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Vocabulary Word

Word: cuisine

Definition: style of cooking; Ex. French cuisine

Sentences Containing 'cuisine'

Architecture, too, shows German influence, as do popular customs and local cuisine.
Cheonggukjang () is a fermented soybean paste used in Korean cuisine.
Corn crab soup is a dish found in Chinese cuisine, American Chinese cuisine, and Canadian Chinese cuisine.
Finnish cuisine also bears some resemblance to German and Russian cuisines.
Finnish cuisine is much more international than I expected.
Finnish cuisine is notable for generally combining traditional country fare and "haute cuisine" with contemporary continental style cooking.
Finnish cuisine is very similar to Swedish cuisine.
Fish slices are often used in Chinese cuisine, especially in noodle dishes.
For this, they took an uninspired international hotel cuisine based on imported products and replaced it with a cuisine based on locally grown foods.
Formerly, quenelles were often used as a garnish in haute cuisine.
He built a following for his avant-garde cuisine.
He is often credited with establishing a truly national Italian cuisine for the first time.
He was the first writer in English to notice nouvelle cuisine in France.
Historically, Slovenian cuisine was divided into town, farmhouse, cottage, castle, parsonage and monastic cuisine.
In 1873 Alexandre Dumas wrote in his "Grand dictionnaire de cuisine":
In 2005, Finnish cuisine came under heavy fire from two leaders of countries renowned for their cuisine.
In North German and Danish cuisine plaice is one of the most commonly eaten fishes.
In the cuisine of Chicago, giardiniera is used as a condiment, typically as a topping on Italian beef sandwiches.
is a Food Network (Canada) television series featuring the nuptial cuisine of diverse cultures.
It is one of the most important banana varieties in Philippine cuisine.
Its restaurant is known as "The Room", and caters in French fusion cuisine amongst other cuisines.
Kyoto is considered one of a mecca of traditional Japanese cuisine.
Land-based accommodations do not exist. Cuisine.
Later, the cake became a standard dessert in the Soviet cuisine.
Malayali cuisine is not homogeneous and regional variations are visible throughout.
Many of the cattle were butchered and beef was introduced to Hawaiian cuisine.
Owing to its popularity, it forms one of the most consumed dishes of Pakistani cuisine and Sindhi cuisine.
Oysters Bienville is a traditional oyster dish in New Orleans cuisine.
Recipes using shrimp form part of the cuisine of many cultures.
Rogan josh was brought to Kashmir by the Mughals, whose cuisine was in turn influenced by Persian cuisine.
Saint Barthélemy cuisine mainly revolves around French cuisine, West Indian cuisine, Creole cuisine, Italian cuisine and Asian cuisine.
Several of his restaurants featured Filipino and Kapampangan cuisine.
Slovenian cuisine is a mixture of the Central European cuisine (especially Austrian and Hungarian), the Mediterranean cuisine and the Balkan cuisine.
Ssamjang is a thick, spicy paste used with food wrapped in a leaf in Korean cuisine.
The Anibare offers international cuisine and local seafood.
The area boasts over 80 restaurants showcasing some of London's finest and most authentic Asian cuisine.
The region is known for its distinctive cuisine.
The restaurant delivers a Northern Italian cuisine.
The Roman cuisine preserved in the cookery books ascribed to Apicius is essentially Greek.
The worldwide reputation of Finnish cuisine isn't very good – but it should be!"
Theregional cuisine is varied and delicious.
These are all important components of Japanese cuisine.
They are situated on highways and generally serve local cuisine, and also serve as truck stops.
This dish is commonly found in restaurants that serve the Udupi cuisine.
This soup was a part of the royal court cuisine of Ryukyu Kingdom; it is thought to have analeptic properties.
Tourist inn maintained by HPTDC provide accommodation and Indian cuisine.
Tripe soup comes in many varieties in the Eastern European cuisine.
Tuna is the most important fish in Hawaiian cuisine.
Wilkinson has described Olive Garden's cuisine as "my soul food."
Wuhu and Anqing are noted centers of the Yanjiang cuisine.

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