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Vocabulary Word

Word: denomination

Definition: religious group; unit in a system; name or designation; CF. denominator: common trait or characteristic

Sentences Containing 'denomination'

A similar split occurred in the Baptist denomination within West Virginia.
About 86% of the population belongs to a Protestant denomination, about 2% are Roman Catholic, and another 2% are Sikh.
An element that was common on every denomination of 1953 was the two obverses that existed.
Before that emission, the colony had raised the denomination of its coin, and had, by act of assembly, ordered 5s.
Bold denotes the actual denomination written on the coins Non-currency cases (security market).
But, upon this account alone, the denomination of barren or unproductive should seem to be very improperly applied to it.
By means of it, pieces are issued from the mint, of the same denomination, and, as nearly as could be contrived, of the same weight, bulk, and appearance, with pieces which had been current before of much greater value.
Dr. Newman was thrice elected a delegate to the General Conference of his denomination.
Especially after expansion of the church in the South, where different styles of worship had prevailed, there were continuing tensions about the direction of the denomination.
for the sum of $305,000 as the headquarters of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ Christian denomination.
He agreed with the founder, Richard Allen, that a visible and independent black denomination was a strong argument against slavery and racism.
He was for any description of policy, in the compass of a week; and nailed all sorts of colours to every denomination of mast.
I have said that the company were all gone; but I ought to have excepted Uriah, whom I don't include in that denomination, and who had never ceased to hover near us.
In 1559 the resident Count Otto IV introduced the Lutheran denomination.
In 1852, Payne was elected and consecrated the sixth bishop of the AME denomination.
In December 2001, the Intelligence Reform Law was approved, changing the structure, denomination and functions to adapt it to the new National Intelligence System.
In each of these countries, the smaller denomination is no longer used, and coins denominated in khoums and iraimbilanja are no longer minted.
In Iran Shaykhism is regarded as the third Twelver Shi'a denomination after Usulism and Akhbarism.
Knowing how to build an organization, he took nine missionaries and worked with others in Charleston to establish the AME denomination.
North Church is now a member of the United Church of Christ denomination.
On the other side of coins, appears with an enclosing wreath with the Greek abbreviations "BAK", "BAEY", "BAEIY" and with the trade denomination "KΔ".
SSCC (as commonly abbreviated) is aimed at the Catholic denomination and offers a level of preschool and elementary in their academic program.
Such too, to a greater or less extent, is the condition of the operatives of every denomination in England, which is the great workhouse of the world.
Taking the editorial and other criticism of her opposition as a personal attack, she resigned from the WMU, vowing to never again serve the denomination.
The actual consummation of the UCC, however, did not occur until 1961, when a sufficient number of CC congregations voted to approve the denomination's new constitution.
The adulteration of the standard has exactly the same effect with what the French call an augmentation, or a direct raising of the denomination of the coin.
The AME Church attracted tens of thousands of converts to its denomination very rapidly.
The American Unitarian Association (AUA) was a religious denomination in the United States and Canada, formed by associated Unitarian congregations in 1825.
The CC Churches brought into the new UCC approximately 1.4 million members, about 60 percent of the total number of members in the new denomination.
The Christian Reformed Church of the Dominican Republic () is a Reformed denomination founded by American missionaries.
The church is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and is believed to be the oldest church of that denomination in continuous use in Florida.
The Congregational Christian Churches were a Protestant Christian denomination that operated in the U.S. from 1931 through 1957.
The country's population is 4.45 million, most of whom are Croats, with the most common religious denomination being Roman Catholicism.
The denomination is also expressed in figures in two boxes at the top of the notes.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (EELC) () is a Lutheran denomination in Cameroon.
The expected return from coin roll hunting also varies based on what denomination is searched.
The first football club in Campobasso was founded in 1919 under the denomination of "Società Sportiva Campobasso", and achieved their first promotion to Serie C in 1975.
The Gabalas brothers issued their own copper coinage, of unknown value or denomination.
The is the largest coin denomination of the Japanese yen.
The movement was founded by educators Tsunesaburō Makiguchi and Jōsei Toda in 1930 as a lay organization belonging to the Nichiren Shōshū Buddhist denomination.
The Presbyterian Church in Korea (NamBuk) is a Reformed denomination in South Korea.In 2004 it had 310,000 members and 213 congregation and 250 pastors.
The quantity of silver contained in six shillings and eightpence of our present money, would thus be raised very nearly to the denomination of a pound sterling.
The religion make-up was as follows: 77.52% Roman Catholic, 11.82% without denomination, 3.21% not specified and others.
The Romans, at the end of the first Punic war, reduced the As, the coin or denomination by which they computed the value of all their other coins, from containing twelve ounces of copper, to contain only two ounces; that is, they raised two ounces of copper to a denomination which had always before expressed the value of twelve ounces.
The shilling, too, seems originally to have been the denomination of a weight.
They are generally known under the denomination of "shellfish"; the cuttle-fish, and the common snails, whelks, oysters, mussels, and cockles, may serve as examples of them.
Twigg had belonged to the same denomination of Bishop Pike, he had preached at a cathedral in Kent and she had known information about him and his deceased son from newspapers.
Under this denomination were comprehended timber fit for masts, yards, and bowsprits; hemp, tar, pitch, and turpentine.
When that form has been so altered by manufacture of any kind as to come under a new denomination, they are called bounties.
Whilst no longer in communion with any other body, the PNCC remains a relatively substantial denomination, maintaining active dialogue with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches.

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