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Vocabulary Word

Word: crest

Definition: top (as of a hill or wave); showy feathers on the head of a bird

Sentences Containing 'crest'

A crane being a bird which appears on both the shield and crest of the Clan Cranstoun.
A road a mile long -LRB- 5280 feet -RRB- has a grade of 132 if the crest of the hill is 132 feet above the level at which the road started.
Above the crest or coronet, the knight's or dame's heraldic banner is hung, emblazoned with his or her coat of arms.
Also there is a massive amount of fans in Free Famagusta, Limassol and Nicosia Crest and colours.
But I was rebuked for trying to feed an idle and frivolous curiosity in so solemn and so mournful a place; and went my way with a humbled crest.
But struggling out of it again, and chancing to rise on a towering crest, he shouted,--"Sail on the whale!--Drive him off!"
Cedar Crest College provided the enrichment experiences to schools in the region.
Each Duelist was given a rose crest ring by End of the World.
He has won other races including the Cascade Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run.
Her crest is mounted to the gate of the Devonport Naval Base.
His family crest exhibits 2 Frisian eagles.
In 2012 Anorthosis with some changes on 100 years crest announce their final official crest that shows the poenix over the fire by using the design of 100 years logo Colors.
It has a pink beak and a white crest, and the featherless areas on its head are pale.
It is named for the "crest" which surrounds the pool.
Its single crest, or lip, is reminiscent of its larger sister, Bridalveil Fall, in Yosemite.
Many a lusty crest waving Hector, that towered a whole foot above his crowding comrades, fell before my weapon and rolled in the dust.
Medial to the pubic tubercle is the crest, which extends from this process to the medial end of the bone.
Over the helm the crest composed of a goat passant proper Argent.
Poor Danglars looked so crest fallen and discomfited that Monte Cristo assumed a pitying air towards him.
Portrayal. The Cockatiel's distinctive erectile crest expresses the animal's emotional state.
Prefects are easily distinguishable by gold coloured wreaths around the school crest on their blazer.
Realizing this, Villefort came to the rescue of the crest fallen minister, instead of aiding to crush him.
School colors and crest. The school colors are steel grey and blood red.
She was sold to Crest Shipping Co in 1951 and renamed "Starcrest", remaining under Ivanovich's management.
The British Railways crest was located on the tender side.
The club crest is a black and white diamond on a blue background.
The crest is neat and the upperparts are barred in black.
The crest within the crest badge is a "a martlet", and the motto is "IN SEASON".
The dam is long, wide at the crest, and high.
The describers ascribed a primarily aerodynamic function to the crest, which is reflected in the genus name.
The extra molar crest that was variable in "Miohippus" became permanent in "Parahippus".
The gray feathers on his cheeks and crest are replaced by bright yellow feathers, while the orange cheek patch becomes brighter and more distinct. The face and crest of the female will typically remain mostly gray, though also with an orange cheek patch.
The hotel later became known as the Forte Crest Sheffield and the Posthouse Sheffield.
The hotel still displays the crest of Edward VII on the front façade of the hotel.
The male is black with a curly crest, a white belly, and a yellow knob on its bill.
The man, somewhat crest fallen by the rebuke he had received, repeated what the concierge had said.
The mountain reaches the highest altitude at the mountain crest of Kordež Head (Slovene: , , ).
The reservoir is above sea level at full pool and spillway crest level.
The school is part of a foundation created by Richard Fitzjames (Bishop of London) with his nephew John Fitzjames (later to become Chief Justice of the King's Bench) whose family crest incorporated the bearded dolphin which remains part of the school crest today.
The school's crest with three salmon is based on that of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.
The sedimentation rates decreased gradually from the upstream to the crest of the dam.
The snout bears no crest. The front part of the snout is expanded.
The Spring Creek Dam is high, long along its crest, and thick at its base.
There are two types of Branch Crest – plain emboidered cloth or Silk and wire.
There is a narrow elevated blackish crest on the head, becoming buff on the thorax.
They are derived from neural crest cells.
This is thought to be the largest such stand this far northwest of the crest of the Cascade Mountains.
Upon the death of a Knight, the banner, helm, mantling and crest (or coronet or crown) are taken down.
Utena also has a rose crest, but hers came from a prince she met when she was very young.
With a strange sense of freedom and adventure I pushed on up to the crest.

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