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Vocabulary Word

Word: derivation

Definition: deriving; origin or source of something; Ex. the derivation of the word

Sentences Containing 'derivation'

"...Chi Tu is a derivation nation of Funan, located in within the southern sea, sailing hundred days to reach, the majority terrain was red, thus named Red Earth Kingdom (Chi means red, Tu means earth).
A derivation from "*weid-" "know" or "see" is attested as "the reconstructed etymon "wid-tor" ["one who knows"] (compare to English "wit") a suffixed zero-grade form of the PIE root "*weid-" 'see' and so is related to Greek "eidénai", to know".
A few notable place names – such as a few major hydronyms Päijänne, Saimaa, Imatra and Keitele which are thought to be among the oldest toponyms – still lack a sound derivation from existing languages despite of different approaches.
Another possible derivation is from the English word "apparition", meaning "a supernatural appearance of a person or thing; anything that appears, especially something remarkable or startling; an act of appearing", which comes from the Latin ""apparitio"", meaning attendance.
Another, Old English, derivation is from the Old English word "deor", meaning "dear", and, of course, "mann", meaning "man": thus, Dear Man. Notable people with the surname include:
Any visitor to the summit of the Lairig Ghru would accept that as a possible derivation because two watercourses, one on each side of the summit, appear to "ooze" from the valley floor.
But I do not approve of this derivation, which seems to be a little strained.
Derivation of the Navier–Stokes equations
Despite the derivation of the name, Achaemenes was himself a minor 7th-century ruler of the Anshan (Ansham or Anšān) located in southwestern Iran.
He suggests the "probable" derivation as from "Drùdhadh" meaning oozing.
However, German Turkologist Gerhard Doerfer assessed the derivation from Iranian as superficially attractive but quite uncertain, and pointed out the possibility that the word may be genuinely Turkic.
However, Gordon is much less certain about the derivation of the name, writing: The weight of suggestion is - therefore - that "Lairig Ghru" is certainly "the hill pass" (of something) and that "something" is probably related to the water flowing from the floor of the valley close to the summit.
However, it must be used with care: this derivation is only for a uniform quantizer applied to a uniform source.
In the U.S., this is often called "Scotch Snuff", a folk-etymology derivation of the scorching process used to dry the cured tobacco by the factory.
Its radicals had natural appearance, without much deformation, but the derivation was not natural, as it was possible to radically change the appearance of word; however, word families were formed regularly.
Kaivalya (कैवल्य), is the ultimate goal of yoga and means "solitude" or "detachment" (a "vrddhi"-derivation from "kevala" "alone, isolated").
Lutèce is the French derivation of Lutetia, the ancient Roman name for the settlement which later became Paris.
New words can also be coined by derivation from other established words, such as the verbification of nouns by the adding of the suffix "-a", as in "bil" ("car") and "bila" ("travel (recreationally) by car").
Note that when gases are used, their derivation is much more involved.
Objections to the usage of "Indian" and "American Indian" include the fact that "Indian" arose from an historical error, and thus does not accurately reflect the derivation of the people to whom it refers; and some feel that the term has absorbed negative and demeaning connotations through its historical usage that render it objectionable in context.
Older discredited explanations include derivation from the hypothetical common noun "*kočevje" 'nomadic settlement' and Slovene "koča" 'shack'.
On May 22, 1271, Bertrando de Real, the magister of Malta, was instructed to keep a note of the names and surnames of those who transported the falcons to the royal court from Malta, Martinus Calleya was a witness and Leo Caleya is among those included in the list. Of note, the persons on the 1271 document belonged to the wealthy class and did not include any serfs or peasants, nor any surnames of Arabic derivation.
Rudimentary organs may be compared with the letters in a word, still retained in the spelling, but become useless in the pronunciation, but which serve as a clue for its derivation.
Saturated absorption spectroscopy, also known as Doppler-free spectroscopy, can be used to find the true frequency of an atomic transition without cooling a sample down to temperatures at which the Doppler broadening is minimal. Derivation.
Sensorless control requires derivation of rotor speed information from measured stator voltage and currents in combination with open-loop estimators or closed-loop observers.
Specific personality style theories that might be useful include Costa and McCrae's NEO PI-R personality inventory, Holland's person-environment matching theory, Isabel Briggs Myers' personality type theory, Oldham and Morris' derivation of personality styles from DSM personality disorders, and Ivey's reconceptualization of the DSM personality disorders as a continuum of personality styles.
The derivation comes from Hebrews 6:19, in which 'hope' is described as the anchor of our lives.
The derivation of the Navier-Stokes equation involves the consideration of forces acting on fluid elements, so that a quantity called the stress tensor appears naturally in the Cauchy momentum equation.
The intent of this article is to highlight the important points of the derivation of the Navier–Stokes equations as well as the application and formulation for different families of fluids.
The lyrics up to this point (most of them written by Peart) were heavily influenced by classical poetry, fantasy literature, science fiction, and the writings of novelist Ayn Rand, as exhibited most prominently by their 1975 song "Anthem" from "Fly By Night" and a specifically acknowledged derivation in "2112" (1976).
The most common theory on the origin of the name is as a derivation of the French word "jardin", meaning garden: most streets and canals in the Jordaan are named after trees and flowers.
The name is believed to be a "karmadhāraya" compound of two Proto-Celtic roots: the first, "*tolisto-", is of uncertain meaning, but perhaps related to Old Irish "tol" "will, desire"; Rübekeil conjectures it to be an adjectival derivation from a Celtic root "*tel-" in an archaic and not well-attested formation of the superlative, and tentatively translates the name as "the most enduring, hardest".
The name Meanwood goes back to the 12th century, and is of Anglo-Saxon derivation: the "Meene wude" was the boundary wood of the Manor of Alreton, the woods to the east of Meanwood Beck.
The placeholder suffix was originally devised as a catch-all derivation affix.
The U.S. state of Montana has 85 different locales that bear that name or a derivation . The U.S. state of Idaho has 92 natural and man-made areas that incorporate Sheep Creek into their names.
The verb "coisar" (formed by a derivation of "coisa", "thing", with a verbal suffix), though inexistant in dictionaries, is often used to replace any verb that express actions (as opposed to verbs that describe states).
There is a tradition in the West Highlands that the surname borne there is derived from the Gaelic "Dath riabhach", which is said to be a short form of "Mac 'Ille riabhach"; although etymologist George Fraser Black thought such a derivation doubtful.
This article deals primarily with the historical development of the idea; a treatment of the mathematical description and derivation can be found in the article on action.
When I asked him if he could do without money, he showed the convenience of money in such a way as to suggest and coincide with the most philosophical accounts of the origin of this institution, and the very derivation of the word pecunia.

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