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Vocabulary Word

Word: cumulative

Definition: growing by addition; accumulative

Sentences Containing 'cumulative'

"Cumulative KO" occurs when a character has taken 20 total damage, regardless of how many attacks or what types they are.
"The state of having identical cumulative distribution function or values".
A cumulative short-title and subject index to "The Collected Works" was published in 1991.
Also, points are awarded in the motos in the Cumulative System as well as the main so the racer doesn't walk away with nothing if he doesn't advance.
Another commonly applied model is the probit model where formula_4 is the cumulative normal distribution function, formula_19 and formula_7 follows a binomial distribution.
Another straw was that all of the pro classes would be subject to the transfer system just like the amateurs in the 1983 season instead of the cumulative system they were using for at least the qualifying rounds as they were before and during 1982.
As lawmaker he authored, among others Republic Act. 342 (Moratorium Act); R.A. 611 (cumulative computation of vacation and sick leaves) and R.A. No.
At its recent height in the 1980s, the men's basketball team was better than perennial power Duke and second only to UNC in that decade's cumulative ACC standings.
Becoming a Master Inventor is the result of a cumulative contribution to the IBM patent portfolio.
Construction of ten hydropower plants on the Sava river with a cumulative capacity of 338 MW is planned to be finished by 2030.
Criteria for selection are that the candidate must have passed the land navigation course (no retest), must have passed all peer evaluations, and must have the highest cumulative score.
Cumulative distribution fits this description.
Different velocities of the emitting particles result in different (Doppler) shifts, the cumulative effect of which is the line broadening.
Each player adds up the point values of the cards they have left, and then adds this total value to their previous cumulative score.
Each player's score for the hand is added to their cumulative score.
Electrocorticography (ECoG) records the cumulative activity of hundreds to thousands of neurons with a sheet of electrodes placed directly on the surface of the brain.
Elliott died on August 14, 1894 from a seizure after a failed suicide and the cumulative effects of alcoholism.
For GIC to be a hazard to technology, the current has to be of a magnitude and occurrence frequency that makes the equipment susceptible to either immediate or cumulative damage.
For the censored observations one needs the survival function, which is the complement of the cumulative distribution function, i.e. one needs to be able to evaluate formula_24.
For this race the ABA abandoned its own commitment to the transfer system and not only had the Pros run the qualifying rounds in the cumulative scoring manner, i.e. racing three times in the qualifying motos and the pros with the eight lowest point scores transfer to the Main, but the Main was also cumulative, but not merely run three times but five.
If players manage to pass their songs a cumulative results screen is given, totaling the stats from all played stages.
If you win a round by putting down all of your cards at the same time (forming your own piernas or escaleras or adding to those of other players), without having previously put down any cards in that round, your cumulative score is reduced by 10 points.
In general, the album has received mixed reviews, gathering a rating of 52 out of 100 on Metacritic, which assigns a rating for albums based on cumulative reviews.
In July 2012, there was a cumulative installed total solar PV power of 29.7 GW.
It is similar in shape to the log-normal distribution but its cumulative distribution function has a simple closed form, which becomes important computationally when fitting data with censoring.
Mirex is highly cumulative and amount depends upon the concentration and duration of exposure.
Murray lost the first two games of the second set, meaning that Federer had won a cumulative total of six straight games in a row.
One could compute the cumulative variance for all 7 options easily and choose the absolute best placement.
Signing Time began airing on public television stations nationwide in 2006 and went from being relatively unknown to having over 80% national cumulative carriage.
Since inception, cumulative assistance has surpassed US$65 Billion, and is continuing to grow through interest earnings, principal repayments, and leveraging.
So there is a "rank of the cumulative hierarchy" with an "external automorphism" T moving the rank downward, exactly the condition on a nonstandard model of a rank in the cumulative hierarchy under which a model of NFU is constructed in the New Foundations article.
Students are required to take two science and math courses each of their four years of high school, which allows them to graduate with a cumulative total of 30-32 credits.
The ACRI report attributing the problem to “‘the cumulative effects of annexation, neglect, rights violations and the completion of the separation barrier.” Another contributing factor to the economic decline is the housing situation.
The break-up itself was a cumulative process throughout 1969–70, marked by rumours of a split and ambiguous comments by the Beatles themselves regarding the future of the group.
The cumulative ACE for the Eastern Pacific this season easily fell within the official "Above-normal" grading.
The cumulative captive breeding program has steadily grown, with 130 individuals in captivity (2010) and 442 weaned pups born in captivity since 2000.
The cumulative power of feeble forces acting frequently at definite intervals is seen in many ways in everyday life.
The cumulative powers of all his personalities make him one of the strongest mutants in existence.
The game also ends if at the end of a round, all players except one have a cumulative score of more than 100.
The quintet posted a cumulative 2.97 E.R.A. and amassed 88 wins, equaling the win total of the 2nd place Mets.
The student-athletes honorees were letterwinners in at least their second academic year at their institution and who carry a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
The V-optimality rule states that the cumulative weighted variance of the buckets must be minimized.
They have various cumulative effects, often granting the hero an extra life.
This suggests that (an initial segment of) the cumulative hierarchy can be studied by considering the isomorphism classes of set pictures.
To be eligible for the award, a player must be in at least his second year of athletic eligibility, be a first-team or key performer and carry a cumulative 3.30 grade point average.
V-optimality is a Partition Rule which states that the bucket boundaries are to be placed as to minimize the cumulative weighted variance of the buckets.
We will look at two options and compute the cumulative variance of those options.
where "T" is the cumulative sample total, "D" is the level of precision, "n" is the sample size and "a" and "b" are obtained from Taylor's law.
With three other cruisers, she made a material contribution to the cumulative gunfire which sank "Yamashiro".
Zindel received the annual Margaret A. Edwards Award from the American Library Association in 2002, recognizing his cumulative "significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature".

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