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Vocabulary Word

Word: detonation

Definition: explosion

Sentences Containing 'detonation'

As a result Elsie-Dee eventually finds a way to defuse her detonation sequence.
As he chases Catgirl away from her robbery of the venue, the Riddler is rocked by a bomb detonation, the trauma re-awakening his psychosis.
At 10:43 AM the bridge was reached and was found to not be wired for detonation.
Both teams must satisfy the conditions, such as defusing the bomb, or successful planting and detonation, or achieving an amount of kills.
Currently, Masters and Ph.D. students perform research in the fields of high-speed gas dynamics, propulsion (including Pulse detonation engines), and Computational fluid dynamics among other projects related to aerodynamics.
Detonation is either by proximity or contact fuse.
Detonation is produced by exploding a shaped charge surrounding the sphere, increasing the density (and collapsing the cavity, if present) to produce a prompt critical configuration.
Fearing that the detonation had been premature, Sands remained deep for over an hour.
In guerrilla warfare, a great number of casualties are caused by mines and other destructive devices that are triggered by some mechanical interaction between a person and the detonation mechanism of the device.
In one minefield in England, detonating one mine resulted in a sympathetic detonation of 80 others.
In September 1881, they determined that the explosion was caused by the detonation of coal gas in the bunkers, and that no crew members were at fault. On 21 November 1881, an explosion occurred in , caused by a drying compound called "xerotine siccative", also called a patent drier.
In this game the plot of "Orguss" plays a central role, as it is the detonation of the Space-Time Oscillation Bomb (an event dubbed "Break the World") that unites the heroes, villains, and locales from the various anime featured in the game.
It further establishes that all land belongs to the state, and prohibits the storage and detonation of nuclear products.
It has a steel exterior that is notched to facilitate fragmentation upon detonation and to prevent hands from slipping.
Kamal grabs the detonation checklist and Laila and drives back to the bomb to detonate it manually by himself.
No warnings had been given before the bombs went off; they had been so well constructed that one hundred per cent of each bomb exploded upon detonation.
On detonation it produces approximately 1,950 fragments.
On Sunday at 12.30 a.m. in the apartment of Professor Olga Milčinović, Nikola Rupčić which given the task from Anton Biber, - raised the phone, dialed preferred number and with that activated the detonation.
Soon after, Kirk prevents an accidental nuclear detonation from erupting into full-scale nuclear war.
Spaced armor and slat armor are also designed to defend against HEAT rounds, protecting the vehicle by causing a premature detonation of the explosive at a relatively safe distance away from the main armor of the vehicle.
Stepping on the wire would pull out the safety ring and start the detonation sequence of the grenade.
The attacks began with the detonation of an explosive device attached to a bus carrying students from Sardar Bahadur Khan Women's University.
The bomb was placed inside and, upon detonation, destroyed the entire base.
The first detonation of a nuclear device by the Manhattan Project at Trinity Site was observed by Herbert Lee Traylor, the forest ranger on duty at the Ruidoso Lookout tower at the time of the explosion.
The stream moves at hypersonic speeds (up to 25 times the speed of sound) in solid material and therefore erodes exclusively in the contact area of jet and armor material. The correct detonation point of the warhead and spacing is critical for optimum penetration, for two reasons: The key to the effectiveness of a HEAT round is the diameter of the warhead.
The tunnel can be modified to accommodate a detonation driver using a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and helium.
This led the BdU to order all G7e/T2 torpedoes be fired only for contact detonation.
This warhead type uses the interaction of the detonation wave(s), and to a lesser extent the propulsive effect of the detonation products, to deform a dish/plate of metal (iron, tantalum, etc.) into a slug-shaped projectile of low length to diameter ratio (L to D) and project this towards the target at around two kilometres per second.
To produce detonation, the uranium is brought together rapidly.
Until detonation is desired, a nuclear weapon must be kept subcritical. In the case of a uranium bomb, this can be achieved by keeping the fuel in a number of separate pieces, each below the critical size either because they are too small or unfavorably shaped.
We had some detonation problems, and a few other dramas, the team has been great.
What gave the pursuing three drivers hope was continuing cylinder detonation issues with the kart that might bring McIlveen undone.
When Robert miraculously returns to Vatican City after the Antimatter Detonation, she is overjoyed and they kiss passionately.
__NOTOC__ Jack W. Aeby (; born August 16, 1923) is an American environmental physicist most famous for having taken the only well-exposed color photograph of the first detonation of a nuclear weapon on July 16, 1945 at the Trinity nuclear test site in New Mexico. While color motion pictures of the Trinity test were made, most were badly overexposed or damaged due to the fireball's tendency to blister and solarize the film.

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