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Vocabulary Word

Word: decree

Definition: authoritative order; edict; judgment of a court of law; V: order or judge by decree

Sentences Containing 'decree'

A decree was then passed that no stone building should ever be built on the site again.
A third Tonkinese Rifle regiment was established by General de Courcy, by a decree of 28 July 1885, and a fourth by General Warnet, by a decree of 19 February 1886.
Carmona issued a decree, which came to be known as the Carmona Decree, dissolving the National Assembly and Supreme Court, and voiding the 1999 Constitution.
Either fate, (and that either an absolute necessity, and unavoidable decree; or a placable and flexible Providence) or all is a mere casual confusion, void of all order and government.
He promoted Trinitarian thinking by linking verse 17 ("This matter is by the decree of the watchers") with verse 24 ("this is the decree of the most High").
Her film credits include: "The Night Digger", "Terror", "Murder by Decree" and "Supergirl".
In 1875, he issued a royal decree to bring about this reform, dividing and creating many departments, and thereby preventing the archaic system from collapsing.
In 1973, a royal decree invested him as the personal representative of King Hussein.
In Flanders, the operation of NVAO is established by the "Decree on Higher Education" of 4 April 2003.
In January 250 the new emperor Decius issued a decree of legal persecution.
In response to the consent decree, OPM developed the Administrative Careers with America examination.
It is given to the ecclesiastical institutions (the religious and secular institutes, societies of apostolic life) either created by the Holy See or approved by it with the formal decree, known by its Latin name, "Decretum laudis" [“decree of praise”].
It was created 27 February 2003 by the decree 2003-156 of that date.
It was nothing that the decree bore date since his return to France.
Napoleon founded the concept of nobility of Empire by an imperial decree on 1 March 1808.
On 24 May, the government issued the decree implementing the law.
On 29 October 1961, the 1949 election law was restored and amended by Legislative decree No.
On 3 January 1861, the village area of Florø (population: 846) was incorporated as a town by royal decree, which removed it from the rural municipality of Kinn.
On Dec 29, 2004, the Peruvian Government issued Supreme Decree No.
On the same day, Mironyuk issued a statement saying that she was not aware of the decision until the decree was published, and that she believes that the decree had economical background and was not really aimed at optimization of the information service.
Since 2013, the director, appointed by a presidential decree, has been Saulius Urbanavičius.
Such a decree had been issued by Erwig's predecessor Wamba and much as that one Erwig's also failed.
The Alhambra Decree that had expelled the Jews was formally rescinded on December 16, 1968.
The canton was established by a decree Number 766 on October 26, 1949.
The captains tried to get the pilots to decree that no member of their corporation should serve under a non association captain; but this proposition was declined.
The Conseil was set up on 25 August 1804 by decree.
The court found that the decree of the Supreme Court of Wyoming should be reversed and the cause remanded with instructions to enter a decree in favor of the complainant in conformity with this opinion, and it was so ordered.
The decree declared that new elections for a "National Legislative Power" would take place no later than December 2002, and that this would draft a general reform of the 1999 constitution; new "general national elections" would take place within a year of the decree's declaration.
The Department of Energy was created by then President Marcos as he issued Presidential Decree No.
The establishment of El Huecú was authorized on September 2, 1938 by the national decree 11392.
The final confirmation of the Consent Decree was approved in September 2006.
The Grand Banshee appears and takes Sean's life as punishment for breaking her decree.
The Initiative was officially launched in 2008 by Ministerial Decree No.
The institute was established in 1934 following the decree of Ukainian Academy of Sciences.
The institution was formally established by decree 1000 of November 5, 1891.
The king and queen issued the Alhambra Decree less than three months after the surrender of Granada.
The National Archives were created in 1949 by Government decree and contains documents of national and international importance.
The objective of the protests was to have Decree Number 10 repealed, and to force the implementation of religious equality.
The parish was established by decree of January 29, 1932 Archbishop Ismael Perdomo.
The partition was finally annulled by a royal decree in 1911.
The Standard of the Prince of Asturias ("Estandarte del Príncipe de Asturias") is regulated by Royal Decree 284/2001 that modified the Title II of Spanish Royal Decree 1511/1977.
The town also administered the village Valea Ţapului (historical name: ), located at , which was disestablished by Presidential Decree in 1977.
The University was founded in 1805, a decree about its foundation was signed by the Russian Tsar Alexander I, and the first Statutes of the University were approved at that time.
There he was, and there was the decree; he had been taken in France, and his head was demanded.
They were granted by royal decree on 9 February 1990.
This act was protested by the RF for violating the earlier decree of the Assembly against a parallel competitor.
This promise dated February 11, 1490, was repudiated, however, by the decree of expulsion.
Without formally denouncing the first statement, she said that the duty of all employees of RIA Novosti is to implement the decree of the president, and those who disagree with the decree are in fact destabilizing the situation, and their activity is purely destructive.
``Truly, a decree for selling the property of emigrants.''
``What is this decree that the smith spoke of?''

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