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Vocabulary Word

Word: decomposition

Definition: decay; V. decompose: decay; break and separate into simple parts

Sentences Containing 'decomposition'

A decomposition paradigm in computer programming is a strategy for organizing a program as a number of parts, and it usually implies a specific way to organize a program text.
A self-accelerating decomposition occurs when the rate of peroxide decomposition is sufficient to generate heat at a faster rate than it can be dissipated to the environment.
After hatching or death the processes of decomposition and/or preservation begin.
An alternative is the LU decomposition which generates upper and lower triangular matrices which are easier to invert.
As mentioned previously, this decomposition also generates heat.
At higher temperatures peroxide decomposition is faster, more polymerization occurs to heat the mixture, which in turn increases peroxide decomposition and polymerizes the monomer even faster.
At low temperature the decomposition rate is slow enough that the stabilizers quench the polymerization before much heat is generated and the container dissipates what heat is produced.
Decomposition diagrams provide a logical hierarchical decomposition of a system.
Decomposition techniques like LU decomposition are much faster than inversion, and various fast algorithms for special classes of linear systems have also been developed.
Different types of insects assist in determining the five stages of decomposition.
Egg taphonomy is the study of the decomposition and fossilization of eggs.
Example of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD): Example of matrix multiplication:
For example, carbon dioxide is a common, gaseous decomposition product for diacyl peroxides and peresters that is not flammable.
For example, decomposition diagrams may represent organizational structure or functional decomposition into processes.
For instance, when solving a system of linear equations formula_1, the matrix "A" can be decomposed via the LU decomposition.
Furthermore, because Λ is a diagonal matrix, its inverse is easy to calculate: Cholesky decomposition.
However, no scalable process for producing graphene is available, including the peeling of pyrolytic graphene or thermal decomposition of silicon carbide.
In such mixtures decomposition of the peroxide can initiate exothermic radical polymerization of the vinyltrimethoxysilane.
In the mathematical discipline of linear algebra, a matrix decomposition or matrix factorization is a factorization of a matrix into a product of matrices.
It admits a cell decomposition into three cells, of dimensions 0,8 and 16.
Limonene is a relatively stable terpene and can be distilled without decomposition, although at elevated temperatures it cracks to form isoprene.
Most decomposition paradigms suggest breaking down a program into parts so as to minimize the static dependencies among those parts, and to maximize the cohesiveness of each part.
Most organic peroxides react to some extent with their decomposition products during thermal decomposition.
Organic peroxides do not generally release oxygen as part of the decomposition so there is little risk of enhanced burning rates due to oxygen enrichment.
Results of self-accelerating decomposition.
Self accelerating decomposition temperature
Similarly, the QR decomposition expresses "A" as "QR" with "Q" an orthogonal matrix and "R" an upper triangular matrix.
Some peroxides, due to their chemical make-up, are very unstable and need to be refrigerated to avoid a self-accelerating decomposition.
Some popular decomposition paradigms are the procedural, modules, abstract data type and object oriented ones.
Species in this family are cosmopolitan in distribution, and are largely saprobic, obtaining nutrition from the decomposition of wood and plant organic matter.
Still, one can write formula_1 in a spectral decomposition, with a projector-valued measure formula_27.
The concept of decomposition paradigm is entirely independent and different from that of model of computation, but the two are often confused, most often in the cases of the functional model of computation being confused with procedural decomposition, and of the actor model of computation being confused with object oriented decomposition.
The decomposition may include small organic fragments such as methane or acetone which are flammable.
The Jordan normal form and the Jordan–Chevalley decomposition
The LU decomposition factorizes a matrix into a lower triangular matrix "L" and an upper triangular matrix "U".
The number of additions and multiplications required is about twice that of using the LU solver, but no more digits are required in inexact arithmetic because the QR decomposition is numerically stable.
The result of this test is the self-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT).
The SADT is the point at which the heat evolution from the decomposition reaction and the heat removal rate from the package of interest become unbalanced.
The Self Accelerating Decomposition Temperature (SADT) is the lowest temperature at which an organic peroxide in a typical vessel or shipping package will undergo a self-accelerating decomposition within one week.
The thought of a long, slow decomposition process is unappealing to some; many people find that they prefer cremation because it disposes of the body immediately.
There are different types of decomposition defined in computer sciences: More in general functional decomposition in computer science is a technique for mastering the complexity of the function of a model.
There used to be a gristmill in the backyard, though it was demolished due to decomposition in the 1950s.
This is due to acetone, a direct byproduct of the spontaneous decomposition of acetoacetic acid.
This is unlike the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and solid oxidizers that can liberate oxygen.
This often increases the rate since the decomposition proceeds more rapidly as the decomposition products are generated.
This two-stage decomposition applies equally well to vector as well as scalar quantizers.
Usually the aim of using a decomposition paradigm is to optimize some metric related to program complexity, for example the modularity of the program or its maintainability.
When flammable gases or mists are released as part of the decomposition there is always the potential danger of a fire or vapor phase explosion.
When the heat removal is too low, the temperature in the package increases and the rate of decomposition increases in an uncontrollable manner.
When thermal decomposition occurs some organic peroxide formulations release a considerable amount of gases and/or mists.

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