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Vocabulary Word

Word: covenant

Definition: binding agreement between two groups or people; compact; V: enter into a covenant; promise

Sentences Containing 'covenant'

9:12), circumcision as a token of God's covenant with Abraham (Gen.
A covenant relationship is still maintained with the Presbyterian Church (USA).
Abruptly, Covenant leaves with the two remaining Humbled to confront Joan.
Additional accusations made against her concerned her weekly meetings at her house, and the statements she made against the ministers for preaching a "covenant of works".
After the resurrection of Thomas Covenant, Covenant's mind is fractured and often becomes lost among his vast memories of the Land's past acquired from Covenant's existence as the Timewarden.
Alberta Health Services is responsible for the operations of the hospital in collaboration with Covenant Health.
Although Wesley's early covenant services were not held at any particular time of year, in British Methodism the custom soon developed of holding Covenant services near the beginning of the New Year, nowadays usually on the first or second Sunday of the year.
As a young man he studied for two years at the Chicago Athenaeum while leading a choir at the present-day Douglas Park Covenant Church.
As Elena is being consumed Covenant convinces Esmer to leave them, which allows the Ardent to transport the company away.
Baggage and passenger screening is operated by Covenant Aviation Security, a TSA contractor, nicknamed "Team SFO."
Between 1947 and 1950, the Scottish Covenant, a petition requesting a Scottish legislature within the UK, received over two million signatures.
Cotton had been a mentor to Hutchinson, and the colony's other ministers regarded him and his parishioners with suspicion because of their belief in the covenant of grace as opposed to the preparationist views of the majority of divines.
Cotton warned about the question of sanctification becoming essentially a covenant of works.
Covenant accepts this alliance, and the Feroce later help him when they battle with the Skest. Covenant reaches Joan by entering a caesure; Branl and Clyme follow him with dogged Haruchai loyalty, though Covenant is only able to free himself from the warped instant of time.
Covenant calls the Ranyhyn, who are able to distract Joan – due to her love of horses.
Covenant first tries to reason with She Who Must Not be Named, then tries to convince Esmer to reveal her true name which would release her.
Dudley then stepped in with a fresh attack concerning her having men at her home meetings, and "traducing the ministers" by saying they "preached a covenant of works, and only Mr. Cotton a covenant of grace."
During the meetings Hutchison criticized the colony's ministers for preaching a covenant of works as opposed to the covenant of grace espoused by the Reverend Cotton.
During the period of the First English Civil War he ignored the Solemn League and Covenant, and continued to use the "Book of Common Prayer".
He also contributed to "Sions Basun" (Zion's Trumpet), the first official hymnal of Covenant Church.
He later served as pastor at Covenant churches in Nebraska and Massachusetts.
He preaches what he refers to as "Two Seedline Racial Covenant Identity", an ideology which among other things, postulates that the Caucasian race is made in the image of God.
He refuses to ride a Ranyhyn per his ancient bargain with them, so the Humbled's Ranyhyn bring with them the steed formerly ridden by The Harrow, which they compel to bear Covenant.
He reports that he "recited the tenor of the covenant proposed, in the words of that blessed man, Richard Alleine".
He then went on to help children living on the street working as an Art Therapist at the Covenant House in Honduras.
However, his former wife Joan is able to attack Covenant with wild magic through the Krill.
In 1885 he was one of the founding members of the Evangelical Mission Covenant Church.
It is also the first sacrifice to the gods, and sets the precedent for man establishing or renewing a covenant with sacrifice.
It is the third novel in the "Last Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant" tetralogy, and the ninth novel in "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" overall.
Linden is recalled from her catatonic state by Covenant, but her yearning for his love is (from her point of view) spurned.
Meanwhile, Thomas Covenant travels to the ruins of Foul's Creche to face Joan.
Modern Ruin is Covenant's seventh studio album.
NSCL Creed We, the members of the Senior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world.
The churches came together on a Covenant of eight doctrines of basic, essential Christian faith.
The covenant is as follows:- This is the reason behind the sincerity of an average Anam man till today.
The Feroce tell Covenant that the Lurker wants to be allied with Covenant, since it has realised the peril of the Worm as a common enemy.
The origins of the covenant prayer have been the subject of some scholarly discussion.
The Ulster Covenant was signed by 450,000 men, some in their own blood.
The Wesley Covenant Prayer was adapted by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, for use in services for the Renewal of the believer's Covenant with God.
The words of the original covenant prayer are lost, but are thought to be reflected in the "Directions for Renewing our Covenant with God" which Wesley issued as a pamphlet in 1780.
There is no differentiation made in Lorber's writings between an Old Covenant and a New Covenant.
This was due to the infiltration of Anam by strangers, this prompted the elders of the town to make a covenant that will put a stop to these evils.
Thomas Covenant is resurrected by Linden Avery.
Thomas Covenant, who must struggle with his memories, takes the Krill from its place in Andelain.
Through the Krill, Joan exerts her power to harm Covenant, and his hands are so badly burned that Linden is later forced to amputate his remaining fingertips.
TSA has since awarded contracts to nine airports formerly contracted with Covenant to other companies.
Wheelwright viewed a covenant of works as casting doubt on God's loving mercy.
When Esmer refuses Covenant asks Anele to use Liand's orcrest stone to summon the spirits of his parents, Sunder and Hollian.
While the controversy was a theological debate concerning the "covenant of grace" and "covenant of works," conceptions of gender and political aims were also core elements.
With Stave's aid against the croyel, Linden is able to combine forces with Covenant to force Roger to flee.

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