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Vocabulary Word

Word: crux

Definition: essential or main point; Ex. the crux of the problem; ADJ. crucial: of deciding importance

Sentences Containing 'crux'

Danik of Atlantis - ("Crux"/"Solus") Born in the city-state of Atlantis on the planet Earth over 100,000 years ago, he was a student of the Spirit, one of five disciplines practiced by Atlanteans.
Found in the books The First, Crux, Sigil, Solus, and Negation: War, Danik is a Transitioned Atlantean who has split off from himself Avatars (or aspects of himself) to watch over and mentor several sentient beings throughout our universe and others.
Having interpreted the cloud phenomenon as representing the "crux decussata" upon which Saint Andrew was crucified, Óengus honoured his pre-battle pledge and duly appointed Saint Andrew as the Patron Saint of Scotland.
He had already collected two ground beetles when he "saw a sacred Panagæus crux major".
How Rajini takes revenge on him forms the crux of the story.
How the duo succeed in changing Chakravarthy's behaviour forms the crux of the story.
Inspired by the many who wanted to learn, Adam created his first product, a book entitled ""The Average Joe's Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market."" The book details the crux of The Adam Mesh Trading Group's mission: to teach technical analysis and the intangibles of trading: discipline, control and accountability.
It is, of course the very crux of the play, and if it were either misunderstood or resented the rest could not possibly succeed.
Notable figures who have served with the regiment or its predecessors include the brothers Louis and Auguste de Keralio (from 1734 to 1749), Étienne-Charles de Damas-Crux (second in command of the régiment d'Aquitaine on 3 October 1779), Maurice Chevalier (in 1913) and Jean Chrétien Fischer.
The belt contains bright stars in many constellations including (in order going more or less eastward) Cepheus, Lacerta, Perseus, Orion, Canis Major, Puppis, Vela, Carina, Crux (the Southern Cross), Centaurus, Lupus, and Scorpius (including the Scorpius-Centaurus Association).
The Crux is the sixth studio album from the US band Hurt.It was originally to be released on April 24, 2012, on Carved Records label, but was delayed one week to May 1, 2012.
The letters were shown hanging from the arms of the cross in Early Christian art, and some crux gemmata, jeweled crosses in precious metal, have formed letters hanging in this way, called pendilia; for example, in the Asturian coat of arms, which is based upon the Asturian Victory Cross.
This led to their debut appearance on the four-way split dubbed Four On The Floor alongside Screeching Weasel, Teen Idols, and Moral Crux.
Use of a simplified symbol associated with Saint Andrew which does not depict his image, namely the saltire, or crux decussata, (from the Latin crux, 'cross', and decussis, 'having the shape of the Roman numeral X'), has its origins in the late 14th century; the Parliament of Scotland having decreed in June 1385 that Scottish soldiers serving in France shall wear a white Saint Andrew's Cross on their person, both in front and behind, for the purpose of identification.
What transpires later forms the crux of the story.

More Vocab Words

::: panache - flair; manner of doing things without any difficulty (causing admiration); flamboyance; bunch of feathers (on a helmet); Ex. with great panache; CF.
::: accretion - growth or increase in size by gradual addition; growth; increase; increase by natural growth; Ex. towers and other accretions of the castle; V. accrete
::: plumb - exactly vertical; N: weight on the end of a line; V: examine very carefully or critically in order to understand; measure depth (by sounding); Ex. plumb the depth of
::: fictitious - imaginary; non-existent; purposely invented to deceive; untrue; Ex. fictitious name/boyfriend; CF. fictional
::: gross - total; fragrant; clearly wrong; (of people's behavior) coarse; corpulent; Ex. gross insolence/behavior; V: earn as a total amount; N: 12 dozens
::: sodden - thoroughly soaked; dull or stupid as if from drink
::: haggle - argue about prices (in an attempt to bargain)
::: calligraphy - beautiful writing; excellent penmanship
::: diffuse - wordy; verbose; rambling; spread out (like a gas); V: spread out in all directions; disperse; N. diffusion; CF. suffuse
::: tinge - give a slight degree of a color or quality to; N: slight degree of a color or quality; Ex. tinged with grey/jealousy