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Vocabulary Word

Word: curtail

Definition: shorten; reduce

Sentences Containing 'curtail'

According to Paul Marino, executive director of the Academy of Machinima Arts Sciences, film makers who had been using prior versions of the "Quake" series to record animated videos, then called ""Quake" movies", were initially excited, but the enthusiasm dampened when id announced that, in an attempt to curtail cheating in multiplayer games, it would take legal action against anyone who released details of "Quake III"s networking code, which was included in the game's game demo file format.
But disaster struck as Paletti was killed at the 1982 Canadian Grand Prix and this seemed to curtail Onyx's progression forward. The next step.
Courts have shown reluctance to curtail creative uses of trademarks in expressive works.
Despite attempts by the "Stavka" to curtail the German advance by throwing in the freshly released 19th Rifle Division and 186th Tank Brigade, the German drive continued.
Early in her time on the West African coast "Tigress" was involved in an attack on the French colony in Senegal in July 1809, that aimed to curtail the activities of privateers.
He attracted some controversy when he outlawed public whistling, hoping to curtail mischievous local boys from whistling an incorrect cadence as sailors marched.
In a much-studied ruling that recognised racist speech was also protected speech, the High Court of Justice attempted to curtail the "Zichroni vs IBA" somewhat: Kach was permitted a "right of reply" if its positions were misrepresented, but it could not demand that its platform be broadcast, and nor could it demand the right of reply to criticism.
In order to curtail gossip and family worries about their relationship, Olive was formally adopted by Seward in 1870.
Martynas Mažvydas was a zealous Protestant and urged citizens to stop all contact between Prussian Lithuanians and Lithuanians living in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in a bid to curtail Catholic influence in the country.
Sprake was holding the ball and was set to throw it to the Leeds left back Terry Cooper, only to curtail his throw when he spotted Liverpool winger Ian Callaghan running towards the area he planned to throw the ball.
The Canadian car side had always been a money-maker and Studebaker was looking to curtail disastrous losses.
The circumstances of Amy's death remain ambiguous, though the episode shows her taking her own life, in a bid to curtail his ambitions to marry Elizabeth.
The decline in the sugar industry left 60% of the country's under government control, and the Ministry of Agriculture is encouraging self-sufficiency in certain foods in order to curtail the need to import food, which accounts for about 25% by value of all imports.
This would presumably reduce people's willingness to communicate freely on the Internet and curtail the Internet's ability to function as an open, democratic forum.
Under the administration of Gov. Sila Calderón, the government tried to cut back on services and eliminated many participants from the program in an effort to curtail expenditures.

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