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Vocabulary Word

Word: deviate

Definition: turn away from (a principle, norm); move away from an accepted standard; swerve; depart; diverge; N. deviation; Ex. deviation of the path of light by a prism

Sentences Containing 'deviate'

A lens made of ice would not deviate the rays of light so much as a lens of similar shape composed of glass.
Beauchamp wished to go in alone, but Albert observed that as this was an unusual circumstance he might be allowed to deviate from the usual etiquette in affairs of honor.
When a race of plants is once pretty well established, the seed-raisers do not pick out the best plants, but merely go over their seed-beds, and pull up the "rogues," as they call the plants that deviate from the proper standard.
Mr. Dallas has endeavoured to give the explanations of the terms in as popular a form as possible.) ABERRANT.--Forms or groups of animals or plants which deviate in important characters from their nearest allies, so as not to be easily included in the same group with them, are said to be aberrant.

More Vocab Words

::: pulchritude - beauty; comeliness; ADJ. pulchritudinous
::: virile - manly; having masculine spirit or strength; full of strength
::: retract - withdraw; take back; draw back; Ex. retract a statement/an offer/claws; N. retraction; CF. retractile
::: incipient - beginning; in an early stage
::: acclimate - adjust to climate or environment; adapt
::: seemly - (of behavior) proper; appropriate
::: imprecation - curse; swearword
::: indict - charge; N. indictment
::: thematic - of a theme; relating to a unifying motif or idea
::: accomplice - partner in crime