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Vocabulary Word

Word: detrimental

Definition: harmful; damaging; N. detriment

Sentences Containing 'detrimental'

According to James Rieley, the American banker, structures in companies and organizations (both explicit and implicit policies and procedures, stated goals, and mental models) drive behaviors that are detrimental to long-term organizational success and stifle competition.
According to Stoessinger, George W. Bush made the transition from pragmatist to crusader during his terms as President, developing misperceptions of himself in the process that have proven detrimental to finding peace in the Middle East. The second level is misperceptions of the adversary.
After MI, the myocardium suffers from reperfusion injury which leads to death of cardiomyocytes and detrimental remodelling of the heart, consequently reducing proper cardiac function.
Also, because this species needs clear water to feed, siltation and pollution that increase turbidity are detrimental to it.
Although schwannomas are benign they become detrimental when the growing tumor compresses the nerve.
As Glacier Northwest claims that the usage of barges is not detrimental to the environment, those against the mine expansion, especially those from Preserve Our Island, disagree.
By September 2, the Committee gathered more than fifty striking factories, including, among others, such companies, as: Their demands included abolition of the four-shift work system in the mining industry as "detrimental to the family" and the introduction of Saturdays and Sundays off.
Creosote is a type of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, which is detrimental to many types of marine life, and the removal of the old dock might leave some creosote residue behind.
Day and night bombing and the destruction of trees is highly detrimental to bird-life.
De Witt considered Princes and Potentates as such, as detrimental to the public good, because of their inherent tendency to waste tax payer's money on military adventures in search of glory and useless territorial aggrandizement.
Due to the suspension of Leo Durocher for a year for "conduct detrimental to baseball", coach Clyde Sukeforth managed the first 2 games of the season on an emergency basis, but declined to manage for the full season, so Burt Shotton took over as manager for the rest of the season.
Even if it was on utilitarian grounds, Steiner felt that the Commissar Order was to be ignored, as detrimental to good order and discipline.
Even something like the Black Musk Deer, although it is only endangered, its lack of species numbers has a detrimental effect on the environment in which it lives and the food web in which it participates in.
Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film two and a half stars out of four, praising the atmospheric locations and melodramatic scope but lamenting CGI effects that he regarded as detrimental. Peter Travers of "Rolling Stone" assigned the film one and a half stars out of four, concluding that ""The Wolfman" bites, but not — I think — in the way the filmmakers intended."
For the students that defended the professor’s innocence, “racism was defined as an act of intentional maliciousness.” Yet for African-American’s, racism was broadened to a detrimental influence on “the substantive dynamics of the classroom”.
He was later to say that his training was detrimental to his faith.
His presidential address of 1927 was critical of modern consumerism and mass production, and Tapper cited the absence of a "national virtue of dignity" as detrimental to architectural greatness.
However, Aderca was also inclined to question the absolute validity of synchronistic tenets: suggesting that the pursuit of innovation as a goal in itself could prove equally detrimental on a writer's originality, he equated such imperatives with another sort of public command in the realm of literature.
However, excessive amounts of nutrients, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, are detrimental to aquatic ecosystems.
However, on March 8, 2012, the Philippine Patriots fired him due to "repeated misconduct and acts detrimental to the team and to the league."
However, removing these lizards from South Maury Island could be detrimental. The full effects of their absence on the island are unknown, but it is speculated that the insect populations that they feed on could rise without their natural predator, the effects of which could be anywhere from being a nuisance to destroying local flora.
In 2008, Velilla Power Plant was equipped with filters, so now more than 95% of the detrimental sulfur dioxide are filtered out from smoke.
In announcing this decision to the school community, the head of school noted that there were long-standing concerns about the detrimental effect of elevating a select few students above others in a ceremony with clear winners and losers, and how the practice stood in contrast to Friends' beliefs in honoring every person.
In the 14th and 15th centuries in Haut Médoc, the vine was planted inside rather than at the edge of the estuary to avoid detrimental effects caused by humidity from the river and fog, which can decay and decimate the vineyards.
It has been associated with detrimental enzyme activity within the cornea, and is more common in patients with Down syndrome.
Masser and Abrams (2004) highlighted that fact that previous research has shown that benevolent sexism can have detrimental effects on a woman's performance evaluation if that woman violates social norms associated with certain sexist attitudes.
Not all inherited variants of haemoglobin are detrimental, a concept known as genetic polymorphism.
One group of electronics is collected for recycling, while the other is disposal. After this, the products that are disposal mainly are put into landfills, and the rest of electronics that were collected for recycling are either refurbished, reused, or used for material. Hans Tammemagi, the author of "The Waste Crisis", talks about the detrimental effect the waste has on the environment.
Other concerns arise from the possibility of data leaking from the providers of school meals to interest groups that provide health services such as the NHS and insurance groups that may end up having a detrimental effect on the ability of individuals to enjoy equality of access to services.
Recombination between electrons and holes is detrimental in a solar cell, so designers try to minimize it.
Removal or damage to the riparian zones are known to be detrimental to population counts.
Repeated application of liquid hog manure in excess to crop needs can have detrimental effects on soil P status.
Several studies have shown that IVF patients with untreated hydrosalpinx have lower conception rates than controls and it has been speculated that the tubal fluid that enters the endometrial cavity alters the local environment or affects the embryo in a detrimental way.
Shaver claimed that all the world's accidents and disasters were caused by an ancient race of "detrimental robots" who lived in underground cities.
The burning of the shrubs leads to habitat loss of many species and can be very detrimental to the ecosystem as a whole.
The disposure of all this electronic waste has a detrimental effect on the environment, as well as the global economy.
The fact that people prefer good lives that end abruptly before they can decline - known as the James Dean Effect - implies that endeavors to indefinitely prolong life are at best unnecessary and at worst acutely detrimental. This suggests that facilities that specifically facilitate extreme longevity, such as old age homes, can unknowingly serve to reduce perceived quality of life.
The Maricao Commonwealth Forest is a protected area but certain activities may be detrimental to the species, such as trail maintenance and selective thinning of the forest. One population was destroyed in 1995 when a road was built in the area.
The pros claimed that this benefited the ABA since it meant an exciting finish to the season, but it was detrimental to the pros in that a season of consistent wins and near wins could be undone by having an off day and/or a normally inconsistent rider having a great day and capturing the number one plate.
The results suggest that racism can be detrimental to African American's well being.
The use of voluntary European peoples as labor also proved unsustainably expensive and detrimental to domestic labor and competitiveness.
They claim that the physical effects of the barge itself, and the side-effects of its loading procedures, can be detrimental to the near shore environment.
This is detrimental to women because the exclusion of non-market and care work from mainstream economic analysis can marginalize women and children and undervalue their contributions to the home and the community.
This will have detrimental effects on the whole river ecosystem, particularly the turtles, fish and migratory birds.
Those who are not very well-versed in investments also stand to benefit, because it no longer becomes necessary to monitor every single change in the economy that have a detrimental effect to the expected return of the bond.
To acquire a better reputation, the regime considered it detrimental to continue with the civil war policy of murdering religious believers without trials or plausible accusations.
To be considered effective, an ultra-low fouling surface must be able repel and withstand the accumulation of detrimental aggregates down to less than 5 ng/cm2.
Transfection with HGF plasmids in damaged cardiac tissue also promotes angiogenesis (increased capillary density compared to control subjects), as well as decreasing detrimental remodelling of the tissue at the site of injury (decreased fibrotic deposition).
Until then, the conception of the common good prevailed: while royal authority was fully respected, if an instruction from the crown of Spain was considered detrimental to the common good of the local population, it was half-met or simply ignored.
While surfactants are useful in prolonging the settling rate in ferrofluids, they also prove detrimental to the fluid's magnetic properties (specifically, the fluid's magnetic saturation).

More Vocab Words

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::: voluminous - having great volume (as of a garment or container); bulky; large
::: orator - public speaker
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