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Vocabulary Word

Word: criteria

Definition: standards used in judging; CF. criterion

Sentences Containing 'criteria'

A CMTL can also be a Common Criteria (CC) Testing Laboratory (CCTL).
A primitive road can be classified if it meets the following criteria.
A repeat competition was held in 1960, but once again, none of the 136 entries met the criteria.
According to him, to belong to a nation is a subjective act which always has to be repeated, as it is not assured by objective criteria.
As a cabinet member, he had to provide the criteria of the military transportation (steamboating and railway operation).
As of 2013 there is no objective test. Criteria.
Countries may "graduate" out of the LDC classification when indicators exceed these criteria.
Criteria for audience segmentation strategy.
Criteria include the influence and significance of the nominee's contributions to dance music.
Croatia currently meets 1 out of the 5 convergence criteria.
Eligible criteria include the following.
F-22: Doesn't Meet Basic Testing Criteria 1996–2000.
Historically, widely used criteria for offering liver transplantation, such as King's College Criteria, are of limited use and recent guidelines discourage excessive reliance on these criteria.
However, these are few in number with little criteria.
In 1980 the American College of Rheumatology agreed upon diagnostic criteria for scleroderma.
In the early 1970s, the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia were the subject of a number of controversies which eventually led to the operational criteria used today.
It is searchable by County or County Criteria, both of which allow the user to filter the search results as he or she chooses.
Judicial deference to agency decisions is what has kept them in effect, despite the difference between these and the statutory criteria.
Other criteria include realizing the mission of an organization and demonstrating best practices.
Otherwise, the format, including eligibility criteria, remained unchanged.
Prediabetes is the state in which some but not all of the diagnostic criteria for diabetes are met.
Remaining lenders tightened the credit criteria making it more difficult to receive a loan.
Reviewers are guided in their evaluation by a set of rigorous criteria.
Search criteria are written in abbreviated SQL.
Since claimants agree to readily observable success criteria prior to the test, results are unambiguous and clearly indicate whether or not the criteria have been met.
So the algorithm is normally augmented with artificial termination criteria such as time or memory limits.
Standard criteria in psychological research can be utilized to evaluate a scale.
Tankink also won several criteria after the Tour.
The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) published its first classification criteria for fibromyalgia in 1990, although these are not strictly diagnostic criteria.
The architect's role and responsibilities may change in function of the geopolitical location of the development and other criteria.
The country's own contracting economy also poses a major challenge to it meeting the convergence criteria.
The DEA claims that cannabis has no accepted medical use because it does not meet all of these criteria: These criteria are not binding; they were created by DEA and can be altered at any time by DEA.
The escheating criteria are set by individual state regulations.
The ICD-10 criteria put more emphasis on Schneiderian first-rank symptoms.
The journal had no publication criteria based on the interest level of the case.
The medal replaced the Ulster Defence Regiment Medal. Criteria.
The most widely accepted set of classification criteria for research purposes was elaborated in 1990 by the Multicenter Criteria Committee of the American College of Rheumatology.
The prestigious prize is adjudged by strict criteria and was awarded only to four coaches in Europe.
The recognition of Slovenia therefore indirectly also meant that Slovenia had been meeting the passed criteria.
The selection criteria rest mainly on competitive written and oral exams
The table is sorted by GAA, and the criteria for inclusion is bolded.
There are numerous upgrade criteria to choose from.
There are six criteria that need to be satisfied for the exaggerated neck to be classified as a result of sexual selection.
These criteria are to ensure that those working or studying in the UK do so legally.
These criteria, which are known informally as "the ACR 1990", define fibromyalgia according to the presence of the following criteria: The ACR criteria for classification of patients were originally established as inclusion criteria for research purposes and were not intended for clinical diagnosis but have now become the "de facto" diagnostic criteria in the clinical setting.
These laboratories must meet the following requirements: FIPS 140-2 in relation to the Common Criteria.
This argument silently rejects the concept that if a drug does not meet the criteria for any schedule, it should not be in any schedule.
This list is by style of building rather than by any special criteria granted by the Pope.
This must be a least two years after Croatia joins the ERM2 (in addition to it meeting other criteria).
To be drafted a player must fit the following criteria: Draft order.

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