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Vocabulary Word

Word: crescendo

Definition: increase in the volume or intensity as in a musical passage; climax; CF. crescent

Sentences Containing 'crescendo'

"Paste" named "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" the 9th best album of 2011, writing "As with everything the Frenchman's done so far, the album is lush and ably produced, crescendo after crescendo."
It has 1,235 stop tabs controlling 587 flue stops, 265 reed stops, 35 melodic percussions, 46 non-melodic percussions, 164 couplers, 18 tremolos, 120 swell pedal selectors for the 6 swell pedals controlling 15 swell boxes, and a stop crescendo pedal. The console is also the only one in the world with 7 manuals.
Romantic Tragedy's Crescendo is the debut album of the Italian gothic metal band Macbeth.
The flute interrupts the piano interlude with a quiet restatement of a rhythmic motif earlier introduced by the piano. After a gradual crescendo, the duo reaches a climax marked by a descending scale.
The pieces begin with a slow introduction of fluid rhythms ("alap" or "aochar") and build in a crescendo to a spirited display of virtuosity with tabla accompaniment.
The vocalisations are described as a yelping crescendo, ""yaow, yow, yow, yow…" or "wuk-wuk-wuk-wuk…"." The female gives "a whining "chee-uu"."
Then, with the audience's applause and shouting building to a crescendo, the band would kick in with its theme as the curtain parted."
This begins slowly and builds to a crescendo, and finally establishes a complicated exposition of the "raga" that shows the performer's skill.
To increase the scariness, Williams added a female chorus with a crescendo resembling a shriek – which would "humanize" the track representing "victims that go out without saying an 'ouch' – they're gone before they can say that" – for the Tripod attacks, and a nearly inaudible male choir – which Williams compared to "Tibetan monks, the lowest known pitch our bodies can make" – for the aliens exploring the basement.

More Vocab Words

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