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Vocabulary Word

Word: cryptic

Definition: mysterious; hidden; secret

Sentences Containing 'cryptic'

"'I had hoped to avoid it,' was his cryptic response.
"Ophidiaster granifer" is a small five armed starfish with a cryptic mottled brown colouration.
"Song From A Bottom of a Well" marries an explosive arrangement, again featuring Oldfield, to Ayers’ cryptic lyric "This is a song from the bottom of a well / There are things down here / I've got to try and tell".
(I, iv, 137) Scholars are not agreed as to what Greene meant by his cryptic comments or what motivated them.
A mysterious MySpace profile (link) was then discovered on March 28, 2007 which featured another cryptic video and four new audio samples.
According to frontman David Draiman on the band home documentary "M.O.L.", the lyrics that he writes are inspired by life experience, perception, and actual experiences of his own, and he stated that he likes to present his ideas with cryptic lyrics.
Adults have a "sailing" flight flapping their wings and then gliding.They frequently perch and visit flowers for nectar and damp patches where they imbibe salts and other nutrients.Adult uppersides exhibit disruptive coloration, the undersides exhibit cryptic colouration."Neptis hylas" makes sounds.
After his retirement in 1960, Fields published "My 21 Years in the White House," in which he wove together his private papers and cryptic journals, written while serving, with his recollections.
After receiving cryptic phone calls from a man she believes to be Eve, she is kidnapped.
As part of the marketing campaign for the album, a series of cryptic videos were circulated on various websites, specifically via YouTube and MySpace.
Both parents incubate the eggs and their cryptic colouration makes them almost invisible when sitting on the nest. The eggs hatch after about 20 days.
Both Philippine and treecreepers are cryptic in adaptation to their tree-creeping lifestyle, but this is achieved with a very different camouflage pattern in either.
Cryptic species are species which look very similar, or perhaps even outwardly identical, but are reproductively isolated.
Flying fox die-offs feature arguably among the most dramatic mass mortality events witnessed in nature, but they can be indicators of heat stress in more cryptic fauna where impacts are more difficult to assess.
Having long-pursued a cryptic trail from native legend and archaeological artifacts, Blackthorne Shore arrives at a gruesome temple hidden in the wilds of Borneo, within which a snake-like Inhumanoid named Slither has been imprisoned for thousands of years.
His riddles are his method of subverting his condition, so that he is still technically telling the truth, but always in as cryptic a manner as possible.
Hornbuckle was never named anywhere in Midway's plans because his name is derived from Leanne Hornbuckle of Sculptured Software, who added "Hornbuckle Who?" to the dozens of other cryptic messages in red text that would appear upon defeating Shao Kahn.
In "Mortal Kombat II", Jade was a mysterious hidden character who played no part in the game's storyline other than appearing at the start of random fights to drop cryptic clues on how to access her so the players be transported to Goro's Lair to square off against her.
It gives her advice and directs her in a cryptic way.
Its design is based on the entry submitted by Adam Ihle for the 2011 "Design the next Enterprise" contest, a joint venture between Cryptic Studios, CBS, and Intel, which ran shortly before the game went "free to play."
Kitsuné also released a remix single of Pin Me Down's "Cryptic" in June 2008, which features remixes by PHONES (producer and remixer Paul Epworth), Jamie Ellis (of Battle) and Russell Lissack, Dave P Adam Sparkles and Dubka Cazals.
Max has a Voice in her head, which gives her cryptic messages that she sometimes disregards.
She then finds Jayne and Shepherd Book in the kitchen, where she "hears" Jayne repeat his confession to Mal about selling out the Tams on Ariel, and Book mutter an angry but cryptic statement hinting at his less wholesome past. River continues to wander the ship and is moved by the sound of ocean waves as Zoe and Wash passionately kiss on the nearby bridge.
Sighvatr's skaldic verse in Old Norse: Skaldic poetry, a common medium of Norse poets, was intentionally meant to be cryptic and allusive, therefore the idiomatic nature of Sighvatr's skaldic verse, describing what has become known as the blood eagle, is a matter of historical contention.
Tacitus is cryptic in his discussion of the birth of Curtius Rufus, while revealing that some believed him to be son of a gladiator.
The answer was, true to the Vorlon's cryptic speech patterns, simply "Yes."
The Cinnamon Quail-thrush ("Cinclosoma cinnamomeum") is cryptic arid-zone species that is endemic to Australia.
The species suffers serious predation and competition from introduced species of trout but due its nocturnal habits and cryptic, cover-oriented behaviour it appears to survive in sufficient numbers to maintain populations in high quality habitats.
The two species have cryptic plumage, with intricate patterning of greys and browns.
The wiretaps contain cryptic conversations between Milušs and Ainārs Šlesers, which were leaked to national TV in 2006.
Their first single "Cryptic" appears on the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 5 as track number 5.
These butterflies usually rest on the branches of a tree, protected by their cryptic markings, but ready to take off and fly away when disturbed.
This subfamily unites generally mid-sized to smallish moths with a more or less cryptic coloration including most often various hues of brownish colors.
This would mean that predation by Great Frigatebirds is significant enough to select towards a cryptic darkening of the plumage, as these are the only predators of "Z. m. clarionensis".
Though one might suspect stronger differentiation and perhaps marked cryptic speciation across the wide range, the Rocky Mountains population is apparently a very recent isolate.

More Vocab Words

::: diva - operatic singer; prima donna
::: maculated - spotted; stained; CF. immaculate
::: whimsy - whim; tendency to behave amusingly strangely; Ex. story full of whimsy
::: emulate - imitate; rival; try to equal or excel (through imitation)
::: fickle - changeable (in affections or friendship); faithless
::: invincible - unconquerable
::: miserly - stingy; mean
::: receptive - quick or willing to receive (ideas, suggestions, etc.); Ex. receptive to the proposal
::: requisition - formal demand or request; Ex. requisition for more computing equipment; V.
::: vying - contending; CF. vie