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Vocabulary Word

Word: didactic

Definition: (of speech or writing) intended to teach a moral lesson; teaching; instructional; N. didacticism

Sentences Containing 'didactic'

About 180 AD the Greek author Oppian wrote the "Halieutica", a didactic poem about fishing.
All didactic activities take place within the 5,000 square meters of the building (in classrooms, laboratories, study-rooms, common areas, etc.).
Amanieu's second didactic work, the "Ensenhamen de la donsela" can be dated between 1291 and 1295 by a reference to James as King of Aragon and to the ongoing War of the Sicilian Vespers.
Didactic dohas of Jainas preach the need to raise the moral standard of life, lay stress on duties and obligations, charity etc., "Shavakadharmadoha" of Devasena of Dhar (9th century AD) and "Sanjama-manjari" of Maheshvarasuri belong to this kind.
He wrote two "ensenhamens" (didactic poems) and two "saluts d'amor" (love letters) that survive.
However, the critic objected to their "inkhorn" and "didactic" aspects, raising concern that the author's tendency to "reveal the conventions of her own narratives" echoed "pedantry".
Later, Ovid wrote the "Ars Amatoria," which describes in a mock-didactic form how to seduce women.
Maitland's other works include: Written for sale at a bazaar was "The Owl: a Didactic Poem.
Of his political writings, the "Della perfezione della vita politica" in dialogue form, written between 1572 and 1579, of somewhat didactic and academic tone, treats principally of the superiority of the active and contemplative life, a problem he decides in favour of the active life on account of its contributing more to the welfare of the Republic.
Robotino is a mobile robot system made by "Festo Didactic", and used for educational, training and research purposes.
Some prominent leaders who provided quintessential examples of such didactic sermons include Cotton Mather, John Davenport, and Jonathan Edwards.
Some units prefer new graduates who do not have experience in other units, so they may be trained in the specialty exclusively, while others prefer nurses with more experience already under their belt. Intensive-care nurses endure intensive didactic and clinical orientation, in addition to their general nursing knowledge, to provide highly specialized care for critical patients.
The director also told he was influenced by Bertolt Brecht's disapproval from his last picture, "Marriage in the Shadows", which the latter described as "utter kitsch", and wished to avoid making an overly didactic movie.
The influence of an especially eastern European variety of minimalism (more meditative and less didactic) is also apparent in the carefully worked out relationship between different degrees of sound and silence, the predominance of soft dynamics, and in the smallest details and changes in pitch, timbre and rhythm."
The repertoire of human experience and the richness of spiritual life, which can be compared with the repertoire of Biblical books and Greek myths, has no doctrinal ideas or didactic exemplifications.
The Tudor didactic poet Thomas Tusser settled at Katwade (now Cattiwade) and is believed to have written his most famous work "A Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie" at Braham Hall.
There is also a biography of Populist politician Ignatius Donnelly focusing on his speculations regarding Atlantis and like matters, and then a speculative chapter regarding future languages, essentially a didactic piece on language change with application to science fictional treatments of time-travel.
There was a tradition of composing stray verses in Doha metre, more popular in North India it was popularised through contributions made by the Jainas, the Brahmins and the Muslims as is seen in epic, rasa and didactic type of literature.
There was also an anonymous didactic poem titled "The Miser" (London 1831).
To this didactic and descriptive category belong his best poems, "Trost-Gedichte in Widerwãrtigkeit des Krieges" (written 1621, but not published until 1633); "Zlatna, oder von der Ruhe des Gemüths" (1622); "Lob des Feldlebens" (1623); "Vielgut, oder vom wahren Glück" (1629), and "Vesuvius" (1633).
Yalan-Shteklis' work is permeated with positive educational values but avoids the trap of didactic preaching.

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