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Vocabulary Word

Word: demented

Definition: insane

Sentences Containing 'demented'

"The Guardian" reviewer Dan Martin was positive towards the way the episode played with genre and form, saying that it "was as demented and creepy as the show should always be".
2008 was spent recording the album, "Fairground for the Demented" which was shelved as the band decided the finished collection of songs did not represent the 'Old School' punk sound that the band wanted to achieve.
But there is almost too much of it, and there is certainly too much of the satire upon mad-doctors and their ways which occurs when Foggerty's friends believe him demented, and try to get a certificate to that effect from Dr. Lobb and Dr. Dobb.
Deciding on checking out Death Valley, they've yet to find out that it is currently the new stamping grounds of cowboy serial killer (wearing a stetson and a neckerchief to hide his identity) and his equally demented twin (who both have a tendency to tap-dance and belt out good old country ditties).
Every living creature there held life as of no account, and was demented with a passionate readiness to sacrifice it.
In 392 Emperor Theodosius I decreed that Christianity was the only legal religion of the Roman Empire, and forbidding pagan practices by law: It is Our will that all the peoples who are ruled by the administration of Our Clemency shall practice that religion which the divine Peter the Apostle transmitted to the Romans...The rest, whom We adjudge demented and insane, shall sustain the infamy of heretical dogmas, their meeting places shall not receive the name of churches, and they shall be smitten first by divine vengeance and secondly by the retribution of Our own initiative"" (Codex Theodosianus XVI 1.2.).
On 14 January 2011 Czesław Mozil demented the rumours about his participation in "X Factor" on Facebook.
They discover that the demented experiments of an unhinged geneticist have placed them at ground zero of a brand new virulent zombie strain—one that has infected powerful superheroes.
This article comments that "the identity of that incarnate fiend was settled some time ago" and that the murderer was "a demented physician afflicted with wildly uncontrollable erotic mania."
Weiyun lives with her demented mother, and younger brother’s family.

More Vocab Words

::: desultory - aimless; haphazard; digressing at random
::: affliction - state of distress; trial; cause of distress or suffering; V. afflict: inflict grievous suffering on
::: microcosm - small representative world; world in miniature; Ex. microcosm of English society
::: mutilate - maim; injure lastingly; deprive of a limb or an essential part
::: simian - monkeylike; N: ape or monkey
::: evanescent - fleeting; vanishing; soon disappearing; V. evanesce
::: wary - very cautious; watchful
::: anthology - book of literary selections by various authors; CF. omnibus
::: defiance - refusal to yield; resistance; V. defy; ADJ. defiant
::: rotundity - roundness; sonorousness of speech