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Vocabulary Word

Word: demolition

Definition: destruction; V. demolish

Sentences Containing 'demolition'

' took the series in a new direction, focusing on stadium events such "demolition derby".
A tender for the demolition of the building was awarded to Demco Decommissioning Environmental Management Company of West Seneca, New York on September 19, 2008.
Around 1980 the demolition of the Burns building became a possibility when it was proposed that the property it sat on was needed for the construction of the Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts.
Candy referenced the stadium's impending demolition during the date.
Demolition of portions of the mall began in 2012.
Departing Purvis Bay 6 September, she steamed for the Palau Islands to conduct underwater demolition activities.
Elysium Corporation has included this type of equipment recently in demolition squads, and they have also concluded various testing on some underground test subjects.
Folkrace is not the same as demolition derby, though.
Following his baseball retirement in 1939, he worked as a demolition contractor in New York.
Footage of the demolition also appeared in the closing credits of "The Cooler".
From the 1970s until its demolition in 1991, Comiskey was the oldest park still in use in Major League Baseball.
He asked Miranda what were they doing and she replied that they were putting in cable TV when,in fact, they were preparing the warehouse for demolition.
He was head coach there from 1938 and was made director in 1964 until its demolition in 1992.
His reputation among demolition specialists is almost unmatched.
In 1927, the hotel was threatened with demolition.
In 1954, the building was considered for demolition to make room for a supermarket.
In 2002, Evesham Township had the launch area cleared of illegal dumps and demolition debris left from the buildings.
In February, she conducted underwater demolition tests in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
In October 2012, the Chicago Housing Authority approved the demolition of 1800 units including some from Lathrop Homes; however, how many of those demolitions relate to Lathrop Homes and when demolition would begin was not announced.
In the 1970s, demolition was proposed but the building was listed in 1973.
It is rumored to be slated for demolition, to make room for another runway.
Shortly before the park's demolition, the ballpark was featured in the movie "Only the Lonely".
Some architectural features of the Mill were saved by historians before the demolition.
The 21-acre facility will require the demolition of most of the existing structures in the planned project area located adjacent to the South Facility.
The Antiquities Authority (the Secretary for Development) may declare a building facing a demolition risk a proposed monument, thus providing the building with immediate protection against demolition.
The building is currently unused, and has been slated for demolition by the city of Detroit.
The building is planned for demolition during 2014.
The construction of an underground car park beneath the demolition area.
The demolition tore a huge hole in center field.
The demolition was completed by the end of 2009.
The district included Reunion Arena from 1980 to its demolition in 2009.
The explosion is crafted like a controlled demolition, eliciting a round of applause from the bomb squad.
The Grand Army of the Republic Hall was slated for demolition in the 1960s.
The Grand Stand is also used for a Demolition Derbys, circus performances, and other entertainment.
The ICE Demolition Protocol was produced by EnviroCentre, in partnership with London Remade, for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).
The Las Vegas scenes of "Con Air" were filmed at the Sands prior to its demolition.
The Memorial gates, dedicated in 1957, escaped demolition and were moved to the new Thomas Hardye School.
The original Maxwell Street Depot was once located on the actual street itself, however, due to land rights it was slated for demolition.
The proposed renovations include the demolition of four rooms, a northern verandah enclosed after World War II and a post WWII ablution block.
The tower was spared demolition and structurally maintained.
The town and surrounding Croatian villages suffered extensive demolition and looting in that period.
The week before the invasion she served as the mother ship for Underwater Demolition Team 17.
These buildings are really being prepared for demolition.
These plans have now been passed and the demolition and new building work is planned to commence during 2011.
They were built for use by underwater demolition teams and special forces.
Tony "Demolition" Dolan (also known as "The Demolition Man") was born in 1964.
Ultimately the demolition proposal was defeated by one City Council vote.
Union Station in Portland was razed in 1961, but its demolition spurred the beginning of Portland’s historic preservation movement.
Webster saved 20 Castle Street from demolition and created in it the first period room, the Victorian Parlour, which opened in 1955.
Yokota debuted MMA in GCM demolition in September 2004 where he faced off against Keita Nakamura, the 2 round fight resulted in a draw.

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