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Vocabulary Word

Word: deposition

Definition: testimony under oath; deposing; dethroning

Sentences Containing 'deposition'

A magnates' uprising led by John led to Erik's deposition and the kingship of John, followed by the regency of John's son Sigismund.
A rumor that Martina had him poisoned led first to the imposition of Constans II as co-emperor and then to the deposition, mutilation, and banishment of Martina and her sons.
After exfoliation the flakes are deposited on a silicon wafer using "dry deposition".
After his deposition in 1471, Dionysius moved to the monastery of Eikosifinissa in Drama.
At the University of Leipzig, the deposition was prohibited by 1719, because of the excesses of the students.
At the University of Leipzig, the tools used in the deposition ritual are still preserved and kept in the art collection.
Atmospheric deposition, furthermore, accounts for only a part of the mercury loading, much of it coming from natural geological deposits.
By controlling the geometry of the meniscus through hold time and deposition speed, various inks and biomolecules could be patterned on a surface, with sub 100 nm resolution.
Calcinosis (deposition of calcium in lumps under the skin) is also common in systemic scleroderma, and is often seen near the elbows, knees or other joints.
Chalcogenide cemical vapour deposition is a proposed technology for depositing thin films of chalcogenides, i.e. materials derived from sulfides, selenides, and tellurides.
Conformal films may be deposited by thin-film deposition methods, such as plating, chemical vapor deposition or atomic layer deposition.
Conspiratorial coalitions became particularly active during the Committee of Union and Progress era (1889-1918), when they planned the deposition of the Sultan.
Deposition of sediments and the worsening of water quality due to the influx of wastewater are among the problems facing these wetlands.
Deposition of TTR amyloid is generally observed extracellularly, although TTR deposits are also clearly observed within the cardiomyocytes of the heart.
Epitaxy refers to the deposition of a crystalline overlayer on a crystalline substrate, where there is registry between the two.
Experimentally, atomic-precision deposition of phosphorus atoms has been demonstrated, using an STM technique.
He also received the 1999 prize of the French polymer group for his work on the "layer-by-layer deposition" technique.
His deposition in May was ineffectual because of his memory problem.
However, as result of excavations begun in 2004, Dortch et al. suggest that the Lancefield Megafauna remains have not in fact been disturbed since deposition.
In Jena, the deposition was abolished after the death of the last depositor in 1785.
In the "Cabildo Abierto" of May 22, he voted for the deposition of the viceroy Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros and was the most fervent opposer to a "Junta" presided over by him.
In the Middle Ages, the deposition was led by the Rector, as the students in question would live and study under monastery-like circumstances.
It is shot through with dolomitic mottles in an anastomose pattern; this dolotimization occurred after deposition but prior to the development of joints in the rock.
It was during the Early Modern period that the custom of deposition slowly deteriorated into a farce.
It was later revealed with great embarrassment for the prosecution, that Eliyahu Rosenberg had previously testified in a 1947 deposition that “Ivan the Terrible” had been killed during a prisoner uprising.
Labor factions began to push for the deposition of Bill Hayden from the party leadership in favour of Hawke.
Large scale production of highly transparent graphene films by chemical vapor deposition was achieved in 2008.
Maria", rebuilt in 1682-1695 in Baroque style, but containing a medieval pietà and a very fine rendition of the Virgin swooning during the Deposition of Christ from the cross.
NGS emissions, however, are found to contribute less than 2% of atmospheric deposition of mercury on the Colorado River watershed.
Nor will the closest inspection of a formation give us any idea of the length of time which its deposition may have consumed.
Owing to their slow growth rates, they are also often found in areas with low rates of sediment deposition.
T cells accumulate in the skin; these are thought to secrete cytokines and other proteins that stimulate collagen deposition.
The CVD apparatus for Ge-Sb-Te thin film deposition is shown schematically to the right.
The deposition consisted of scolding, in which the unworthiness of the new student would be clarified to him, in ritual removal of animal-like artificial body parts with the help of over-dimensioned tools, as well as beating and other abuse, which would have the function of a purification ritual. In the speeches at the ritual, models from classical antiquity for the deposition process would be cited.
The deposition of book printers was abolished in 1803 because of the excesses.
The device is manufacturable at temperatures under using solution-based deposition.
The dying man had signed a deposition declaring Benedetto to be the assassin.
The latter name appeared because the dry deposition resembles drawing with a piece of graphite.
The pollution progressed with the deposition of sludge.
The position of depositor was taken over by the "pedell"; at the end of the 17th century, he would still demonstrate the tools and make out the deposition certificate for a fee.
The site of egg deposition varies; "L. curvispina" places its eggs over flat rocks in rapids.
The student only had to go through the deposition once in his life; he would receive a deposition certificate (""Depositionsschein"" in German) which he could show in case of transferring to another university.
There was a wide deposition of sand blocking part of the Hirota Bay.
This custom was maintained even after the deposition had been abolished and would often be used excessively, leading to the prohibition of forcing the new students to participate in these parties.
This is due to the attraction of moisture and shelter, which is also used for deposition on these specific body parts.
This method is typically high deposition and in some cases, can have an advantage over dabbing.
This normal process stimulates mesangial cell proliferation and matrix deposition.
This structure however requires more complex deposition of the active chalcogenide into a cell pore.
This thin zone represents some 4000 years of deposition.
This was also the period of deposition of the main source rock that has generated most of the petroleum discovered in the offshore areas.

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