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Vocabulary Word

Word: denounce

Definition: condemn; criticize; N. denunciation

Sentences Containing 'denounce'

'"In appearing before you to denounce probably the most consummate Villain that has ever existed,"' Mr. Micawber, without looking off the letter, pointed the ruler, like a ghostly truncheon, at Uriah Heep, '"I ask no consideration for myself.
Aderca's criticism of nationalism as a tool for exploitation (or, as he called it, "parasitism") prompted him to denounce the centralized government system associated with Greater Romania's administration of multiethnic regions.
And them and their descendants, to the last of their race, I, Alexandre Manette, unhappy prisoner, do this last night of the year1767, in my unbearable agony, denounce to the times when all these things shall be answered for.
At the conference in Munich that led to the Munich Agreement in September 1938, Hitler informed Neville Chamberlain that if British policy was "to make it clear in certain circumstances" that Britain might be intervening in a European war, then the political preconditions for the A.G.N.A no longer existed, and Germany should denounce the A.G.N.A., thus leading to Chamberlain including mention of the Anglo-German Naval Agreement in the Anglo-German Declaration of September 30, 1938.
At the Democratic National Convention in 1924, he spoke in favor of condemning the Ku Klux Klan by name in the party platform: "We ask you to cut out of the body politic with the sharpest instrument at your command this malignant growth which, injected, means the destruction of everything which has made America immortal. If you can denounce Republicanism, you can denounce Ku Kluxism.
Brewster refused to denounce Klan support in his own run for the governorship in 1924.
But though to me and my comrades it had seemed a better plan to send to Majorca for the vessel, as the Moorish lady suggested, we did not dare to oppose him, fearing that if we did not do as he said he would denounce us, and place us in danger of losing all our lives if he were to disclose our dealings with Zoraida, for whose life we would have all given our own.
By contrast, those in favour Canadian federalism denounce Québec separation as a 'Balkanization' of Canada, a country principally created by French-Canadians living in present-day Québec.
Dr. Martinez refuses to denounce the CSM; she is starved, electrocuted, and nearly killed by Mr. Chu's second-in-command when she is rescued by Max and Angel.
During the meeting, Levant claims Elmasry engaged in "a lengthy rant against the 'zhoos' who control the media, the 'zhoos' who are 'on top' of the world and keep the Muslims on 'the bottom', and about how my own comments were suspect because I, too, was a 'zhoo.'" In response to accusations of anti-Semitism, Elmasry has argued that his organization the CIC "was the first non-Jewish Canadian NGO to denounce anti-Semitic incidents committed against several Montreal Jewish institutions".
Even after the revolution, it continues to denounce cases of torture and mistreatment of prisoners.
He had since seen her, in the Section of Saint Antoine, over and over again produce her knitted registers, and denounce people whose lives the guillotine then surely swallowed up.
He put into question every American institution and individual that supported slavery, saying: “Dare to call in question and to denounce … everything that serves to perpetuate slavery.” Significance.
He used one of the two yearly grand sermons (between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur 1583) to denounce the phenomenon.
However, religion had been hit very powerfully; the number of churches had been reduced from 50,000 in 1917 to only a few hundred (and there was not a single church open in Belarus) or perhaps even less, out of 300 bishops in 1917 (and 163 in 1929) only 4 remained (Metropolitan Sergii (the head of the church), Metropolitan Alexii of Leningrad, Bishop Nikolai (Yarushevich), and Metropolitan Sergi (Voskresenski)), out of 45,000 priests there were only to 2,000–3,000 remaining, not a single monastery remained open and the only thing that enthusiasts of atheism could still do was to spy on individual believers and denounce them to the secret police.
Huiswoud responded by taking to the floor to denounce the farmer, an action that threatened the fragile alliance that the communists were attempting to build and which was regarded as a serious breach of discipline.
I may denounce you if I think proper, and I can swear my way through stone walls, and so can others.
If you can denounce Bolshevism, you can denounce Ku Kluxism."
In 1970, a prominent university professor named Fujiwara Hirotatsu authored the book "I Denounce Soka Gakkai" in which he severely criticized the Gakkai, calling it "fascist" and comparing it to the early Nazi party.
In a speech in Wilhelmshaven for the launch of the battleship "Tirpitz", Hitler threatened to denounce the A.G.N.A. if the British persisted with their "encirclement" policy as represented by the "guarantee" of Polish independence.
Indeed, so important is the Naval Agreement to His Majesty's Government that it is difficult to conceive that any general understanding between Great Britain and Germany, such as General Göring is believed to desire, would any longer be possible were the German Government to denounce the Naval Agreement.
Interestingly, this, in addition to their Mahayana scriptural sources, is how many Mahayana Buddhists make the case for vegetarianism, While there is no mention of Buddha endorsing or repudiating vegetarianism in surviving portions of Pali Tripitaka and no Mahayana sutras explicitly declare that meat eating violates the first precept, certain Mahayana sutras vigorously and unreservedly denounce the eating of meat, mainly on the ground that such an act violates the bodhisattva's compassion.
Latter-day Saint president Spencer W. Kimball stated, "We denounce Adam–God theory and hope that everyone will be cautioned against this and other kinds of false doctrine."
Mennenga saw it as a personal betrayal to the point that he called a press conference to denounce them.
Mondulkiri provincial Governor Lay Sokha and the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces denounce the KNUF and are currently searching out its members.
Mr. Procureur,''said Morrel with increasing vehemence,``no mercy is allowed; I denounce the crime; it is your place to seek the assassin.''
On April 28, 1939 Hitler denounced the A.G.N.A. To provide an excuse for the denunciation of the A.G.N.A, and to prevent the emergence of a new naval treaty, the Germans began refusing to share information about their shipbuilding,and thus left the British with the choice of either accepting the unilateral German move or rejecting it, thereby providing the Germans with the excuse to denounce the treaty.
Rivalry between the two clerics increased, causing tribal elders to denounce the two in December 2005 for fomenting sectarian tension.
Secondly, they tried to denounce the South Korean Constitutional Assembly election scheduled for May 10, 1948.
The first decision created an affirmative duty of unions to denounce violence on strike picket lines.
They torture her, trying to force her to denounce her environmentalism and fearing that their illegal dumping of radioactive material will be uncovered.
To you, as the king's attorney, I denounce Mademoiselle de Villefort, do your duty.''
Trueheart explained that the symptoms of the victims were consistent with those of mustard gas and passed on the US threat to denounce the regime for the chemical attacks.
Upset by the partition of the peninsula, the Communist Workers Party of South Korea planned rallies on March 1 to denounce and block the upcoming general elections scheduled for May 10.
We denounce that theory and hope that everyone will be cautioned against this and other kinds of false doctrine."
While she was censured for the remarks, her decision to publicly denounce her own political party and Prime Minister Paul Martin over his supposed "right-wing agenda" and to a much lesser extent her constant insults towards the Americans eventually played a role in her being expelled from the party.
Who and where is the false conspirator who says that I denounce the husband of my child!''
``He is merely my father,''said Albert``M. Fernand Mondego, Count of Morcerf, an old soldier who has fought in twenty battles and whose honorable scars they would denounce as badges of disgrace.''
``Oh, send for some one to whom I can denounce the wretch!''
``Think of it, madame,''he said;``if, on my return, justice his not been satisfied, I will denounce you with my own mouth, and arrest you with my own hands!''
``Valentine, would you rather denounce your stepmother?''

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