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Vocabulary Word

Word: derogatory

Definition: expressing a low opinion; disparaging; V. derogate: detract; disparage

Sentences Containing 'derogatory'

"cow village", somewhat derogatory) and "Kleinkleckersdorf" (lit.
"Infantryman Tin-Can-Cabbage / Beat-Me-Up") as a derogatory placeholder for the name of a (poorly-performing) recruit.
"Marica" (faggot) is a placeholder name popular in the Caribbean Region, although it is derogatory.
"Maricón" (faggot), is used to call the attention of someone you know, but it can also be used in a derogatory tone.
A complaint supported by a caste group backed by a Samajwadi Party MP about the use of the name of a community "teli" in the song "Dhan Te Nan"which was considered derogatory to the Teli communitywas filed with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
According to Houbraken he was a painter from the Hague who travelled to Rome and joined the Bentvueghels who awarded him the derogatory nickname "Aap" (Ape).
An FBI investigation produced no evidence to support the "New York Post"'s specific charges against the Senator, though it accumulated much "derogatory information" in its files.
Another also well known derogatory placeholder name for a village or city is "Kalabybiškis" ("Chiseled Penis village").
Because of that it was commonly referred to by a variety of derogatory names.
Both "sty" and "pigpen" are used as derogatory descriptions of dirty, messy areas.
British MPs described the comments as "ignorant, derogatory and racist" and called on the BBC to say it was sorry.
But the Chinese media has still given them the derogatory name, "sheng nu" or leftover women.
Chris Berman referred to the game as the "Superchargers" versus the "Yucs" – a derogatory nickname that had stemmed from the Bucs many years of futility.
Extramarital affairs were portrayed as a derogatory lifestyle, and pre-marital sex was immoral. Homosexuality was illegal and would be punished under the statutes for hooliganism.
He described the emails as "explicit, derogatory, demeaning and repugnant," and suggested that the alleged conduct was even worse than the "Skype scandal" of 2011.
Her father still refuses and makes further derogatory comments about Indians and her mother and this is when Sonia reveals the truth – that her mother was diagnosed with a contagious disease and so made the sacrifice to leave the two of them and die alone in India, so that they would not get sick.
His protest received the support of Amy Ashwood Garvey, who became a close friend, while Solanke began studying British papers for other derogatory reports.
However, "Indians" ("indios", "índios") is often used too, even by indigenous peoples themselves, since this expression is not seen as derogatory.
In the pilot episode, surgeon Dr. Mark Craig (William Daniels' character) informs his colleagues that the local Boston media have bestowed the derogatory nickname upon St.
In the same vein, Job Jaffré, under his pseudonym "Tug", published a denunciation of the bombings committed by the forces of "youtre-Atlantique", a wordplay on ""outre-Atlantique"" ("over the Atlantic") and ""youtre"", a derogatory term for "Jew" (April 1943, No.
It is not considered derogatory in Canada, although other nationalities may use the word as an affectionate or derogatory term.
It is often used in derogatory fashion to indicate a tiny and remote village (compare US English Hicksville).
Old wives' tale is a derogatory epithet used to indicate that a supposed truth is actually a superstition or something untrue, to be ridiculed.
On August 2, 2006, Al-Bayan published an op-ed comparing "Zionism and Arabism," in which it made derogatory statements and asked, "are they (i.e. the Zionists) part of humanity?"
One example of such propaganda was the derogatory language used for referring to non-Serbs such as mujahideen, Ustaša or Green Berets.
Placeholder names in the Spanish language might have a pejorative or derogatory feeling to them, depending on the context.
Probably the best known derogatory placeholder name for a village or a rural town is "Bezdonys" (an actually existing village).
Recently, the use of the term "Ypsitucky" has come under increased scrutiny due to its historically derogatory connotation.
She also spoke in derogatory terms of those individuals with XY chromosomes who also underwent male to female gender reassignment, saying "The people who have followed me have often been those with male chromosomes, XY.
She is a tough talking, no-nonsense woman (as displayed by her reactions to being called the term "doll," which she finds to be derogatory and highly offensive) who is extremely independent and self-reliant.
Some Native Americans consider the word "squaw" offensive, derogatory, or racist, although there is some controversy on the topic.
Sonia’s father makes derogatory comments Indians and about Tony not joining them, but Sonia defends Tony and tells her father of his sacrifice.
The derogatory term 'kike' was adopted when referring to Jews (because they often could not write so they may have signed their immigration papers with circles - or kikel in Yiddish).
The general secretary of Shiv Sena Chitrapat has objected to Pandey's skin showing in the advertisements, saying,"We find the poster highly vulgar and derogatory and won't allow such hoardings."
The generic name for a village or a remote small town is "Pipidówka", or its more derogatory version "Pipidówa".
The name "Adirondacks" is an Anglicized version of the Mohawk "ratirontaks", meaning "they eat trees", a derogatory name which the Mohawk historically applied to the Algonquian-speaking tribes of the Adirondack Mountains; when food was scarce, the Algonquians would eat the buds and bark of trees.
The nickname 'whato muno' is used in Beira as a derogatory term for the inhabitants of the Grande Hotel.
The primary reason that "Eskimo" is considered derogatory is the questionable but widespread perception that in Algonkian languages it means "eaters of raw meat."
The term "Eskimo" was once common, but is now sometimes perceived as derogatory, especially in Canada.
The term "shoegazing", which was considered derogatory, was coined by "Sounds" journalists in the late 1980s to describe certain bands' "motionless performing style, where they stood on stage and stared at the floor".
The term is also less favored among some Canadian Indians; the French equivalent "indigène" has historically been used in a derogatory sense toward them.
The term was sometimes used in a derogatory sense and some were accused of usury.
The word "Geier" more recently has evolved as a "derogatory term for persons from the Middle East." A significant number of African American people with the surname Geier are found in Washington D.C. and across the Southern States, the European antecedents of which are unknown.
The word and related terms have been defined as derogatory by indigenous people and are not widely used.
There is also "Krethi und Plethi" or "Hinz und Kunz" for everybody similar to the English "Tom, Dick and Harry" if not in a slightly more derogatory way.
They also alleged that some posters of the movie were derogatory.
They consider use by non-natives to be derogatory.
They had nicknames and facial expressions to describe their fellow Housemates amongst one another, mostly used in a derogatory way.
To have imposed any derogatory work upon him, would have been to inflict a wanton insult on the feelings of a most respectable man.
Under Queen Victoria's 1847 statutes a member "convicted of treason, cowardice, felony, or any infamous crime derogatory to his honour as a knight or gentleman, or accused and does not submit to trial in a reasonable time, shall be degraded from the Order by a special ordinance signed by the sovereign".
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