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Vocabulary Word

Word: decrepit

Definition: weak and in bad condition from old age or hard use; Ex. decrepit old chair/man

Sentences Containing 'decrepit'

After seeing how her husband was a decrepit, feeble, old man, the young wife decided to leave his yurt.
And among you is he who is taken in death, and among you is he who is returned to the most decrepit [old age so that he knows, after having knowledge, nothing.
He has been invited to various public celebrations where he covets the attention, particularly, from beautiful women in the crowd, and he has an inflated image of himself despite his decrepit condition.
In "The Deadly Assassin" (1976) it is stated that the Master has used up all his regenerations, hence his decrepit appearance in that serial. He is in attempting to use the artifacts of Rassilon to obtain a new cycle, but the process would destroy Gallifrey, so the Doctor intervenes.
In a very short time a decrepit figure had emerged from the opium den, and I was walking down the street with Sherlock Holmes.
On 4 August 1914, Emperor Franz Joseph I appointed Prince Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst as ambassador of the Dual Monarchy at Berlin, replacing the aging and decrepit Count von Szögyény-Marich, an appointment that had been discussed long before the advent of war but blocked by the latter's refusal to make a graceful exit.
One haunting scene in the episode shows Devereux walking in on a half-dressed Elizabeth, and his shock when he sees the Queen as decrepit and old, without her wig or make up.
Robin drives a decrepit Triumph Herald, claiming it to be a "classic British car".
Some facilities in Victoria were old and decrepit such as Victoria Memorial Arena.
The buildings are gutted and in a decrepit state due to neglect and vandalism.
These new LGBT residents were the prime movers of Gay Liberation and often lived communally, buying decrepit Victorians in the Haight and fixing them up.
This closure was perhaps precipitated by the death of a cyclist who foolishly tried to ride across the decrepit former railway bridge (of 1922) over the A4085 below Nantmor.
With the mere touch of his decrepit claw, D'Compose can turn his victims into frightening "undead" monstrosities (usually enlarging human victims to a gigantic size in the process) and they revert to normal only when exposed to daylight (known to the nonhumans in the series as "whiteburn").

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