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Vocabulary Word

Word: devious

Definition: roundabout; erratic; deviating from the straight course; not straightforward; not completely honest; Ex. devious route

Sentences Containing 'devious'

As an overladen Indiaman bearing down the Hindostan coast with a deck load of frightened horses, careens, buries, rolls, and wallows on her way; so did this old whale heave his aged bulk, and now and then partly turning over on his cumbrous rib-ends, expose the cause of his devious wake in the unnatural stump of his starboard fin.
Both emphasise that Richard was devious and flattering, while planning the downfall of both his enemies and supposed friends.
But he should not be underestimated: when he really wants to, Dexter can be very devious.
Deviot (whose name was based on the term 'devious') was a treacherous robotic alien who sought the power of Scorpius' cocoon.
He is a bright green coral snake, with a devious and sharp mind.
He is intelligent and streetwise enough to disperse situations that his role as minder often lands himself - and Arthur or those around him - in, although at the same time is seen not to be strong willed enough to break free of Arthur's often devious ways of keeping their working relationship in place.
Her devious father, who shows little remorse at the death of his son and Anne's impending death, is allowed to go free but banished from court and is shown leaving the Tower without even acknowledging his daughter waving from her cell window.
However, in actuality she is a cruel and devious lunatic, seemingly intent on torturing her colleagues with her capricious demands and outrageous behaviour.
In a devious plot to use Leo for the Lights, Furio and Trakeena managed to trick Leo into believing that his brother had returned.
It is later mentioned in the same movie that Cassidy comes from a long line of black widows (a reference to Kathryn and her just as devious mother).
It was the devious-cruising Rachel, that in her retracing search after her missing children, only found another orphan.
Morrissey was described by the judge as "devious, truculent and unreliable".
She is still as devious, even threatening the vice-principal to do whatever she wants, otherwise she will go to the School Board and tell them he seduced her last summer when actually it is she who seduced him.
So that Monsoons, Pampas, Nor'-Westers, Harmattans, Trades; any wind but the Levanter and Simoon, might blow Moby Dick into the devious zig-zag world-circle of the Pequod's circumnavigating wake.
The Commissioners found that Hamilton had been over-optimistic from the beginning and had added to Stopford's difficulties on 8 August 1915; but he emerged from the investigation more favourably than perhaps was justified, partly because he made devious attempts to gain collusion from witnesses and obtain leaks from the Commission's deliberations; Hamilton was never given another army appointment.
The team developed the game's puzzles by first assuming the player was their "worst enemy", and made puzzles as devious as possible, but then scaled back their difficulty or added visual and audible aids as if the player was a friend.
They are highly intelligent but devious and selfish.

More Vocab Words

::: effective - effectual; producing a strong response; striking; in operation; in effect; Ex. effective speech/photograph
::: sumptuous - grand suggesting great expense; lavish; rich; Ex. sumptuous feast
::: awful - terrible; very bad
::: bristle - short stiff hair; V: (hair or fur) stand up stiffly
::: scavenge - hunt through discarded materials for usable items or food; search, especially for food; N. scavenger: one who scavenges; animal that feeds on refuse and carrion
::: contraband - illegal trade; smuggling; smuggled goods; ADJ.
::: dribble - flow or fall in drops; let saliva flow out slowly from the mouth; move a ball; N.
::: grovel - crawl or creep on ground; remain prostrate; behave in a servile manner
::: agrarian - pertaining to land or its cultivation; Ex. agrarian reform
::: boorish - rude; insensitive