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Vocabulary Word

Word: definitive

Definition: most reliable; authorative and complete; that cannot be improved; conclusive; decisive; definite; Ex. definitive decision by the supreme court

Sentences Containing 'definitive'

"Right on the Money: The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates."
"The Library of America's definitive edition of Philip Roth's collected works" (2005–13) is a series collecting Philip Roth's works.
A few days before he died in 1916, Washing on wrote to the Forum suggesting an article dealing with "the definitive, indisputable facts relating to the Negro's progress as a race.'
A single period, so the Ahmadi view, has no definitive timescale and could mean anywhere from 1 day to billions of years.
Again, Curtiss specified one of their own engines, and again, the Navy substituted this with the Liberty engine in the definitive HS-2L.
By doing this, Holloway acknowledges that Lymantrini is "possibly the most weakly defined of those presented here ... lacks all the strongly definitive features of the other tribes."
By unanimous decision Soda decided to distance themselves from the myth for a while and at the same time to evaluate the possibility of a definitive separation.
During development, definitive endoderm and ectoderm differentiates into several gastrointestinal epithelial lineages, including endocrine cells.
Embryonated eggs are passed in feces from the definitive hosts, the shortfinned eel, "Anguilla australis", and the longfinned eel, "A. dieffenbachii".
Fish later created the artwork for Aesop Rock's fifth studio album "None Shall Pass", released by Definitive Jux.
He battles Blue Beetle, holding a definitive advantage, until he is shot in the shoulder by his own daughter.
He upheld the unity of the soul, denying that there is a distinction between it and the intellect. For him, the soul's awareness of itself is the definitive proof that the soul is independent of the body and will not perish with it.
Hermann Helmholtz in 1847 published what is considered a definitive declaration of the conservation of energy.
However, the parasites may accumulate in the snake paratenic host and infect the definitive host once the snake is consumed by a canid.
In 1450, the parties made a definitive peace and Zürich was admitted into the confederation again, but had to dissolve its alliance with the Habsburgs.
In 2009, they again teamed up to release "Ghosts of the Barbary Coast" on Definitive Jux.
In the 16th century, side chapels gave it its definitive stature.
It also maintains the Encyclopedia of San Francisco, which aims to become the definitive reference work of the history of San Francisco. History.
It is a definitive and eclectic blend of a cappella southern gospel songs.
It was Marshall's first combo amplifier, and was described as "arguably the most important in the company's history" and "the definitive rock amplifier."
It was reissued in a definitive version in 1956 entitled "Les Grandes Vacances, 1939-1945".
It was widely acclaimed as being the definitive account of the Great Famine.
Leiva left the Cabildo, and Belgrano, who was representing the crowd, requested a definitive commitment.
Lynching of Black Americans was an issue that was discussed several times, though the forum never took a definitive line for or against the practice.
Malformations cause fish to become more susceptible to fish eating predators (definitive host) allowing "T. opisthorchis" to continue with its lifecycle.
Neptun" ("Little Miss on Neptune Street"), saw print in 1921, and marked Aderca's definitive break with traditionalism.
One of the definitive characteristics of the hipster is their language, adopted in large part from the African-American vernacular.
R. O. Kosasih was appointed as definitive Rector of ITB.
Rodents, especially rats, are definitive hosts and natural reservoirs of "H. microstoma".
Rodríguez interrupted him and forced him to give a definitive answer.
Sabine was able to determine, through the experiments, that a definitive relationship exists between the quality of the acoustics, the size of the chamber, and the amount of absorption surface present.
Scorpio Rising's definitive line up and sound was created when the band were joined by Parliament/Funkadelic influenced bass player Steve Soar in 1990.
Settle became the definitive Navy competitor in national and, when qualified, international gas balloon races: "Century of Progress".
Species have been described from all groups of tetrapod vertebrates, as well as a wide range of haematophagous arthropods, which serve as both the vectors and definitive hosts of the parasite.
The album marked the definitive consecration of Soda Stereo to the Argentine public.
The BHS is consulted about proposed legislation, government planning guidance, Definitive Maps and road schemes, and has influenced and continues to influence legislation.
The definitive report of the victory at Waterloo reached Thielmann at 10:00 as the retreat started.
The definitive version is sung by Mercury with Taylor on backing vocals.
The Forum made its definitive statement of the education system in 1891-93 when it published a series of incisive muckraking articles by Joseph Mayer Rice.
The Library of America's definitive edition of Philip Roth's collected works
The pieces here are from the Comala area and mostly from shaft tombs, which is one definitive aspect of the area’s archeology.
The play is staged in the same surroundings in which Ibsen claims he found inspiration for the character "Peer Gynt", and is regarded by many as the definitive version.
There has not been definitive proof, but one theory is that the French-English backs were sold in Quebec and the English-only backs were sold in Ontario.
There is no definitive list of jazz standards, and the list of songs deemed to be standards changes over time.
They are co-authors of the definitive Scrum Guide, which is made available for free by Scrum.org.
This allows for easy removal when fitting the definitive restoration.
Thus, while there are limited material and literary indications for Jewish contact with Spain from a very early period, more definitive and substantial data begins with the third century.
We're going to go with a definitive yes ... and no."
When it put in a request to the United States Postal Service for a post office in that year, however, the residents had to decide on a definitive name.
Worthington published what has been described as the most definitive annotated list of all Guantanamo detainees.

More Vocab Words

::: lachrymose - producing tears; tearful
::: proclivity - inclination; natural tendency (esp. towards something bad)
::: sledge - large sled drawn by work animals
::: temperate - moderate; restrained; self-controlled; moderate in respect to temperature; CF. temperance: moderation and self-restraint; abstinence of alcoholic drinks; Ex. temperance society
::: refulgent - effulgent; brilliant; brightly shining; gleaming; Ex. refulgent moon
::: laity - laypersons; laymen; persons not connected with the clergy
::: mountebank - charlatan; boastful pretender
::: lucid - easily understood; clear; intelligible; N. lucidity
::: apoplexy - stroke; loss of consciousness caused by too much blood in the brain
::: pertinent - suitable; to the point; relevant