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Vocabulary Word

Word: craft

Definition: skill (esp. with one's hands); skill in deceiving people; guile; ADJ. crafty: cleverly deceitful; cunning

Sentences Containing 'craft'

A cannibal of a craft, tricking herself forth in the chased bones of her enemies.
A craft centre that existed previously was closed in summer 2006.
A pleasure craft, the "Oasis", had an engine failure and was abandoned.
After this, he was ordered to redress, and it was then that he noticed there were no lights or windows on the craft, only the daylight coming through the craft's door.
As if the waves had been fullers, this craft was bleached like the skeleton of a stranded walrus.
As with most American small craft, its origin is not well documented.
At the time, Craft was 36 and her co-anchor Scott Feldman was 31.
August Craft Month is Northern Ireland's annual celebration of craft - a coordinated programme of events and activities that showcase the work of craft makers in Northern Ireland and from across the UK, Ireland and Europe.
Correct Craft has three models of Nautique boats.
Correct Craft is a U.S.-based builder of powerboats primarily for ski and wakeboard use.
Craft initially won her case, though she lost on appeal. Hearst Corporation ownership.
Craft NI was set up in 2004 and is located in Cotton Court, Cathedral Quarter, Belfast. Craft NI produces information and publicity about the craft sector.
Craft Northern Ireland is the regional development agency for craft in Northern Ireland.
Craft resigned from the station nine months later after rejecting a demotion to assignment reporting.
During the Korean Conflict, Correct Craft, Inc.
Early in the NLRB's history, the board held that if there was a history of industrial bargaining, craft workers should not be permitted to create a distinct craft bargaining unit.
For instance, it was a proud thing to be of the crew of such stately craft as the`Aleck Scott'or the`Grand Turk.'
Given the hydrogen used for lifting the craft this was a very dangerous system.
He dignified and illuminated the craft".
In 2007, Craft NI hosted its first exhibition of contemporary craft from Northern Ireland.
In the year 2000, Correct Craft purchased of land for the development of a new manufacturing facility.
It AMOUNTED to something being a raftsman on such a craft as that.
It is navigable for large craft and the major ferry lines to and from Stockholm pass through it.
It is used extensively in the craft and home brewing industry.
John practising the three Craft degrees since then.
John, a «blue lodge» practising the Craft degrees.
Kennedy's advisory committee was established to help craft a new bill more acceptable to Republicans.
Now, this plan of Queequeg's, or rather Yojo's, touching the selection of our craft; I did not like that plan at all.
Older ships and pleasure craft often have or had wooden hulls.
One doesn't hit a rock or a solid log craft with a steamboat when he can get excused.
Pilots bore a mortal hatred to these craft; and it was returned with usury.
Small rocks within the craft float in the air, some of which reveal themselves to be alien creatures.
Some weeks after, the Commodore set sail in this impregnable craft for Valparaiso.
The American Federation of Labor had long adhered to a policy of craft unionism, where workers with similar skills (a "craft") belonged to the same union.
The boy asked for a paper, which was thrown to him, and the couple pushed their tiny craft out into the swell of the boat.
The evade their attacker long enough for SecBu military craft to arrive and shoot it down.
The Farmer board also reversed policy on "craft" units.
The Fiesta was then used as a beach landing craft with the Royal Marines.
The guild standardised the craft and acted as a protector of the trade secrets.
The IWS curriculum includes music, art, craft and dance.
The or 13m landing craft was a type of landing craft, used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.
The rest contrived to escape for the time, but only to be taken, as will hereafter be seen, by some other craft than the Pequod.
The ship named after him was worthy of the honour, being a very fast sailer and a noble craft every way.
There are many craft shops selling ceramics, leather and clothes.
This canal is only suitable for small craft since both road and railway bridges restrict height.
This craft was used to travel to the outer islands on 'birding' missions.
This proved insufficiently powerful to get the craft airborne.
Virgin Galactic has indicated plans for an orbital craft, SpaceShipThree.
Warwick Records was a record label established in 1959 with Morty Craft as president.
We gathered from him that this calm craft would go, as advertised,`if she got her trip;'if she didn't get it, she would wait for it.

More Vocab Words

::: filing - particle removed by a file
::: expletive - meaningless word; interjection; profane oath; swear-word
::: groom - man employed to take care of horses; V: make neat and trim; clean and brush (an animal)
::: impermeable - impervious; not permitting passage through its substance; impossible to permeate
::: eclectic - selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources; selecting individual elements from a variety of sources; N. eclecticism
::: bombardment - attack (as with missiles or bombs); V. bombard
::: hilarity - boisterous mirth(merriment; laughter); ADJ. hilarious: full of laughter
::: enunciate - announce; proclaim; utter or speak, especially distinctly; pronounce clearly; articulate; Ex. This theory was first enunciated by him.
::: authoritative - having the weight of authority; regarded as providing knowledge that can be trusted; reliable; peremptory and dictatorial; Ex. authoritative dictionary/manner; CF. definitive
::: franchise - right or privilege granted by authority; right to vote; license to sell a product in a particular territory