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Vocabulary Word

Word: deflect

Definition: turn aside; turn away from a straight course

Sentences Containing 'deflect'

After the Munich massacre during the Olympic Games in 1972, and a prison mutiny in Clairvaux Prison the year before, France started to study the possible solutions to extremely violent attacks, under the assumptions that these would be difficult to predict and deflect. In 1973, the GIGN became a permanent force of men trained and equipped to respond to these kind of threats while minimizing risks to the public and hostages, for the members of the unit, and for the attackers themselves.
Auto windshields less than in height are sometimes known as aeroscreens since they only deflect the wind.
In Somalia, militia members sometimes welded a steel plate in the exhaust end of an RPG's tube to deflect pressure away from the shooter when shooting up at US helicopters.
Lupin uses the tip of Goemon's Zantetsuken to deflect the lasers onto Mamo and incinerate him, but not before Lupin learns from Mamo that he is the original Lupin and that it was the clone that swung in Transylvania.
One game during a time-out, Neilson told his goaltender, “...when we pull you, just leave your goal stick lying in the crease.” When the other team gained possession, they sent the puck the length of the ice toward the open net, only to deflect wide when it hit the goal stick lying in the crease.
Some energy-efficient features that Fulton has incorporated in homes since 2010 include a Louisiana-Pacific TechShield radiant barrier to deflect heat from the attic, tinted Low-E vinyl-framed windows to reduce heat and UV rays from entering the home, and a 14 SEER Energy Star qualified Carrier air conditioning system as standard (with a 16 SEER air conditioning system available as an upgrade).
The two go on a date and kiss, but part on bad terms when Tina confesses that she has been faking her speech impediment since the sixth grade, in order to deflect attention from herself, but now feels she no longer needs to, having been given confidence by the glee club.
This caused a compression sheave train arm to deflect into the path of a carrier, ultimately resulting in the release of the carrier from the cable.
This caused the mast to deflect slightly backwards then rebound forward. As it reached vertical, a stronger thrust was applied, arresting the mast's motion and increasing the orbiter's speed.
This would deflect the star's solar wind into a pair of jets aligned along its rotational axis passing through a pair of magnetic rocket nozzles.
Using nuclear detonations to split or deflect the asteroid is risky at best. Such a tactic could actually make the problem worse by increasing the amount of asteroid fragments that do end up hitting the Earth.
With his enemies encircling him, Cromwell pleads with Anne of Cleves to submit herself to her husband but she is powerless to deflect King Henry's antipathy towards her.

More Vocab Words

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