, the mystic Hildegard of Bingen wrote in the 12th century that the Frankish wine was stronger and set the blood so much in motion that it was necessary to dilute it with water, while the Hunnic wine was more watery by nature and therefore had not to be diluted.
Ay, the deep Walden Pond and cool Brister's Spring privilege to drink long and healthy draughts at these, all unimproved by these men but to dilute their glass.
Because regenerant chemicals are dilute when they encounter the bottom or fininshing resins in an ion excnange column, product quality is lower than a similarly sized counter-flow column.
Cellulose from the organosolv process is susceptible to enzymatic hydrolysis into glucose followed by fermentation to dilute ethanol.
Despite the fact that the region was suffering from a drought, of water were released from Shasta Lake, which was only half full, to dilute the pollution.
Diagnosis is also difficult in dogs with coats of dilute color because lack of pigment in the choroid of these animals can be confused with choroidal hypoplasia.
Dilution with a compatible, high boiling point diluent will usually increase the SADT since the peroxide is dilute and the diluent can absorb much of the heat minimizing the increase in temperature.
Emergency releases from Shasta Lake, often in the value of thousands of acre feet of water, have occurred from time to time to dilute massive acid spills from the Spring Creek drainage.
For general purposes, carbolic acid is one of the very best disinfectants, but must be used with caution, as it is a deadly poison except when very dilute.
Furthermore, many traditionalists did not like the idea of expansion, claiming it would dilute the talent in the league.
He has responded to fears that he would dilute the Met's artistic standards as he seeks a wider audience for the company.
His maneuvers to dilute/delay Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddi's legislation against the Devadasi system would end in failure.
However, for anything but the most dilute of real gases, it leads to increasingly wrong predictions of entropies and physical behaviours, by ignoring the interactions and correlations between different molecules.
If a clean glass rod is dipped into very dilute acid, such as acetic, sulphuric, or nitric acid, and then lightly touched to the tongue, it will taste sour.
If the lye is too concentrated, it will not only eat the grease, but will corrode the metal piping; it is easy, however, to dilute base solutions to such a degree that they will not affect piping, but will remove grease.
In 2011, the channel began to dilute its all-sport format to include adventure-themed reality programming such as "Ice Road Truckers" and "Black Gold", and a weekly feature-length movie or documentary, usually, but not limited to, a sporting theme.
In a dilute aqueous solution, potassium bromide tastes sweet, at higher concentrations it tastes bitter, and tastes salty when the concentration is even higher.
In combination, they dilute an enemy's forces and complicate defense of its territory.
In fact, Radam's medicine was a therapeutically useless (and in large quantities actively poisonous) dilute solution of sulfuric acid, coloured with a little red wine.
In the cases of chemical burns, one should not try to buffer the solution, but instead dilute it with copious flushing.
In the sirups there is a considerable quantity of sugar, while in some fruits it is present in more or less dilute form.
Invalidated a plan by the city of Tuskegee, Alabama to dilute black voting strength by redrawing city boundaries so as to move concentrations of black voters out of the city limits.
It is sometimes necessary to start crystallisation by adding a crystal of the desired salt. Von Braun distills the crude mixed alkaloids until the temperature rises to , benzoylates the distillate, extracts the tertiary bases by shaking an ethereal solution with dilute acid, pours the concentrated ethereal solution into light petroleum to precipitate most of the benzoyl-δ-aminobutyl propyl ketone formed by the action of benzoyl chloride on coniceine, distills the solvent from the filtrate and collects from the residue the fraction boiling at /, which is nearly pure benzoylconiine (bp.
Magnetic fusion confines a dilute plasma at about 1014 cm−3.
Magnetic fusion works to heat a dilute plasma (1014 ions per cm3) to high temperatures, around 20 keV (~200 million C).
Non-ideal behaviour can result from measurement errors ("e.g." a poorly calibrated electrode, an insufficient equilibration time before recording the electrode reading, drifts in ionic strength), sampling errors ("e.g." low data densities in the linear regions) or an incomplete chemical model ("e.g." the presence of titratable impurities such as carbonate in the base, or incomplete precipitation in potentiometric titrations of dilute solutions, for which Gran "et al."
Processes rendering water potable but not necessarily closer to being pure H2O / hydroxide + hydronium ions include use of dilute sodium hypochlorite, mixed-oxidants (electro-catalyzed H2O + NaCl), and iodine; See discussion regarding potable water treatments under "Health effects" below.
The hydrogen formed by the chemical action of the dilute sulphuric acid on the zinc moves toward the copper electrode, as in the simple voltaic cell.
The retained pigment of dilute horses, like cremellos, is not comparable to the retained pigment of amelanistic "albino" birds and reptiles.
The spores are smooth, roughly ellipsoid in shape, inequilateral when viewed in profile, and measure 7.6–10 by 3–3.4 μm. They appear hyaline (translucent) to yellowish in a dilute solution of KOH, and cinnamon to pale ochraceous when stained with Melzer's reagent.
The surface of the cap, when applied with a drop of dilute potassium hydroxide (KOH) or ammonia solution (chemical reagents commonly used for mushroom identification), will first turn a fleeting pink color, then dark red as the flesh collapses.
The toadlets were kept in very dilute solutions of ammonium nitrate of various strengths.
The vast spreading of chapters throughout the United States has served to dilute any Islamic identity.
Then a large, irregular zinc electrode is suspended from the top of the jar, and is completely covered with dilute sulphuric acid which does not mix with the copper sulphate, but floats on the top of it like oil on water.
Then, too, some other chemical, such as bichromate of potassium, or ammonium chloride, may be used instead of dilute sulphuric acid.
This method of construction places the tower within the air conditioned environment of the equipment building and provides protection from solar radiation and other weather effects which would dilute the inherent accuracy of the system.
This relationships holds best in the limiting case of a dilute solution.
Treatment of lactic acidosis in ruminants may involve intravenous administration of dilute sodium bicarbonate, oral administration of magnesium hydroxide, and/or repeated removal of rumen fluids and replacement with water (followed by reinoculation with rumen organisms, if necessary).
Vision problems are not associated with gray, dilute, or white coat colors in horses, and blue eyes in horses do not indicate poor vision.
When the cell consists of copper, zinc, and dilute sulphuric acid, the electromotive force has a definite value which is always the same no matter what the size or shape of the cell.
Whilst the Rouse model overestimates the decrease of the diffusion coefficient "D" with the number of beads "N" as "1/N", the Zimm model predicts "D~1/Nν" which is consistent with the experimental data for dilute polymer solutions.

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