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Vocabulary Word

Word: deploy

Definition: spread out (troops) in an extended though shallow battle line; distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically

Sentences Containing 'deploy'

2009 - The first MEU to deploy with the MV-22 Osprey aircraft tilt-rotor aircraft. Unit awards.
Airbags deploy at speeds up to and exert tremendous force on the windshields.
Also, they said that it was one of the preferences, whether the format is open, to choose which software the government shall deploy.
Apparently the "crash dive" concept had not yet been thought of, as this would take considerable time to deploy and dismantle.
As a side effect, that also meant that alarms were easy and cheap to configure and deploy.
Both of these designs were rushed, and were too heavy, making them cumbersome to deploy.
Concluding a four-week absence, "Badger" returned to Oahu on 14 June and began preparations to deploy overseas.
Daendels figured that it would be impossible to sufficiently deploy his division in such a narrow space while fronting the shore.
Daniel Pratt usually plays as a back pocket but can also be deploy as half back flanks or midfield.
During Operation RESTORE DEMOCRACY in Haiti, the 407th was ready to deploy with Task Force Falcon, only to be stood down at the last minute.
Efforts to deploy PEM were finally abandoned in response to the need to extend the protocol to support MIME.
Ehren Watada, who in June 2006, refused to deploy to Iraq for his unit's assigned rotation to Operation Iraqi Freedom citing the legality of the war.
ERGM is fired from the 5 inch 62 Caliber Mark 45 gun Mod 4 at which point the fins deploy, rocket motor would ignite and lift the munition to at least 80,000 feet (24 km) when the canards would deploy and guide the ERGM to the target based on GPS guidance.
He is currently assigned to NATO Deploy Charlie and was formally assigned to the Joint Central Command.
Here Daendels deployed his forces in three lines, as the front was too narrow to deploy more than two battalions in line at a time.
If necessary, Russia would deploy mobile airborne units.
If the wind only held, little doubt had they, that chased through these Straits of Sunda, the vast host would only deploy into the Oriental seas to witness the capture of not a few of their number.
In 1979, the Checkerboards became the first 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing fighter squadron to deploy to the Western Pacific under the Unit Deployment Program (UDP).
In 1986, the 22nd MAU was the third unit to deploy with the 'Special Operations-Capable' designation.
In April 1959, the secretary of the air force issued implementing instructions to USAF to deploy two Jupiter squadrons to Italy.
In June 2013, Tesla announced the goal to deploy a battery swapping station in each of its existing supercharging stations, now to be renamed "Tesla stations".
In May 1940 – the month in which her pennant number was changed to I71 – "Volunteer" continued to deploy off Norway.
In model rocketry, ejection charges are used to deploy a recovery system (usually parachute or streamer).
In regards to more paramilitary forces, saying there were already enough forces already deployed, he added: "We will retain them for some more time and probably not deploy them on poll duties (in six states)."
Information on patterns can help law enforcement agencies deploy resources in a more effective manner, and assist detectives in identifying and apprehending suspects.
It directs a deployment tool to deploy a module or application with specific container options, security settings and describes specific configuration requirements.
It was further required that the materiel suffer only minimal or no damage from landing, and once dropped be ready to deploy within minutes.
Its primary objective was to deploy two communications satellites, and to perform electrophoresis and echocardiograph operations in space in addition to a number of other experiments.
Members of the 116th also joined the thousands of Guard and Reserve forces called up to deploy all over the world in support of America's "War on Terror."
Nicknamed the ‘’Raptors’’, they are attached to Carrier Air Wing Nine (CVW-9) and deploy aboard the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) strike group.
On May 7, 1962, the Seventeenth Air Force stated that the 102nd would deploy back to the United States during the summer, returning in July 1962.
Organizations use DotNetNuke to quickly develop and deploy interactive and dynamic web sites, intranets, extranets and web applications.
Persia would become the first empire, under Darius, to inaugurate and deploy the first regular imperial navy.
Remote deployment lets a sys-admin deploy PCs without “touching” the systems physically.
Shortly afterward, in August, it began to deploy KC-135s to Seeb International Airport and B-52s to Spain, Diego Garcia, and England.
Since its invention by Kalender in the 1980s, helical scan CT machines have steadily increased the number of rows of detectors (slices) they deploy.
Special Operations Teams deploy to multi-casualty incidents and disasters.
The British had only enough room to deploy one battalion in line and there was a threat that they would be outflanked near "Groote Keeten" (where the main action was fought).
The FBI intends to deploy Magic Lantern in the form of an e-mail attachment.
The Gowind can deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUVs).
The Guild forces in the game can also deploy a unit called the Maker, an infantry unit somewhat resembling both a Navigator and a small sandworm, armed with an electrical weapon.
The M108, based on the M44 chassis, carried a crane and was used for many tasks including to deploy missiles such as Lacrosse.
The PPCLI does not have an official motto; however, their unofficial motto, "First In The Field", is based off the fact that they were the first Canadian unit to deploy in the Great War.
The U.S. and Turkey concluded an agreement to deploy one Jupiter squadron on NATO's southern flank.
There was some concern that the drag chute could deploy prematurely prior to touchdown, and the decision was made not to use the chute during landing rollout.
This followed Russian officials objecting to U.S. plans to deploy ballistic missile defenses (BMD) in Poland and the Czech Republic.
This may involve emergency procedures including when and how to deploy the reserve parachute.
This service was not even permitted to deploy beyond the local areas of which the units were formed; thus, they were hardly "mobile".
Today, 116th crews still deploy around the world to fulfill Air Expeditionary Force commitments much the same as during the First World War.
When necessary, the roads deploy steep stone stairways and rock ramps to surmount cliffs and other obstacles.

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