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Vocabulary Word

Word: cursory

Definition: casual; hastily done with little attention to detail

Sentences Containing 'cursory'

According to Stern, the BKA, after a cursory examination, told Bezaleli that this was a counterfeit document forged in a more or less amateur way.
For example, in Japan, mention of the Nanking Massacre has been removed from textbooks and the entire World War II is given cursory treatment.
Full-scale work at the site began after Roland de Vaux and G. Lankester Harding in 1949 excavated what became known as Cave 1, the first scroll-bearing cave. A cursory surface survey that year produced nothing of interest, but continued interest in the scrolls led to a more substantial analysis of the ruins at Qumran in 1951.
Hemingway scholars think the work is more complicated and important than a cursory read suggests.
However, no deal was agreed as the club's head coach Ćiro Blažević didn't seem that intent on pursuing Mihajlović beyond cursory interest, feeling that Dinamo already has players for central midfield position that are just as good if not better such as incoming Haris Škoro, and club mainstays Marko Mlinarić and Stjepan Deverić.
Once, in a letter to John Jay, Robert Morris spoke of an innocuous letter from "Timothy Jones" (Deane) and the "concealed beauties therein," noting "the cursory examinations of a sea captain would never discover them, but transferred from his hand to the penetrating eye of a Jay, the diamonds stand confessed at once."
Remarkably, her death was marked in the newspapers of the time with the most cursory of death notices and no more.
The laboratory analysts indicated that even after a cursory examination it was evident that the document was a forgery.
The postings were to Internet forums that cover conspiracy theories and UFOs, and a cursory examination of such forums shows that hoaxes are not uncommon.

More Vocab Words

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