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Vocabulary Word

Word: demise

Definition: death

Sentences Containing 'demise'

A combination of competing interests lead to the eventual demise of Teedyuscung and his settlement at Wyolutimunk.
A facelift was released in 2003, with production continuing until the Almera's demise in 2006.
A man named Bertrand York managed the park from 1911 until its demise in 1929.
After his accidental demise, the play suddenly becomes serious and takes on a tragic tone.
After his sad demise Mufaddal Saifuddin has taken over the administration as 53rd Dai and all the media refers him as 53rd Dai.
After the demise of Fang in 1939, her followers continued her mission and also initiated secular education through free school.
After the demise of Loki, the project was maintained for a time by the free software/open source community, and implemented on NVIDIA nForce sound cards and motherboards.
After the demise of the IHL in 2001, the Wolves were absorbed into the American Hockey League and, in their first season, won the Calder Cup as AHL champions.
All this happened in Lyne Place, Surrey, England in 1947, just before his demise.
At her funeral, the actors, each a suspect, examine their relationships with her in order to unravel the mystery of her demise.
At the conclusion of the novel, the war begins, Castorp volunteers for the military, and his possible, or probable, demise upon the battlefield is portended.
Demise of the Portland passenger rail service.
Edna was devastated by the demise of her beloved friend Len in 2006.
Eventually the location of the latter company to New York state finalized the village's demise.
Fifteen formed in 1991 following the demise of Ott's previous band, Crimpshrine.
Following the demise of the Soviet Union, the public transportation in Saint Petersburg has been continuously underfunded, resulting in poor maintenance and unreliable service.
Following the demise of the Woolston Works club, the Antelope Ground was now available.
Gray soon followed leading to the band's ultimate demise.
Harmonia also continued to influence Brian Eno's work long after its demise.
He died in 1962, having regrettably seen the demise of Packard four years earlier.
In 1988 it was produced in London's West End, playing at the Playhouse, sadly it got a panning from the critics, which led to its early demise.
In a letter to party leader Mark Rutte he expressed his disappointment with the demise of the Second Balkenende cabinet which in his view was uncalled for.
Instead of planning her demise, he begins an affair with the beguiling woman.
It is ruled by Queen Arshtat and her husband Ferid, who have been a balancing and steady force since the demise of her somewhat rash mother.
It was established in 1929, after the demise of "Østfold Arbeiderblad", and was affiliated with the Labour Party.
It was subsequently declared unsafe on several occasions and was a contributory factor to the demise of the Potts Line.
Like many of the surrounding villages, it is still recovering from the effects of pit closures which has seen the demise of the many collieries which once surrounded the village.
Marr has talked about a session that occurred with Paul McCartney shortly after the Smiths' demise.
Released after the Jaguar's demise, cartridge components and other supplies needed to manufacture the game were scarce, resulting in not enough copies to meet demand.
Segregation continued even after the demise of the Jim Crow laws.
Similarly, as there is no predefined end to the game, every fortress will eventually meet its demise.
Slaughter was a fierce “black buck” and successfully brought Duncan to his own demise.
Some say that these societies were instrumental in Turkification following the demise of the Ottoman Empire.
The Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club continued to use the field until its demise.
The Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands, composed of Filipino businessmen, carried on the movement after the demise of Bagong Katipunan.
The change in unit was the result of the demise of the calorie as a unit in physics and chemistry.
The episode concludes with Robert Devereux's execution and Elizabeth's demise, including her encroaching senility and dementia with age, and her depression over Devereux's death.
The following season's demise was far more dramatic.
The lack of a permanent demobilization process run by the government in Marius' military reform would help facilitate the demise of the Roman Republic.
The loss of Irish Government financial support due to rationalisation led to the demise of the paper.
The railway arrived in the mid-1800s and this caused the demise of the canal as a transport link.
Then in 2005, it appears that drug abuse led to Before Braille's demise.
There are various reasons, but three primary indications for its demise are: 1.
This channel has since ceased programming in 2005 with the demise of Metro.
This inadvertently resulted in the demise of girlie shows at the fair, once a staple.
This intensified dissatisfaction with the BBC's handling of pop radio among a generation still mourning the demise of most of the offshore radio stations in 1967.
Unfortunately, due to the demise of the Apple IIGS, ORCA/Modula-2 never had much impact in the market.
Upon its demise, it was reported that more than 30,000 fights had been staged here.
With the demise of the streetcars, Saskatoon Municipal Railway was renamed Saskatoon Transit System on August 15, 1949.
With the demise of the Turtles, White Whale Records was left with few, if any, commercially viable bands, and ceased operation.

More Vocab Words

::: allegory - story, play, or picture in which characters are used as symbols; fable
::: salacious - lascivious; lustful; Ex. salacious monk
::: intermediary - intermediate; acting as a mediator; N: mediator; go-between
::: condiments - seasonings; spices
::: prize - pry; move with a lever; value highly; esteem; Ex. his most prized possession; N: something captured during war-time (esp. an enemy ship)
::: hut - crude dwelling; shack
::: hideous - repulsive to the sight; ugly; repugnant; Ex. hideous face/scream
::: seasonal - of a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment
::: reparation - compensation (for loss or wrong); amends; Ex. make reparation for the damage; CF. repair
::: malefactor - evildoer; criminal